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Argan Oil - Which Brand?

08 June 2015 - 04:36 PM


I am interested in trying Argan oil as my moisturizer, however there are so many brands out there, if anyone here uses Argan oil could you please suggest me a brand that I should try?


Acne & Dating Life/how Are You Dealing With It?

26 December 2014 - 04:16 PM



Probably another one of those topics, but here we go anways ;)


Wanted to ask guys on this site a few questions(girls/women point of view also welcome). For those of you who have girlfriends, how are you dealing with your girlfriend if she is acne free? I am single currently(for some time), but I used to live in a house with 3 girls and I probably had more creams and spent money on those creams/dermatologists than all of them combined, obviously I didnt keep all of my stuff(facial masks, moisturizers, washes and whatnot) in bathroom as I found it quite embarrassing to be honest to take over the whole shelf lol. 


The amount we have to spend for acne on vitamins, creams and dermatologists would make you look like some "metrosexual" to the average person. I know people will say that if she does not understand your problems, she is not worth it, but we all know that in real life things don't happen like in Hollywood movies, that's why I am asking for your real life experience. Seems to me that it would be much easier to date someone who is suffering the same problems as you, this way you can support each other and not worry about these things as much. I mean I got a lot to offer, I am 27 years old & I am running 2 successful businesses, financially stable and I get to travel the world a lot, but that damn acne & scars no matter how much money I spend on them, always comes back and I feel very depressed about that hence staying single for a long time now.


Wish there was a dating site for people with acne as there are for people with other "specific" problems.

"scratches" Appearing On Face While On Accutane? *pics*

24 November 2014 - 12:46 PM



I am currently on my 2nd Accutane course, this weekend something strange happened and I wanted to see if anyone else experienced it. I noticed that my face developed 3-4 scratches out of nowhere(next to each other), something along the lines of these:






They are not as large, but they are noticeable, tried to take a photo but camera cant seem to capture them properly.


Anyone experienced it? I hope they are temporary and will heal.

Mark Taylor, Md - Any Feedback?

10 August 2014 - 09:04 AM



I am thinking about visiting Dr.Mark Taylor. Thing is I will have to fly from Europe to Utah for a consultation, so I would really appreciate if anyone on here would share any feedback on him.


Reason why I decided to visit him is that I cant really find a legit doctor in Europe(J.Rawlins is good, but I would rather avoid dermabrasion and stick with lasers for ablative treatments). 


Mark Taylor seems to know his stuff, was reading his QA on Realself.com (http://www.realself..../Mark-Taylor#qa) and some of his acne scar treatments got very good results:




and especially this guy:






3 months after:








Interesting Theory On How To Prevent Orange Peel Scars From Fraxel Repair

01 January 2014 - 05:08 PM


There seems to be a lot of people with what they describe as orange peel skin after fraxel laser is this common are certain skin types more prone to this? my skin is reasonable good apart from polkaderma on my neck and chest and a few pigmentation spots , visible veins on my face and fine scars on my chin from teenage pimples. have very fair skin what sort of results would i expect from Fraxel



When small laser holes are created with the Fraxel Repair Laser, severely oily skin will release oil through those laser holes preventing them from healing completely, sometimes leaving an organ peel scarring effect.  I sometimes put my patients on Isotretinoin for a few weeks before and a few weeks after Fraxel Repair Laser treatments to decrease the oil. This seems to help patients heal

 better when they have severe oily skin.   I especially like to do this when I am treating severe oily skin and acne scars.





This doctor also got amazing before/after pictures, some of them:


userimage-258837.JPG Before


userimage-270254.JPG 7weeks after.


Other before/afters:








More pics here:




Maybe this doc knows what he is talking about, really trying to find the best one for my multi approach scar correction. Kinda makes sense when it comes to healing and that oily skin can prevent those Fraxel repair holes to heal properly.