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Spironolactone Prescription- Help Please...

17 June 2013 - 05:30 PM

Hello all!!  I've been suffering with acne for quite some time...  I'm a 35 year old female with 2 small kiddos.  I know the basis of my acne is hormonal- it fluctuates, but never really disappears.  I get cystic acne on my chin and occasionally on my cheeks and horrible back acne; which has started to spread to my shoulders and my upper arms are starting to clog up...  I'm so fed up with this nonsense!!  I get a reasonable amount of non-inflamed acne on my face as well.  I don't have sensitive skin.  I am very religious about my skin care routine and I WILL not skip it for anything- day or night...  I am on an oral antibiotic and I use Dan's face wash, Paula's Choice salicylic acid, Lumiplexion 10% benzoyl peroxide, Dan's 10% alpha hydroxy acid and prescription 1% Retin-A (couple times per week).  I manually exfoliate morning and night.  Sounds like a lot right- well it has worked very well for the non-inflamed acne...  BUT the cysts still persist and my back is another topic...  The back drives me crazy- nothing works...  I contacted my General Physician and my Nurse Practitioner in the Dermatology Dept at Kaiser (where I'm insured).  I'm trying to get a prescription to try SPIRONOLACTONE.  I've researched and have read great reviews on it for hormonal acne... But, apparently it is not FDA approved for acne- therefore, neither of them will prescribe it...  Both think I should go on Accutane- for personal reasons, I really don't want to go that route at this time... side effects and birth defect issues...  My question- how do people get prescribed this medication for acne???!!!  If any one has some clarity on the situation, I'd greatly appreciate it...


Thanks a bunch,