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Dermapen W/ Platelet Rich Plasma

22 February 2013 - 05:52 AM

Hey guys, long time lurker/member here.


I had a Roaccutane treatment back in 2007. Since then my acne has pretty much died down, but has left moderate scarring on both of my cheeks. One side has a 2cm rolling scar that's fairly indented. I finally got around to going to a dermatologist last year, and due to my brown skin complexion, he advised against laser and decided three dermapen w/ platelet rich plasma treatments would do.


He advised three treatments, a month in between each. Now I've read practically everywhere that it takes time - around 3 months to see big progress, and that's made me sceptical as to why my doctor advised a monthly treatment, opposed to once every 3 months or even 6 months as other people have been reporting on these boards and around the net.


I've been taking regular photos and have been tracking the progress, and there definitely has been some improvement, but I'm just wondering if the one month gap is too short to allow each treatment to work its magic. Considering each treatment is quite costly, and I've already gone through two treatments, I'm worried that short gap between treatments are overriding and thus wasting the potential of the previous treatments.


For those who have gone through a Dermapen treatment plan, how long did it take before you could say without doubt that progress had definitely been made?