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Annoying scar yet to be treated.

20 April 2008 - 08:03 PM

Acne is a problem I have learned to deal with and manage. When I see my acne I don't get too unhappy because I know in some time it will go away. However, when I see this scar, it makes every day a bad one. I need to know how to treat this scar, that is all I am concerned with right now.

The image I have uploaded is from about 6 months ago. From that time it has gotten much worse and the second scar in the image which looks like it is starting to form has already come out now. Why is this happening and how can I treat it?

I went to a derm at a walk in clinic awhile ago because I had been getting rashes on my face. I also wanted to know if I could treat this scar. She noticed the scar and the other breakage in my skin and said I should also use the cream for the rash to fix it. Well my rash has faded away now but it looks as if this cream has only made the scar worse.

Please help, I am in desperate need, I have been trying to fix this for about 3 years now.