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cynthia nicole's Blog > 78 days in

Posted 18 August 2008

Ok so I haven't updated in a bit. I have been very busy and things were going very well. My face was actually the clearest it has been in years. My Diet, No Picking and Ziana Regimen was working out.

But the last week I did a few cheats on my diet, I got lazy and didn't have my smoothies plus I ate some sweets like cheesecake. I also picked ta my...

cynthia nicole's Blog > Day 68 ...I'm retarded..someone put me out of my misery, please

Posted 09 August 2008

Ok so everything was going well. My new diet is really clearing me up, and my skin looks overall healthier, not just acne wise. My skin looks more evened toned, red spots were fading faster etc. But last night I stayed over at my aunts and we have a traditional once a month thing we do. Where we stay up all night and just watch horror movies and eat junk....

cynthia nicole's Blog > Day 58... Chocolate, Chemistry Experiments and Clear skin all Natural...well almost

Posted 03 August 2008

My skin has been clearing up very nicely for the last 2 weeks, since I dumped my cleansers, moisturizers and most of my topicals. I'm very happy about this, although I still have a long way to go to get my stubborn and demonic skin to where I WANT IT.

Here's the skin update... I'll post pics in about 2 weeks for the 2 month mark of...

cynthia nicole's Blog > Day 55...the countdown continues

Posted 31 July 2008

I've stuck to my diet 100% except yesterday...but that was an accident, I ate something I didn't know had gluten in it!!!! Dam you wheat free carrot cake.

And woohoo I'm getting a spot near my left ear, out of all places. But this makes me happy (NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD SAY THIS). The thing is I hadn't gotten a new spot for...

cynthia nicole's Blog > +/- day 52..this is trickier than a cubix....(anyone remember those??)

Posted 28 July 2008

Ok so after 50 days I stopped applying my topical..ziana, because even though it had cleared my forehead and chin it made my cheeks bloody worse (I gave that a little help by picking.... :evil: and by bloody I mean it literally). My new diet is going well , I;m sticking to it but I've only been on it for a week or so. Not nearly enough time to give my...