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15 April 2010 - 11:35 AM

So a while back I was dealing with what seemed to be ringworm (or some kind of fungal infection) on parts of my face (gross, I know  redface.gif ). It seemed like tiny little patches of bumps on my chin, around my nostrils, and on my eyelids  ninja.gif At this point I was still struggling with acne on other parts of my face, and between the pimples and the little fungus bumps, my skin was a mess. Anyway, my boyfriend had been using this shower body wash which was meant to treat jock itch (!! and other fungal infections!  redface.gif ) so I decided what the hell, I can't put lamisil on my eyelids, I might as well try this. I used it as a face wash and within a matter of days whatever it was that was taking up residence on my face was disappearing, and for that matter, so was my acne! (Hooray!) I used this stuff for two months and it cleared my face entirely. One of the ingredients in this stuff is tea tree oil, which of course is effective on both fungus and acne. I've tried using TTO in the past as a pure oil diluted with water or jojoba oil, but even at it's tiniest dilution, I still found it too harsh for my skin. This fungicure soap stuff seems great for anyone who has sensitive skin like myself. This soap is very gentle, and it seems to get the job done better than any other method I've tried. It's only about $8 or so, and it's supposedly available at walgreens, although I haven't been able to find it in any of the stores here in florida. Here's a list of places where you can find it, and also a link to it on drugstore.com.
It seems the people who make the fungicure also make products actually meant for acne. I wouldn't mind trying one of those products as well!

Where to buy!

FungiCure Medicated Anti-Fungal Soap for Jock Itch

As an afterthought, the fungicure soap is just a piece of a bigger whole in my facial regimen, but it is the only one that pushed my skin over the edge to being totally clear. Here's the rest of the regimen:

Wash face with:
pHisoderm deep cleaning cream cleanser
FungiCure Medicated Anti-Fungal Soap

Immediately after washing apply a few drops of 21st Century Vitamin E Oil with lemon essential oil added (lemon oil is already one of the ingredients in the vitamin E oil, but I added more for good measure)
After the oil has been absorbed a bit, I use 2 year old Retin-a Micro (who knows if it still even works or not?  rolleyes.gif )

Moisturize with Olay Regenerist deep hydration regenerating cream.

Good luck, all!  eusa_dance.gif

ACV Initial Breakout Period?

30 November 2009 - 10:20 PM

So I started using ACV topically two or so days ago. I've used it in the past without any real problems besides a little redness, so I decided to give it a shot again. I've been applying it (diluted on a cottonball) one to two times a day, morning and night, followed by moisturizer. After the first day, my skin seemed much smoother and nice to touch, and it seemed to be shrinking the pimples that I had on my forehead, cheeks and jawline, which had come out of nowhere after being mostly clear  mad.gif . Now, no more that 3 days later, the pimples are in a healing state (I admit, I'm guilty of picking  eusa_shhh.gif) and my skin LOOKS, for the most part, clearer, but don't be fooled. Up close, they seemed to be replaced by tons of tiny non-inflamed flesh colored bumps all over my forehead and jawline. What the heck happened? My skin feels terrible, all smoothness gone, and I'm afraid my face is going to explode  cry.gif

Has this happened to anyone else, or does anyone know what this is? And what the heck can I do to fix it? HALP!  eusa_wall.gif

Blemish Balm Cream (BB cream)??

14 October 2009 - 01:32 PM

So I was browsing the interwebs and I came across some products marketing themselves as BB Cream. It's something like a skin healing product mixed with make-up. Has anyone tried one of these creams? Apparently it's incredibly popular in Asia, but I've never even heard about it, let alone been able to find anywhere to buy it in the US. Thoughts? Experiences?