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#2259263 Meanest thing that someone has said about your acne

Posted by Mr. Untouchable on 15 April 2008 - 12:51 PM

I haven't really had anyone comment (to my face, or behind my back where I can hear) about my acne. Only thing anyone really told me was:
-Mom: "Are you using your prescriptions?"
-Me: "Yeah, of course."
-Mom: "Oh, don't look like it."
^^I'm like, um, yeah, thanks a lot mom!!!

-Friend: "You know your face is really shiny."
-Me: "Yeah, I know. It's my acne lotion I have on."
-Friend: "Oh, cool."

So yeah, not too bad.. nothing really (that I could hear anyways).. My mom, lil bro and lil sis would try to rub it in sometimes.. but just joking around.

It's nothing compared to what I used to joke on this kid back in middle school about though. Me and my best friend at the time were sitting 3 to a seat on the bus with another friend. Well, he had really bad acne.. So we used to joke on him sometimes ~> calling him Volcano Face and Crater Face .. Yes, a dickhead move.. but we was cool with him and he didnt take it to heart too much (I dont think so anyways).

Karma done bit me in the ass though, and I accept full responsibility for it. Hell, my friend all throughout high school had clean skin. Now his cheeks are just fucking horrible and riddled with acne. Looks like karma didn't forget about him either.