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Third Course Of Accutane

21 April 2013 - 05:30 PM

I grew up having terrible acne since around age 14.  I did a course around 18, a second course around 21 (it came back), and now I'm doing my 3rd course at age 26.


I'm on day 17.  I started at 40mg every other day, then 40mg every day, now at 40mg alt w/80mg.  I'm supposed to be at 80mg/day by the end of the month.


So far after 2 weeks of Accutane, the biggest problem I've experienced is a red face.  I've been using Neutrogena moisturizer/sunblock in the mornings, because at work they swear I've been tanning in a tanning bed, and they can't figure out why my face is beet red.  When they ask if I've gotten sun lately (because I look burned every day), I just say "yes" and leave it at that.


I'm hoping the redness goes away soon, it's kind of embarassing.  I'm also hoping that the 3rd course at age 26 puts the acne at bay for a little while longer this time, maybe a few years.  I'm always so impressed how flawless and perfect my skin looks a couple months after completing an Accutane course.  Just hoping this course will be a little more permanant.


Any comments about 1.) if 3 courses of accutane puts it in remission for longer, and 2.) anything i can do to avoid the embarassing red face that makes my coworkers swear i'm tanning (and burning)?