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rachel31's Blog > Day 13

Posted 09 July 2013

Good morning !!Sorry I have not blogged in a few days. I've been super busy organising things for my holiday in 19 days. Yyeeehhaawwww !!  Disneyland here we come. I cannot wait !!Ok so ... today and over the past few days my skin has been doing really well. The burning from the peel has subsided and as it has been 7 days since my peel the 'new', regenera...

rachel31's Blog > Day 9

Posted 06 July 2013

Well ... I have well and truly learned my lesson. I have also come to the conclusion that my vanity gets the better of me far to often. So you remember me telling you the other day about how my scabs from the peel had flaked off and my skin looked good and I went to the tanning salon ... blah blah blah ?? Well ... due to the tanning ... my face got worse...

rachel31's Blog > Night 7

Posted 04 July 2013

Good evening folks ......Ok so ... I woke up to very tight, dry, crusty brown skin round my mouth this morning where the peel had burnt my skin. Luckily I had done a little research yesterday and purchased some preparation H ointment (yes the hermmeroid stuff) which was fantastic for healing the burns. I mean literally this shit helped heal the itchy, raw...

rachel31's Blog > Night 6

Posted 02 July 2013

Eurgh. I am a douchebag. I woke up this morning to be greeted with extremely dry, irritated and raw skin. I made the mistake of giving the lemon treatment a bash last night to try and lighten the acne scars around my mouth and I obviously didn't have my sensible head on because if I did I would have known this will irritate the chemical burns on either si...

rachel31's Blog > Night 5

Posted 01 July 2013

Good evening lovelies. My apologies first and foremost for not updating last night. Sunday is a busy day for me as I take my grandma shopping and I have housework to do so I did not get a chance to log in last night. Sowwi !!Anywhoo ... I have a few things to report. I had 3 small pin head pimples today (that I couldn't help squeezing). Eurgh. Luckily the...