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#3379959 Dehydrated Skin Problem

Posted by Cubed on 02 September 2013 - 08:19 PM

It's been 3 weeks today. Still looks the same, although my face feels really taut and the surface feels thirsty biggrin.png. Skin still looks thin and gets dull very quickly after waking up. I still sometimes wake up and it looks good only for it to go bad :S . Surprisingly, i've had very little oil and no peeling or skin shedding that is visible. Strange. I've had acne forming on my chin and around my mouth. Nothing major though. Bring on the next few weeks.


keep up the good fight. you can do it. also, dont forget to give turmeric a try. keep us updated

#3357836 Dehydrated Skin Problem

Posted by Cubed on 14 June 2013 - 01:23 AM

hey guys, i'm so glad this thread is moving! we need more people talking about this topic because so many people suffer with this problem. as for the EDS thread, that was probably me...i was trying to spread this information out to as many people as possible. my skin is 98% better after 4 to 5 months of doing what i have been doing....



i dont recommend exfoliating. ur skin is way too sensitive. just use the mixture day and night! that's it! trust the process. don't use anything else.



cleansing, for me, is scary. so i avoid cleansing. if i do need to cleanse, i spray my face with the mixture, wipe off gently with a paper towel, then spray my face again. that's it...!


yes, the combo of niacinamide and n acetyl glucosamine works, but ive been using the n acetyl glucosamine by itself for about 2 months and it's been working fantastic on helping my skin moisturize itself! ( i am not using niacinamide because i ran out and i can't afford to purchase any right now but once i am able to, i WILL be using it again)


if u need to use any oil, then use emu oil....that's the only one i trust....and u can cleanse with emu oil as well, by massaging the face with the oil and gently spraying with the mixture, then gently wiping off with a paper towel. 


i dont exfoliate. if dead skin builds up, i just gently remove it...its kinda therapeutic in a way...its kinda like caveman...but with an active that aids the skin in repairing itself...



please trust the process, if u can ...do more research on what helps the skin better moisturize itself. i wanna learn with u! i wanna help u! and i want this nightmare to be over for u and for myself! 


we can do it! with patience and gentleness and trust!



also, if you need to use sunscreen look for one that is OIL FREE & NATURAL (zinc oxide for example) it's difficult to find. i found one but it's like a foundation powder by bare essentials or bare minerals...some kind of make up company....but it will block out the sun and prevent the oils from stopping your skin from healing itself.


why i say avoid lotions and other oils is because they will trick your skin into thinking that it doesnt need to create moisture for itself. it's called the rebound effect or something...i researched this on EDS (essential day spa) and other forums...so i avoid lotions and other oils...but if u wanna take the risk...go ahead. i advise u not to....


also dont neglect eating kale...idk...but just keep trying to eat kale or spinach...for the lutein...


and what else?? uh...i d k...just KNOW there IS hope and your skin will be healthy again!


God bless...

#3288569 Dehydrated Skin Problem

Posted by Cubed on 21 September 2012 - 09:59 AM

hey i just wanted to give an update about my skin. it's 98% better by just using niacinamide and distilled water as my moisturizer. nothing else. no sunscreens. no oils. nothing. just my skin's natural oils and an active (an active a skin care product that acts upon the skin, that causes some cellular changes).

i don't wash my face with soap or anything. i have just been using distilled water and niacinamide.

i really hope this helps you guys!

it's been a major, major, major improvement!

there are no need for moisturizers in my opinion...

i have only been using it for about 2 months? or a little less...so give it a try

and eat well! i haven't been eating well though :-/

#3262438 Dehydrated Skin Problem

Posted by Cubed on 04 July 2012 - 02:42 PM

yeah, i stress the use of 100% aloe vera gel/juice and nothing else because aloe vera gel/juice has the right PH for skin.  and some of our water isn't good...has chlorine in it (drying) and i just don't trust it. unless it is distilled. that's cheap. 1 dollar at the store.

just put the stuff on your skin and gently wipe it off. nothing big. then put some more on there with your taurine powder (so the powder can melt onto your skin...it's hard for the taurine to melt on the skin though...but be gentle and patient.) and then pat some calendula oil on there.

that's what i'm doing.

i dont use lotions, i dont use anything else but these techniques. lotion makes the situation worse and doesn't help.

this is the only thing that's been working for me.

i also used niacinamide powder for some time, so that may help some of you.

but once again the stupid, stupid YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY. i hate that crap. I've been looking for a holy grail, that works completely and continues to work, but my hope is in taurine + calendula.

sorry to be repetitive but sometimes people miss things.

#3260112 Dehydrated Skin Problem

Posted by Cubed on 27 June 2012 - 10:36 PM

believe me, i have this same problem.

the calendula will be steeped in some other oil...such as olive oil. so that's fine.

i also have being doing research on TAURINE, topical TAURINE, as well as 100% cholesterol, or something called, "super sterol liquid"

believe me, guys. i am not jiving...i have this same dehydrated, crepey skin.

i have avoided a lot of lines, though.

niacinamide powder helped as well....mixed it with some water or aloe vera gel and putting it on my skin. that reduced some of the fine lines i was developing.

but it didn't cure my skin.

so i tried many different things...but what has really helped is calendula oil...

and then i have tried 100% cholesterol that i had ASKED gardenofwisdom if i could purchase because they didn't have it for sale. i just emailed them.

i have been using it but i'm afraid that it is just sitting on top of my skin and not working.
i mean, it blends in well with my skin, but i rinsed my face off and wiped it off with some aloe vera juice and my skin look crepey, slightly...SLIGHTLY again..

the slight crepeness will not go away it seems but i have been using the calendula for only about 3 months or so and the cholesterol about 1.8 weeks...so, it takes time...

but i'm going back to calendula oil, to see if maybe 6 months use will improve it even more...

and i want to try topical taurine, too...because i read something on pubmed that says in increases all three skin barrier lipids...in reconstructed skin...i dont know what reconstructed skin is, though...so yeah, im thinking they didnt test on real human skin, but it's still promising...and i have hope....

to the health of us all!

God bless

#3252465 Dehydrated Skin Problem

Posted by Cubed on 05 June 2012 - 10:24 PM

hi rarejr. i have the same problem and what has helped me tons is:

using calendula oil (it is a gold flower with lutein in the petals)

lutein has been studied to help increase hydration of the skin.

you've removed precious superficial skin lipids that help maintain the water balance of the skin.

i have done the same and have been dealing with this problem for four years now but i just recently found out about
the calendula oil concept.

please, order this oil, and use it for a moisturizer. you can find it anywhere online and i really hope this helps to heal your skin 100%. mines isn't 100% but mines had been damaged a long time before i had found out about calendula.

and my skin is SO much better i thank GOD for it.


also PH balance is important so use a ph balanced product like aloe vera gel as a cleanser/moisturizer beneath the calendula.

make sure you get 100% aloe vera gel or juice. nothing else.

also, eat greens such as KALE, eat blue berries, & God bless.