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Tretenoin Progress

21 October 2012 - 02:53 PM

Hello! I have been using Tretenoin cream .025% for 12 weeks to treat my non-inflamed acne. I use it every other night. I used topical clindmycin from Aug- September but have taken it out of my regimen with no adverse affects.

My face care regimen is:

for tretinoin nights:
wash with dermalogica calming cleanser
wait 30 mins.
apply pea size amt. of tretenoin to face.

on off nights:
wash with dermalogica calming cleanser
apply earth science almond/ aloe moisturizer

I take high quality, medical grade multivitamins along with fish oil.
I have been on BCP (gianvi) forever.
I try to eat healthy and hydrate but do not restrict my diet at all.
I am being tested for thyroid dysfunction, systemic yeast and adrenal fatigue and will update with the results of that testing once I know.

here is the progress:

1st 2 are from June
2nd 2 are from today

Thank you for reading!