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In Topic: I Took Accutane In June And Think I Might Be Pregnant

06 August 2014 - 11:59 PM

So I took 2 pregnancy tests 2 different days and they came out negative.. I was so sick I thought it was lyme disease because I got bit by a tick in may... but my breasts were sore.. I was sensitive to light and smells.. my hands and feet were numb I felt like I was going crazy so much anxiety. .etc I thought maybe it was my new birth control which is Junel 1.5 I looked up the side effects and read people's experiences and I think this is what's causing me to be so sick I've been on it for like 2 months.. I'm 23 I've been taking birth control since I was 13 I don't wanna take it anymore my cycle was so messed up since April I'd have 2-3 periods a month and my obgyn put me on this new pill and I literally felt like I was going insane.. why? Since I've been on pills and the nuvaring and even a iud for so long will stopping all birth control pills mess me up? I have really bad mental health.. anxiety and bipolar.. I honestly think these pills have made it worse my whole life and I am just realizing it but if I stop birth control all together will be okay? Thanks I can't believe how sick I have been I honestly felt like I was dying

In Topic: Do Girls Care About Acne? Tips For Guys With Acne

01 March 2013 - 12:41 AM

A face can't love you.. It does not matter to me one bit if you have acne or any type of skin imperfection. I believe in inner beauty people are too caught up on looks it makes me sad.. oh well can't change the world just strive to be a wonderful person despite your acne and the perfect person will come a long and see you for who you truly are. :)