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A thread about being happy whilst having acne

30 July 2008 - 09:05 AM

I’ve been reading MANY threads recently here at the org. where you can just vent, ditch the positive attitude or just basically B! +ch and whine about your acne. I even read one where I was being told I was damaged, this really got to me. I’ve read stuff like ACNE RAPED ME (that sounds like a horror movie title). In all honesty I’m not little miss sunshine, I’m far from it. And yes I do occasionally feel down about my acne and when that happens I just write a sentence or 2 about it in my blog…but I try really hard not to dwell on that. I know that being all happy go lucky won’t clear me up…but I also know that being negative won’t clear me up, and can actually just make it worse. It seems to me that a lot of people focus so hard and long on one thing that they end up completely distorting it.
Acne comes with a lot of emotional baggage. Some days I feel like while I was sleeping the Apocalypse came or a meteorite hit, and I’m the only one alive. That’s how lonely I feel. So I just put some make  up on or big sunglasses a hat and a hoody and go outside. I’ll see my neighbor or any random stranger and know that it was just a momentary feeling of solitude.
Complaining about not having friends or a b/f , g/f …whilst locked up in your room because of acne is well, pointless. To me… it’s like expecting to get a perfect boyfriend as a prize in my cheerios box…CHANCES ARE SLIM TO NONE. If you are always negative, you’ll be such a toxic person no one will want to be around you, and it won’t be because of the acne that they stay away.
Acne doesn’t make me happy but it doesn’t make me so unhappy that I’m no longer functional or damaged. I guess all I’m trying to say is, I think that I’m lucky that I get to be alive and experience as many things as possible, even if that includes annoying spots on my face.
Anyways, I know it's really hard, acne has made me really depressed at times to. I just don't want it to be like that anymore. I’m not criticizing anyone who posts on those threads…and your welcome to complain on this one too (whatever makes you happy  wink.gif …) but think about it…by tomorrow today will be gone and you will have spent it moaning and complaining instead of actually just living your  life.