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Jofo's Blog > Ingredients For Reducing Sebum

Posted 26 August 2013

Below is a list of ingredients, along with relevant studies or anecdotes, that are indicated to help reduce sebum production, either directly or indirectly. I posted this on the Oily Skin forum, but I want it here too so that it has a greater chance of helping anyone else who is also searching for an oily skin cure. My next blog post talks about a new exp...

Jofo's Blog > New Experiment For Oily Skin

Posted 26 August 2013

I tend not to post about new products or regimens until after  I've gotten results from them, but I'm hoping that posting this will help me stick to my newest regimen.
I'm about to start using 6 new products on the right side of my nose for 2 months to see if they reduce the amount of sebum that my skin produces. I did a similar experiment with pep...

Jofo's Blog > Sulfur Soap Helping Seborrheic Dermatitis

Posted 21 May 2013

Although my blog is devoted chiefly to oily skin and acne, I also deal with seborrheic dermatitis and I like to provide periodic updates regarding my progress on that front as well, in case my experience can help someone else suffering from seb derm. One month ago I started washing the seb derm areas of my face with a sulfur soap called Coral KAVI. I...

Jofo's Blog > Diet Experiment Over

Posted 15 May 2013

Today is the end of my diet experiment. It has been 37 days since I started and I'm sad to say that I haven't noticed any change in my oil output. To recap, I eliminated all grains, all dairy, almost all processed food, artificial sugar, and peanut butter. I was also shooting for low fat and moderate carbs. My diet literally consisted of almost the s...

Jofo's Blog > General Update

Posted 04 May 2013

A quick update on the various experiments I have been trying. It's been almost a month since I started my elimination diet as described in my previous blog post. I haven't noticed any lasting improvement in oil production, but I will probably continue the diet for at least another two weeks beyond the one-month mark. One point of interest is that 5 d...