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In Topic: Smartxide - My Journey

22 February 2014 - 01:40 PM

wrocky... what would you say your results were % improvement wise? also, how severe was your acne scarring?



I really dont remember how much improvement I had, it was 4 years ago, however it was nothing that made me go "WOW" so I stopped doing them. I will however document my progress with Fraxel Repair next month.

In Topic: No1 Harley Street Dmk (Danne Montague King London) Avoid Like The Plague

22 February 2014 - 01:38 PM

Thanks for sharing. I created a topic like this earlier also where we could post all the good doctors and the bad ones, too bad no one bothers posting in it :( 




Did you do any treatments with Tapan?

In Topic: Smartxide - My Journey

21 February 2014 - 11:16 PM

guys i dont want to scare any of you people but be careful with lasers any lasers look up the damage they can also fat loss etc burns look into the dermaroller it basically does the same thing as a non ablative laser basically guys i encourage you all to do and look at the alternatives before going for the laser. Too many people on this board just jump straight for the laser first


While I agree that there is a risk, dermarolling is not exactly risk free either. I am talking about the professional dermarolling not the one that you can buy in stores. I consider doing Fraxel repair next month and then I will do dermarolling over summer after 6months with my doctor (with all the pre/post treatment creams etc). With lasers it really depends on your doctor, my doc will keep me overnight at the clinic just to make sure I heal ok, so hopefully she cares about my skin and not just after my money.


Srananman, I have done Smartxide lasers (3x), I dont consider it to be the best laser, while I did have some improvement I really believe that nothing comes close to Deep FX and Fraxel Repair in terms of the results that you will/can get with lasers.



In Topic: Interesting Theory On How To Prevent Orange Peel Scars From Fraxel Repair

04 January 2014 - 04:52 PM

Hmmmm....  I have been impressed by this doctor, but this comment kinda blows my mind in the sense that it flies in the face of conventional wisdom.  Accutane before and after laser?  That is exactly what they tell you NOT to do.  Everyone knows that you need to be off Accutane for at least 6 months to a year, so to recommend it before and after is a little mind boggling.


Its only 1 week tho, its done in order to reduce oil so that skin can heal correctly and prevent this orange peel scarring which is when skin gets very oily and fraxel "dots" cant heal properly because of that.

In Topic: I'm Pretty Sure Bp Is The Reason For My Scars

02 January 2014 - 02:04 PM

I used AHA+ this entire time by the way.


My face used to heal from acne perfectly fine despite the fact that I used to pop my pimples with serious force (stopped once I got on the regimen), but I first started noticing a difference when my acne was finally going away. I pulled out with tweezers a white sebum plug thing that was sticking out of my face and it left a hole like normal, it should have closed up neatly but instead it stayed open and looked like it was ripped for a few days. It's now a pretty big indented hole. Also, other small pimples around that area have turned into indents, I now have a bunch of indented scars all over my face, a new one as well. I'm getting SERIOUS scarring from the SMALLEST acne. Wtf? It makes me feel so stressed out, and on top of my depression I feel even more suicidal than I already am. Will they ever heal or at least look good? I'm 18.. I've stopped use of the regimen, sure I'll have terrible acne but maybe my face can heal on its own better.. anything but permanent acne scars. I probably already have some now but I don't want anymore. It's not worth it..


What can I do to heal the scars, naturally? Should I use AHA+ alone or something?


I can't afford the expensive treatments like dermabrasion and all that because I'm poor.. but there's gotta be something I can try to do. I heard lemon and honey works?'



And to make up users out there: is there anything I can do to make my scars look better?


Stop using that crap, it destroyed my face also. It dries up your skin and because of that scars wont heal properly. AHA is so much better.