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Should I See An Endocrinologist?

05 December 2012 - 01:01 PM

So, after nearly 9 years of battling persistent moderate acne and visiting 3-4 dermatologists over this span, I am debating seeing a n endocrinologist for my suspected hormonal acne.

My acne is not severe but it is pretty moderate and very persistent.Over these 9 years I have tried numerous topicals, 3 different birth control pills and spironolactone for almost a year and a half. Some of these kept my acne at bay, but nothing has completely cleared my skin or even almost cleared it for that matter. I've done hours and hours of research and from what I can best determine is that I more than likely have some sort of hormonal imbalance that is contributing to my acne. I also suspect seborrheic dermatitis as I have oily yet flaky areas on my face as well. I break out around my menstrual cycle, and it's usually on my chin. In fact, I ALWAYS have a pimple or 2 on my chin. Near my menstrual cycle I usually get a couple of nodules on my chin, while the rest of the month they are usually regular zits that need to be popped. I also have been breaking out on my forehead with very small red/ some flesh colored pimples that never come to a head...not sure what thats about.

Have any of you seen an endocrinologist for your hormone/skin issues? Any advice, thoughts, insight?

Dry, Flakey Skin Showing With Makeup Yet Oily At The Same Time...help

17 September 2012 - 10:49 AM

So, after having acne for around 8 years now, I can honestly say I have no idea if my skin is dry, oily or combo.

Reason being, I use moisturizer(moderately) but I always seem to be overly oily...but the reason I use moisturizer is because I use Dan's BP (and have for 6 years now) and it dries me out.
** I've actually not been using Dan's BP on my entire face for about 5 months now, just on my forehead and T-Zone is STILL dry/flakey yet shiney and oily....

So honestly, my skin looks dry as in is flakey and dried out from the BP but is also shiney/oily from I guess my natural oiliness, as well as the moisturizer. If I don't moisturize my skin, it just looks REALLY dry and flakey but with less shine....IDK I'm at a loss as to how to maintain a balance between this. How can I make my face look moisturized without being too oily and with no DRY SHINEY FLAKES?!

I've tried using a sheer blotting powder in those areas but it just makes the flakes/dryness stand out more and it looks worse :(

Thanks in advance

Hormonal Acne, My 8 Year Battle

17 April 2012 - 10:29 PM

My 8.5 year battle continues..

My acne is hormonal. When I got on birth control I was 16 and it helped clear up my face a lot but never completely. I got off b.c. 7 years later and my face went crazy.  I've never really responded well to topicals, as my face usually never got better nor worse based solely on topicals, leading me as well as my dermatologist to believe my acne is 100% hormonal.

A year and a half ago I was put on 50mg spironolactone once a day. Well my skin got better after about 3 months of usage. Not completely clear but better. It's not been a year and a few months later and my skin has been giving me problems again. I break out on my chin, around my mouth and next to my nose right under my eyes, but never only nose. Also in the past 6-8 weeks my forehead has been breaking out SEVERELY, but they aren't whiteheads, just bumps.

I should add that in February my derm added 100mg minicycline 2x a day to my regimen as well. I haven't noticed much difference... I've noticed my skin will clear up for 4-5 days then break out again.

Needless to say, I'm frustrated yet AGAIN! I'm trying to decide if I should give the antibiotic longer to work or if I should go see a new deem that I can get birth control from, and just start taking bc again with the spiro. I have had stomach issues in the past (possible ulcer) so I'm aware that my intestinal issues could be causing or at least contributing to my acne.

I would love some thoughts and advice.

Random Breakout-Due To Folic Acid? Or Stomach Ulcer Medicine?!?!

01 February 2012 - 10:17 PM

So over the past week my T-Zone (which is where I commonly break out, when breakouts do occur) has completely broken out, in all the normal spots, but I am on Spironolactone, and have been for almost a year now and I have had wonderful results. The only thing I can think of that I have changed is that I have started taking folic acid supplements once a day, because I have stomach ulcer issues and had a flare up this weekend, which at that point I also took a prescribed ulcer medication which is called Pantoprazole.

Does anyone know if either of these things could have caused a flare up in my acne?! I take spiro 50mg once a day, I wash with my aveeno cleanser twice a day and apply my BP at night only, sometimes I apply moisturizer depending on if I need it or not.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!