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Will Stopping Accutane For A Few Days Decrease My Dehydration, Flushing, And Sun Sensit...

15 May 2013 - 01:31 PM


Has anyone stopped Accutane for a few days in the middle of their course?  I'm debating whether to go to a music festival in a couple weeks.  Right now I'm really sensitive to sun and constantly dehydrated and flush a lot which could make the experience not fun.


Would taking a break from my pills for a few days help alleviate these symptoms?  I'm actually most worried about getting dehydrated and having a red face from flushing- I think I can protect myself from the sun pretty well with some effort.


If anyone could share their experience that would be a huge help! Thanks so much!

Music Festival On Accutane

12 February 2013 - 05:11 PM

Has anyone had any experience at a weekend-long music festival on Accutane? I'm debating whether or not going will be a bad idea. This venue has no trees- just a wide open field in a sunny place for 3 full days!



Accutane Again?

12 January 2013 - 07:49 PM

Why, hello. SO I have a decision to make and I'd love to hear the opinions of others...

First, a little about myself-
I'm 25 years old and have dealt with mild to moderate acne since high school.  When  I was 18 I went on Minocycline for about 9 months- it totally cleared me up for freshman year at college! BUT... it came back the next summer. This time, I think maybe a little worse. To this day I am still afraid to go back on antibiotics because it seems a common theme that antibiotics not only stop working, they make your skin worse than before when you come off them.  Though everyone is different I suppose.

Anyways after a summer of hell (my skin wasn't TERRIBLE, but I get REALLY upset about having acne) I started Accutane when I turned 20.  Worked great- my skin has been better ever since.  However after about a year after ending my course it came back again.  Much better that before, but still not good.  So I started Spiro around when I turned 22.

This worked great. However, about a year later and some random breakout - it only lasted a week and must've been an allergic reaction. However, it made me freak out so much that I thought I would do accutane again just in case.  So I went through the whole drill for 6 months, but I only ended up taking one or two months worth of pills.

UGH! I'm so annoyed at myself now for doing this!  My skin was just so great for so long, I thought I was cured so I didn't want to take it again. But now, about a year and a half later- it's been getting worse.  I guess taking accutane for one or two months wouldn't give me any remission?  So if I did a full course now then I could be good to go? (I'm 25 and I believe that my first course at 20 has kept me clear for 5 years (with the Spiro).

It's a big decision because I don't think I could do Accutane again after that and it's the only thing besides Spiro that had worked for me.  Any suggestions? Keep in mind this isn't really a third course as my second course I took very little of the pills. Has anyone been able to do a 4th course because another course was stopped?
Thanks for letting me ramble, guys...

PS - My skin hates BP! It is very sensitive to topicals.