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jokerj's Blog > Okay, Bha And Bp

Posted 26 September 2012

i've fussed around w bha on my back for a while now, but have not given it a real shot
i never really thought aha did much for it, though that coudl be for a million reasons
i'm breaking out right now because i'm sick (always happens) but just ordered paula begoun's resist weightless body lotion and, when that arrives, will be trying that on...

jokerj's Blog > Hmmm

Posted 09 March 2012

trying to figure out what could have caused this rather benign-looking but mildly itchy and very red rash
wore new pjs from the thrift store (washed) a few times last week
detergent could have been left over in the machine from someone else's wash 9i can only use "free and clear" kinds)
shaved friday
went swimming saturday


jokerj's Blog > Little Bumpies

Posted 08 March 2012

for the second time, i have this weird rash of tiny red bumps on my inner thighs... weird... wonder if i'm developing an aha reaction... but then why wouldn't it be all over my legs? maybe just cause that's a sensitive area? hmm... is it more sensitive than my bikini line? is it my shaving cream? hmmmmmm

put bha on my back tonight
we'll see...

jokerj's Blog > They're Multiplying... And In The Worst Places...

Posted 09 February 2012

This always seems to happen--
I'll have a breakout in a normal area, and then, as soon as it begins to clear up, I break out in such unfortunate places (Think rear end and breasts. Wondrous.) Lying with bp on my bottom right now. I'm also very dry. Then again, it's muggy out and I'm pmsing, so this may all pass soon enough. Here's to...

jokerj's Blog > Day 2 (Well, More Like Year 5...)

Posted 08 February 2012

Just hopped out of the shower. Squeezed out some ready suckers on my left shoulder blade and applied ACV to the area. That seems to be the worst area right now, but it's only Day 2 and was already the worst before I began the ACV.

I say "worst," but even that is MONUMENTALLY better than what was going on with me before I had my current...