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#3343631 Holiday Indulgence!compensation- Please Help!

Posted by nodoubt147 on 27 April 2013 - 04:18 AM

It sounds strange, but yes if your body so desires. Learning to rely on our body's biochemical feedback can be tremendously helpful in getting into balance. With that being said, the goal of a lot of people is to cure acne and eating junkfood will not reduce acne lesions but probably promote new acne. It depends what your long term goals are. Coming into balance requires a program that is flexible. Nothing is static, and a lot of people come in here, and recommend a program which is static.

#3343557 Holiday Indulgence!compensation- Please Help!

Posted by nodoubt147 on 26 April 2013 - 05:32 PM

Sweetheart, please see this as an opportunity to fully enjoy your vacation. If you take probiotics, you'll really have nothing to worry about. Act within reason. During times of stress(which vacation can be) the body, and adrenal glands need extra nutrients, usually in the form of refined, sugary, and fat laden foods. This is controversial, but a lot of people are rather novice in their knowledge here. I could write at length but, the increased need for these foods is valid. Cholesterol creates the building blocks for hormones, and one of the best ways to increase cholesterol is through saturated fat. During times of the stress the adrenal glands go into an incredibly increased state of action. The adrenal glands are the backbone of your entire endocrine system. During this time your sympathetic system is almost entirely activated, which make foods, especially foods high in fiber and water content incredibly hard to digest. Due to this decrease in digestive activity, eating foods that are refined and of little fiber are much more easy to digest. The adrenal glands are also produce aldosterone, a hormone responsible for regulating your mineral levels, namely sodium and potassium. The body becomes less effecient at retaining minerals, especially sodium. Refined grains, are the most powerful way for your body to retain minerals, especially sodium. Avoiding foods that are high in potassium help this process(fish,vegetables,fruit). Due to the increased stress on the adrenal glands, the thyroid becomes more sluggish at converting T4 into active T3 hormone, and it's demands for glucose become greater, and sugar is the best remedy for this. So collectively, the more stressed out state the body is the more it's demands for refined grains, sugar(glucose), and saturated fats become. This sounds odd, but really the best remedy for a highly stressed body which often times comes with going on vacation due is to eat so called "unhealthy" foods. Foods that are rich, highly palatable, like pastas, sugary beverages, breads, cakes, salty chips, fries, burgers, and fatty meat. Really whatever you so truely desire during that time.


I know people might find this bewildering, but if you have extremely in-depth knowledge of endocrinolgy, what I have stated in brief is fact, and if you'd like more in depth information I can provide this. I've merely provided the most surface but correct analysis of this subject.

#3343200 White Rice Or Wheat?which One Is,lets Say, Less Harmful For A Acne Patient(In...

Posted by nodoubt147 on 25 April 2013 - 04:39 AM

I think the key is to eat proteins that you can digest effeciently, and to eat enough. Some people go on high protein diets, which increases their level of inflammation because they are not properly breaking it all down. Yes the villi can replenish themselves once the stress is diminshed, whether that be psychological, or from diet. The body has incredibly amazing healing ability.

aanabill, you're diet sounds really well rounded. In fact your whole program sounds very good :) Keep it up!

#3343066 White Rice Or Wheat?which One Is,lets Say, Less Harmful For A Acne Patient(In...

Posted by nodoubt147 on 24 April 2013 - 03:48 PM

Their are a lot, if not all nutritional camps that like to vilify wheat and white rice. Yes these foods are high on the glycemic index, BUT when consumed with protein and fat the glycemic load changes. Originally when foods were tested for the concept of Glycemic Index, foods were isolated and fed to individuals to then test subsequent blood sugar levels. The only thing is that we don't eat these foods by themselves unless you are on some sort of wacky mono diet. White rice has been the biggest nutritional staple in the world for thousands of years. White rice is single handledly the most hypo-allergenic food you can eat. That is something to take into account considering acne is an inflammatory disease, and inflammation not only comes from elevated insulin levels, but from undigested proteins leaking in the blood stream.


Now on to wheat. I could write an entire thesis on wheat, and I just might. This too gets probably get the worst wrap in the health industry, and it's not necessarily unjustified. Although, the real reason for such a high wheat intolerance lies in the immunity, and gut integrity of the individual. The actual genetic suseptibilty for this disease is approximatly less than 5 percent! That is, to have 2 forms of HLA-DQ protein molecule in your DNA. Now let me remind you in almost all cases I would recommend most people avoid wheat, but the issue on hand here with wheat is more complex. It's also important that people understand the dynamics of the human digestive tract, as well as fundamental endocrinology if you really want to examine acne's root causation.


A very important factor when considering your overall diet is to understand how the digestive tract works. Stress plays the largest role in the composition of villi integrity in the small and large intestine. What is usually referred to as "leaky gut", is generally a compromised gut tract, i.e. villi. When these villi are weak, and sparse it becomes very easy for proteins to leak into the blood stream. Stress comes in a number of forms but psychological stress can be the most powerful. How hard do you work on your diet? How much do you stress about the foods you are eating, and whether they are gluten free? wheat free? dairy free? etc....


The point of this is that, no one here has the right answer. Their are common themes amongst those that get clear, yes. But know that you are unique, and just because you read something doesn't mean that it applies to you. Your whole world can literally change in 2 seconds based on new information.

I'm not sure if I quite answered the question as you would have like, but rather saw this as a platform to address an issue.


You seem to already know the answer, and I also sent you a private message. Obviously, you know these items are suspect and to be cautious at the frequency, and size that you eat these type of foods.

#3342006 Want Clear Skin Now? Read

Posted by nodoubt147 on 20 April 2013 - 03:32 PM

Anti-inflammatory foods are naturally going to be almost all the alkaline foods. All fruits and vegetables, with special emphasis on deep dark leafy greens and berries. Sprouted grain, and seed will even be anti-inflammatory to a certain extent. Inflammatory foods are going to be wheat products, dairy, meats, and unsprouted nuts and seeds. It's all about balance though. Grains, meats, and dairy aren't necessarily bad, and can even be beneficial to a degree. A sample meal for me, and even one of my favorite would be something like:   3 or 4 oz of grass fed beef, 1 small baked sweet potato, sauteed spinach w/olive oil, with generous amounts of sea salt.


Note: If you are eating a Paleo like diet listen to your bodies desire for salt, as this is a very high potassium diet and can actually dehydrate you from lack of sodium

#3341624 Want Clear Skin Now? Read

Posted by nodoubt147 on 18 April 2013 - 04:30 PM

When you have acne it is usually a result of  inflammation in the body. That is why acne is called an Inflammatory skin disease. Their are several causes for imflammation, and when you are treating the acne the goal is to get the imflammation down. All of your hormones, and endocrine system work in concert beautifully to keep every thing in balance and keep you looking beautiful as an attempt by nature for prime repoduction potential. Understand? Nature wants you to look amazing so that you will have children. The pancreas is an organ that is connected to this beautiful orchestra. The pancreas is responsible for producing enough insulin to always keep your blood sugar in check. Insulin is also a powerful hormone. When your pancreas rapidly oversecretes insulin because of what you ate or drank it causes a large inflammatory response. This large inflammatory response results in ACNE lesions for those of us that are genetically predisposed. The key is to re-train your pancreas, and insulin receptor sites to be sensitive to this powerful hormone again. You control this by what you put in your mouth. It does not take very long to re-train the body either.


Now you want to know how FASTING plays in this? The adrenal glands sit atop the kidneys and are one of the most important glands we have for handling stress, and regulating our blood sugar levels( i.e. Insulin). When you fast your body gets the hint that it is STARVING, and the adrenal glands go into overdrive producing cortisol. Cortisol is also another very powerful ANTI-inflammatory hormone. But your body can only produce so much, and when you STARVE yourself, the adrenal glands become fatigued, and the rest of your endocrine system starts to perform sluggishly(liver, thyroid, ovaries, etc.). Not only do you exhaust your bodies main ANTI-Inflammatory generator, but you put the rest of your body at risk. It is absolutely counter productive to someone looking to sustain long term clear skin due to a smooth, and effeciently running hormonal, and repoductive system that is BALANCED.

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Posted by nodoubt147 on 17 April 2013 - 02:46 PM

I always achieve results fasting, as most will. Your insulin levels rapidly decline, and that's why it works. It's the behind the scenes damage that is of concern.

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Posted by nodoubt147 on 17 April 2013 - 12:03 AM

Fasting is really only for the "healthy". Most people that have problems with moderate to severe acne are very imbalanced. Fasting is very hard on the endocrine system. Unfortunatly it is over prescribed in the health community. Any good naturopathic doctor would advise against someone fasting for any prolonged period of time, especially women. Fasting is a dated protocol for healing, not practical in modern day for most people looking to acheive balance and homeostasis. Fasting is a major adrenal stress, that will cause increased cortisol. The increase in adrenal hormones will cause underproduction of progesterone a crucial hormone in the balance of testosterone. The body will respond to increased cortisol by downregulating leptin, and ovarian follicle stimulating hormones. The down regulation in these hormones will offset the bodies internal circadian rhythm, as well as slow thyroid producing hormones. The delicate balance that allows for fertility will be dysregulated. Increased adrenal hormones causes increased DHEA. DHEA cycles into testosterone, so on and so forth. Think twice before embarking on any sort of fasting regime.

#3339957 I've Been Clear For Years Now......

Posted by nodoubt147 on 11 April 2013 - 02:47 AM

Well my diet has fluctuated throughout the years. If my skin starts to flair up I get it under control by manipulating the diet. But in order to stay clear with moderate amounts of stress I usually try and keep the carbs under 100grams. I will usually eat a lot of vegetables, animal protein, and sources of fat. Foods that I've found through years of trial and error that can cause acne for me are: Grains, fruit, excessive root vegetables, and coffee, so basically foods that illicit a strong insulin response. Interesting note........I found that I could eat an unlimited number of refined carbs(I tested upwards of 400g) if I did absolutely nothing all day, i.e....sat in my pajamies all day and watched tv(NO STRESS). I found that to be incredibly fasinating and thus made the adrenal/hormone connection. So depending on the level of activities I will be doing for the day will determine my carb load. I could really talk at length about it, but this is the most brief and simplistic way to put it. I literally studied everyday for hours, and hours, for years about the endocrine system, human anatomy and physiology so that I could fix my acne. Now people compliment me on my skin, and I've gotten used to it over the last several years but was always taken aback at first. I would explain that I used to have very problematic skin that caused horrible emotional trauma for me. So I suppose I wanted to post this so that people don't give up. I was in your boat too, and through sheer persistance I figured out what was personally causing my acne, and you can too. Everyone is unique and it's nature's way of letting you know that you are out of balance, and to correct it.

I will put a sample diet for a normal workday:


Breakfast: 1 sausage, 1 egg


Snack: turkey slices, hummus, celery


Lunch: Salad, w/meat and dressing


Snack: 1/2 apple, cottage cheese, few almonds


Dinner: Pork Chop, sweet potatoes, broccoli


Bedtime snack: rice crackers, goat cheese

#3339876 I've Been Clear For Years Now......

Posted by nodoubt147 on 10 April 2013 - 03:50 PM

I haven't been on here in years. Seems to happen to most that get clear, and seem to vanish right? I figured I'd just drop a line to tell people what has kept me more or less crystal clear for 4 years now. I too was like many on here, frustrated, and down right horribly depressed. I don't want to sound conceited, but I was fairly attractive, and unfortunatly plagued with acne that just kept getting worse as I got older. I got to a very very low point, where I was completely shut in, crying every day, and quit my job and moved half way across the country because of it. I spent thousands of hours doing research. What did I come upon????


In a more complex, and lengthy way than I have time to get into, a lot of it has to do with adrenal function. But want a short cut?


Low carb.......that's right. It's the easiest, fastest way to get crystal clear skin. For me anyways, and I imagine a lot of other people. I'll tell you though it wasn't easy when I started because my body and hormones were so used to running on a high carb diet, that I had a lot of problems, but I figured it out after awhile.


It's really about controlling your insulin levels. Insulin is the #2 cause of major inflammation. #1????.......stress