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No Dairy For Bacne

01 August 2013 - 12:59 AM

I have struggled with getting rid of bacne for years now. I have tried topical things, I have tried zinc washes, I have tried Dr. Bronner's, I have tried salicylic acid wash, I have tried amlactin (not that long, though), I have tried taking vitamin D3 (although I think it has helped a lot...), and ph balanced bodywashes...I have even tried caveman on my back but that didn't even work! but the one thing I haven't tried since taking D3 (which I still take) is cutting out dairy products. I have always eaten dairy. I stopped drinking milk and started using almond milk but i would still eat yogurt and cheese. i love yogurt. frozen yogurt. i love cheese. pizza. i love sour cream. i love butter :( i love all those things but it's time for me to...cut it out! so that i can finally have the kind of back i have dreamed of for so long. i don't want to get too much of my hopes up, but i truly think this may be the reason i have still been having break outs on my back, even though they are much better since taking D3. 


i will update from time to time for progress.