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In Topic: What Is A 100% Natural Olive Oil Brand?

15 February 2013 - 08:13 PM

I'm going to be using the olive oil to moisturize my skin on my face.
I'm looking for a 100% natural/ pure olive oil brand. I have a few questions though on how I could tell whether the olive oil is 100% natural and unrefined. Does the colour of the Oil have to be green? I've seen olive oil brands where they are sorta yellow in colour. The olive oils that say it's extra virgin that I have found don't state the ingredient's. is that trustworthy? Are all olive oils in plastic bottles considered unnatural/ refined? I think I might purchase the Bertolli extra virgin oil oil, does anyone know whether they make 100% unrefined olive oil?

Could anyone recommend me an olive oil brand that is 100% natural/ unrefined?
Thanks a lot in advance!



Any olive oil should do the trick providing its extra virgin. buying organic extra virgin  would be even better. That would mean that the olives it's made from is free of any pesticide spray etc. I'm not sure how available they are in stores but you can  buy them from loads of websites.


The colour doesn't have much relevance, I read that the colour depends on when the olives were picked. They're darker green if picked early in the season and more of a golden-green when picked later on.

In Topic: New To Regimen With Question On How Chlorines Affects Skin!

14 February 2013 - 10:26 PM

Hi Evergreen.


Personally, Chlorine is a HUGE problem for me. (my facial skin is extremely damaged and hypersensitive so I react to pretty much everything). I only cleanse my face with bottled or distilled water, and that stops the burning, tight feeling that I get from tap water.  Everyone's skin is different though obviously so has different reactions to things. but 2-3 hours of chlorine per day can't be great though. It's a very strong chemical after all.


I wonder if applying an oily balm on your face while swimming would help ? I'm thinking that would create a water and chlorine resistant barrier until washed off properly, but I'm not sure eusa_think.gif



Also I really don't like the amount of chemicals that are in the Cetaphil Daily Cleanser. I don't see how something with SLS and Perfume can be accepted as a product for sensitive skin. Those 2 things are up there on the list of the top 5 ingredients to avoid.


The Evian Spray looks like a good idea. It's useful to take with you to the pool etc. But for when you're at home, I'd just buy a big bottle of Evian water from your local store and use that. The bottled water and the spray contains exactly the same ingredient: just pure Evian mineral water.

In Topic: Nicest Thing That Someone Has Said About Your Acne

02 February 2013 - 02:13 PM

I think actions are more important than words. So to have a loved one stick by you and support you is more than any word can mean. To have the love and support from my Fiance is overwhelming sometimes. I can never believe he's with me. He's such a kind (and very handsome) guy that he could have anyone he wanted. I'm flattered - and slightly puzzled - that he's chose to stay by my side. But he has, and that does help. Everyone needs to feel accepted and loved for who they are, bad skin or not.

In Topic: Possibly Great Moisturizers...help Me Ingredient Check Them!

13 December 2012 - 04:27 AM

Hmm, that's a lot of unpronounceable chemicals there ! I'm not sure on all the ingredients but there's a few that's on the list of things to avoid/harmful chemicals.
Sodium Hydroxide is classed as a strong skin irritant, so I'd consider that before you buy it :) It should be ok if you don't have sensitive skin though.
personally I think natural products are best but if that's not your thing then I'd go ahead and give that moisturiser a try.

In Topic: Red Marks/hyperpigmentation - Is This A Good Product?

17 August 2012 - 11:24 PM

Hi Gannicus.

Ive heard good things about acid peels but i would be careful using them at home yourself. You have to watch how far the burn penetrates otherwise it could do more harm than good. Id suggest getting it professionally done. Ive never had an acid peel myself so i cant give you personal feedback for it.
Have you tried Tamanu Oil ? X