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#3345967 Smoking And Accutane

Posted by Brownilocks on 05 May 2013 - 11:54 AM

She knows that. She said she is "constantly trying to quit for my health and wellbeing" and "do not need a lecture on the dangers of smoking." Just sayin.'

#3345843 Smoking And Accutane

Posted by Brownilocks on 04 May 2013 - 10:17 PM

I smoke and have since day one. My derm said it was totally fine to continue throughout my course and wouldn't cause any additional problems (besides obvious ones that smoking causes on its own without accutane of course). I'm on a higher dosage (weigh 50kg, taking 60mg/day since beginning) and am starting month 6 of a 7 month course. Smoke between 1/2 to a whole pack a day and doing fine with it. I find I get a cough sometimes or dry throat more often too, probably because this medicine makes me so dry in general... I've heard of others smoking a pack a day the whole time they were on accutane too with no additional probs. Good luck with your accutane regimen!!!

#3345841 Please Work Accutane!

Posted by Brownilocks on 04 May 2013 - 10:08 PM

I just started month 6. I am also still getting new ones but much less often and smaller and old ones are still there but very, very gradually going away. How are your old ones doing? Doc says I'll be on this for 7 months total (60mg a month and I weigh 50kg). Hope this works out fully like she seems so confident it will! Good luck to you as well! Hang in there! :)

#3337850 Please Work Accutane!

Posted by Brownilocks on 01 April 2013 - 05:52 PM

Hey blabla! I'm about at the same stage and experiencing the same thing! Can't complain about the progress but ready for it to all flatten out and for the redness to go away so I can be clear again like before this horrible breakout started! Don't be down, my derm said it takes those of us with more severe acne longer. Every day we are 1 day closer to our goal of clear skin!!! :D I'm convinced it will work its just gonna take its sweet a** time, lol!

#3316047 Please Work Accutane!

Posted by Brownilocks on 05 January 2013 - 02:31 PM

Hey blabla05! Hang in there! I'm on day 33 (or 35 if you count the days I went without pills after the first month) and I am still getting new spots... Its not as bad as my initial IB, which got bad quickly then took forever to fade somewhat... It looks like you are much further along than I was when mine started (day 8). I just kept telling myself during the worst of it, this is a good thing and now my skin is starting to calm down and change. It still looks bad but in a more manageable way if that makes sense. I have acne that scabs over really bad and the scabs are 95% gone now, but the active spots and larger cysts are still there. I've had cortisone shots, but they don't help much, only with small ones.

Myresults_xnow's comment seems to be pretty accurate cause this is the beginning of my second month and I'm still going through the cycles of break out then get better than break out again, but each new breakout is not as bad as the earlier ones, so that gives me some hope!

Good luck! I'm sure the journey will be well worth the wait in the end. ;)

#3313104 26/y Male, Acne For 10 Years, Accutane Time!

Posted by Brownilocks on 24 December 2012 - 02:23 PM

Just a note, another reason to take it with food is because you get more out of it that way because it absorbs into your blood stream better. Derm suggested that I take it with a fatty meal because that also helps to increases absorption. I'm on a high dosage (60mg first month at 110lbs). Had an IB between beginning of week 2 and middle of week 3 but it wasn't too much worse than what was already there and started to see side effects and progress around day 21. I'm on day 25 now and seeing the slightest of progress finally and only 1 new small one in the last week, but my acne was pretty severe this time around (had a clear face using topicals til it exploded again about 3 1/2 months ago). I was against accutane and resisted it for years thinking I could continue to control it with other products, but it came back much worse this time around, so good for you taking the plunge before things possibly get worse! I really think a lot of the side effects are more overhyped and rare than most of us are scared into thinking (other than the dry skin and lips thing, but who cares if you get good skin out of the deal!), I've been doing great since I started and haven't had to change anything about my lifestyle much yet (only thing is more sore after running, so have to take it a little easier and stretch out more). I feel ya on the adult acne though! I'm a 29 y/o female and first got it bad and cystic after I finished college. Posted Image Before that I was able to control it with OTC stuff and was finally seeming to get clear. Same kinda thing happened this time around. The only trigger I'm convinced is real is stress.. I'm a worrier and each time its gotten worse there's been something crazy going on with me. The controlling it with diet, lifestyle, supplement thing is BS in my opinion, but I digress... Good luck to you and keep updating your progress along the journey to clear skin! :D Lots of very supportive people on here going though this crazy acne nonesense!

#3313100 Coping With The Pain Of Severe Acne

Posted by Brownilocks on 24 December 2012 - 01:48 PM

Yeah I tried ALL of that first!! I didn't want to take accutane and have resisted in now for almost a decade! With the diet and exercise I lost weight and got in great shape but my acne is worse now than when I ate bad... Was on topicals for 7 years and now my acne is WAY worse than it was before! Maybe that works for people with mild to moderate acne.. Mine was so severe this time around that at one point I was in the hospital for 3 days with systemic symptoms associated with the acne.. Accutane is a last resort for people like me who are in pain and risk being disfigured by scars if it gets any worse in certain spots... Wish there was another answer but unfortunately for some of us there isn't.

#3310747 Coping With The Pain Of Severe Acne

Posted by Brownilocks on 14 December 2012 - 11:50 AM

Yes, acne pain sucks!!! Let me add one more thing that sucks for the mouth/chin region acne, yawning! Such a simple, automatic thing that those of us with severe acne have to THINK about! We have to try and relearn simple functions, like getting food into our mouths in a way that won't hurt or crack open the lesions... Its not fair! I got ticked the other night and yelled at a family member for making me laugh... Apologized after but she didn't get how it causes more bad than good. I'm happy and all but I don't want to laugh uncontrollably at anything now cause I'd rather not add insult to injury, ya know?

Glad you mentioned the makeup. I can't wear any now but had considered Bare Minerals in the future. I usually check ingredients before I buy most stuff, by now I don't have to since you've done it for me with this one! ;) I've had good success with Clinique at the times I've been clear (which I just was for 5 1/2 years before this painful, severe stuff can back to bite me!). I will look into the brand you mentioned as well, though! Thanks!!

One postive (yes, I said positive) thing I will say about this crap is that I'm much stronger now than I've ever been in my life! I used to fret about such dumb stuff! I laugh at people who do that now. I've lost all the old anxiety issues I used to have. Not much can phase me like before. So stupid to melt down over the dumb stuff that no one will even remember worrying about in a year or so. I'm battling a physical AND mental demon all at once and I'm going to win! I feel pretty good about myself too! Gonna be gorgeous again one day soon whether my pores like it or not! You will too samorales! I just keep telling myself, its hurting me cause it knows I'm gonna kill it. I'm gonna destroy it and wipe it off the face of the...well, the face, lol! Gotta get some humor out of it too I guess! Thank you for offering support! Glad to know that I am not alone in this struggle!

Oh, by the way, keep us updated on your progress. Nothing has worked for me so far except Rx meds. I'm on accutane now and I've got my fingers crossed. Posted Image If you ever need advice about Rx meds or accutane just PM me. I've tried most stuff and doing good on the accutane thus far, though very minimal aesthetic progress as of yet.. Good luck to ya!!

#3309032 Coping With The Pain Of Severe Acne

Posted by Brownilocks on 07 December 2012 - 03:59 PM

Dealing with very severe acne is difficult. I am experiencing more than pschological tramua from the way that my face looks. The physical pain that the cysts, nodules, and pustules cause is also taking its toll. I can't wait until this all goes away, but am having a difficult time with it while I am in the early stages of treatment (accutane). In my case, my acne throbs, burns/stings, and itches severely. Since my acne is mostly located around my mouth, eating and laughing are particularly painful, lowering the quality of life that I have and making it hard to forget about my condition.

I started this thread for others going through the emotional and physical pain of acne to have a place to vent and offer and seek encouragment while dealing with this traumatizing disease.

Hoping that others can offer some suggestions to ease the pain and itching that this type of acne causes and offer their personal experiences with pain and coping as a result of their severe acne. Thanks!!