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Posted by acnejean on 04 June 2008 - 09:51 AM

i broke out on my chin and next to my mouth.
of course with time the cysts have gone down.
i wasn't able to go grocery shopping so i broke out because i had to eat peanut butter from the jar and milk chocolate powder mix. how ghetto.
i'm going shopping tomorrow and have a huge list of things i can buy.

this site: http://www.naturalnews.com/012860.html  has helped.

#2304607 AcneJean's Log

Posted by acnejean on 25 May 2008 - 03:06 PM

Update: 2013

Still on Spiro. Rarely break out, but do still get reactions to foods like high fat, dairy, and sugar. I use Bioderma to take my makeup off and then put Neutrogena Combination moisturizer + Vitamin E oil or Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Gel mixed in. If I do get a zit, I use a small dab of Hydrocortisone cream. I do suffer from clogged pores/black heads more than before, but not zits. To get the dead skin off, I use Mychelle pumpkin peel. I do take a daily multiviamin and calcium pills.





You can always PM me if you have any questions.
*If you're interested in a Verilux acne light, PM me

Please, take the time to read the this entry. I don't think it is necessary to look through every single page.

(I highly suggest you check my photo gallery if the links on this entry are broken!)

After a year of having this blog, I believe my skin cleared up from my diet. I eliminated my food allergens that were acquired from an allergy test and stopped having cystic acne. Having the right skincare helped my skin also. I sadly have to say that removing my cats from my house has helped my skin too. Cats came up on my allergy test and one month after they were absent, the cystic pimples I would get on the side of my face went away. The allergy from the cats would create inflammation in my body. I would also have ear infections and be sick a lot because of it.

Vitamins/Pills I take:
Zinc [100 mg] (Stopped taking it in mid 2010)
Orthotricyclen Lo (Started in late 2006)
Chromium 1000 mg (Stopped in mid 2010)
Spironolactone 100 mg (Started taking it in September 2010)
Minocycline 100 mg (Started taking it in October 2010)

Update: The Minocycline antibiotic gave me stomach ulcers. While it helped my skin, it made my body too acidic which gave me the ulcers and GI problems. I stopped it back in April 2011. I regret going on it.

What I put on my face (what I liked):
Papaya Likas Soap
PCA Pigment Bar
Raw Honey
Neem oil (only on huge cystic pimples)
BP 10% Spot Treatment (staple item)
Sea Salt + Water Spot Treatment
50% & 70% Lactic peels 1-2x a week (not anymore)
15% TCA peels
Just water
DHC cleansing oil - drying, but good for removing makeup
Bioderma makeup remover - LOVE.

Jane Iredale Powder Me Spf 30 if you need sunscreen. Everyday Minerals was my go to mineral makeup, but it oxidizes on me. However, never broke me out.

(I do not recommend a BP 10% wash because it may cause too much irritation and leaves red marks LONGER. BP 10% forms free-radicals and can damage your skin but I love spot treatments too much.)

My diet:
Sugar is a major cause of acne for me. I did an experiment by eating a box of sugary candy when my skin was relatively clear and in the next couple of days, I broke out badly. When my acne was at its worst, around 2006-2007, I was eating ice cream (dairy-sugar), fruit juices (sugar), frozen dinners (processed), and junk food (no nutritional value and chemicals) every single day. I had no idea that my diet could have any relation to my skin. I thought it was only because of my hormones. You may think fruit juices are healthy, but it can have more sugar than a can of soda and only 10% juice. Having a high fat diet, even healthy fats, increases the oil on my face and ends up with clogged pores. I read that people with acne have problems with processing fats. Taking vitamin B5 will help that by creating more Coenzyme A, which helps with metabolizing fat and decreasing the oil on your face. However, I do not take B5. I tried overdosing on that in the past, but it was too many pills for me and I didn't want to deal with that since I was happy with my skin.

High Glycemic Index foods are a no no! This connects with sugar. When you eat foods like that, your blood sugar spikes and everything will get out of whack. Carbs contain sugar, believe it or not. Your vegetables and fruits contain sugar and can create a response. The worst foods to spike your blood sugar is processed foods like white bread, cereals and white flour. White flour is useless for nutrition in your body and only creates inflammation which you want to avoid. Please, don't listen to the commercials that say cereal is healthy, it is far from it. They just stick fake minerals and vitamins in it. I did a test with eating potatoes in my meals and ending up breaking out. Potatoes have a high G.I and so do bananas. When I was trying to get down green smoothies, bananas were the only thing that made them drinkable, but I started to notice I was breaking out more like on my chin. Bananas have a lot of sugar in them and many people connect them with chin break outs. I currently avoid fruits. I am not a sugar person. After changing my diet, I don't have a craving for sugar. Sugar is so bad for you. It is connected to obesity and the inflammation it creates can lead to other diseases.

I am sensitive to iodine also. Foods that include iodine are kelp, dairy, eggs, strawberries, spinach, meat, fish, poultry and salt. I have eaten all of those foods, but no longer do because I have connected them to break outs in the past. I used to follow Dr. Perricone's diet of eating salmon everyday, but I was still breaking out badly and when I cut out salmon, my breakouts subsided. I believe that was because salmon has iodine in it. That is why going vegan is your best bet to getting clear, for me anyways. Iodine is a known mineral to create acne. That is why it is so sad seeing people reading on a specific website that encourages iodine therapy where you take high doses of it. Everyone on that complains of debilitating breakouts, give up and end up with the scars of it. I took spirulina. Spirulina is the hottest new health food saying it the most healthiest thing in the world. It may be, but again, not for someone with acne. Spirulina has a high amount of iodine and the second day on it, I woke up with 7-12 new pimples. I asked people online why it would do that and they said it was just my body cleansing itself. I am glad I didn't believe them and just stopped. That is why you need to research everything you put in your body or you'll end up with the consequences I did. Another example of how iodine was snuck into my diet, was when I tried Astaxanthin. Again, Astaxanthin was marketed out to be the healthiest antioxidant in the world, even helping cancer. Hey, if it can help cancer, it can surely help acne, right? Hmm, not really. It is a micro algae which contains iodine. It also comes from fish, again, containing iodine.

I am sensitive to wheat. Everyone is saying how whole wheat is the most healthy thing in the world! Well, not if you have acne. For all you know, that could be a big trigger if you have an allergy to it. It doesn't even have to be the throat closing allergic reaction. It can be a simple sinus headache, like I would get. After I would eat whole wheat pasta, I would get a horrible headache right between my eyes. I later got an allergy test and wheat came up on the list. They say that wheat can create a spike in blood sugar and results in the production of too much insulin, causing inflammation. This again, connects to sugar. Inflammation is a major cause of acne. If you are eating bad foods or allergic to them, they will create inflammation. Even eating bad foods can disrupt hormones and create acne.

I avoid soy. The hot new food item is soy and I am staying away. I used to drink soy milk and eat soy products until I read that it can disrupt your hormones in both males and females. Soy is also the highest contaminated and GMO (genetically modified, not good) food. Having it listed on my allergy test helps me avoid it too, ha.

In 2009, I finally got an allergy food test. What they do is the prick test. They take little needles with the food enzyme on it and prick your back. If it gets inflamed, you are allergic. If they aren't sure if you're allergic, they can draw blood from your arm and test it that way. My results were: wheat, oats, corn, rice, soy, tomato and strawberry. Wheat and corn and rice are all grains, so that doesn't surprise me. However, I still eat brown rice a lot and do notice a sinus headache afterward, but don't break out from it. I really hope people with acne start getting this more often!

I avoid dairy. It should be common knowledge that dairy contributes to acne. There are many studies on it. Dairy can create acne because it is laden with hormones. People with acne already have a problem with their own hormones, so the added hormones from the dairy is not helping you! Milk comes from pregnant cows, so the hormones from the pregnant cows are being fed into your body as DHT. DHT is a hormone that causes acne. I did an experiment to see if dairy was a cause of my acne in the past. I am lactose intolerant, so I avoided milk for the longest time. I added cheese into my diet for 1 week and started breaking out along my jawline and chin. I was clear during the time before the cheese, therefore I know the cheese was the culprit. I used to live off ice cream, so I know how hard it is to end your love affair with it. There are many alternatives to dairy! There is rice milk, almond milk, even oat milk. If you want to ween yourself from ice cream, try coconut milk ice cream. I personally avoid all ice cream because the sugar will break me out.

I have tried a countless number of vitamins and minerals. I have a huge box in my kitchen containing all the vitamins that I thought would clear my skin. This includes, selenium, b-complex, green tea, black cohosh, vitamin a, c, d, e, evening primrose oil, fish oil, calcium, b12, b6, ginko, psyillium husks, msm, alpha lipoic acid, DMAE, chromium, zinc and milk thistle. That's a lot of vitamins and a lot of money down the drain. I wouldn't have cared so much if the only bad thing I got from it was money loss, but that wasn't the only bad thing that happened. I have had bad reactions to DMAE, ginko, fish oil and milk thistle. The worst was DMAE, hands down. I read that it can make depression worse, but I didn't think it would do anything to me. I took it for about 2-3 days and by the third day, I felt the most depressed I had ever felt in my entire life. It scared me so much. I am so glad I knew it was the DMAE. Ginko biloba said it was an antioxidant that can help fight free radicals, so I thought that was good for me. I ended up having really bad jitters and felt nervous the whole time. I had the same reaction with green tea since it contains caffeine. Caffeine is not good for you or your skin. Every single time I started taking fish oil, I ended up with huge cystic acne that were the size of a dime. I have tried it more than once to see if it was just a coincidence, but it wasn't. That is proof my body doesn't like fats. Milk thistle was a bad thing to choose when on birth control. I have been on birth control since late 2006 to try and help my acne. I do enjoy taking my birth control because I can skip my period and when I'm on my period, I break out a lot. Milk thistle cleans out your liver and won't accept the birth control. I ended up with huge break outs because of it. I have been taking Zinc for a year now. It is known to help repair the skin and help with inflammation. It is not a cure all seeing how I still broke out on it.

In a nut shell, I avoid:
-processed foods like t.v dinners,
-fast food,
-refined sugar,
-inflammation promoting foods,
-fruit juices,
-high G.I foods (potatoes, rice, white flour, etc),
-things that have ingredients I can't pronounce or isn't natural.

Ask yourself before choosing a meal, "Will this hurt or help my body?" Let's face it, there's no nutrition in cookies or cheetos. I believe sugar is a BIG part of the diet you should cut down on. Why is this important? Because a rapid rise in blood sugar causes an insulin response in the body, which then causes an inflammatory response. Acne is inflammatory.

Summary of my skin type
Typical story of getting it at 13, accutane at 15, came back.
The first photo I have of my acne

My breakouts first started on my forehead and nose then migrated to my cheeks and finally on my jaw line and mouth.
I have sensitive skin so benzoyl peroxide washes and spot treating with salicylic acid would give me chemical burns.

Photos from 2006-2007 with acne at its worst