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17 January 2014 - 01:50 AM

What works is using a healing substance such as (oat beta glucans & niacinamide & n acetyl glucosamine) twice a day. Cleansing your skin not too often. Protecting your skin with a good UVA covering sunscreen like L'Oreal UV Perfect with Tinosorb and Mexoryl (the best UVA protectors).

That's been healing my skin lately even better.


So I know there is hope.


Don't give up. 

In Topic: Dehydrated Skin Problem

30 November 2013 - 02:06 PM

Just try to buy the products online. Use sunscreeen. Be patient. You have to heal your skin and then collagen can form properly. Avoiding the sun helps skin form collagen and cells properly.

If your skin is dehydrated collagen doesn't function properly right? I mean not only am I dealing with large pores from over exfoliating, my eyes seem to be hollowing out and I have dark smile lines aswell and I don't know if addressing the dehydration will resume normal collagen.. I started taking hyaluronic acid pills three days ago so I'll keep it posted. I live in the UK so I'm having a hard time locating beta glucans and niacin and NAG, sigh. My skin is dull and dairy increases my pore sizze and gives me acne. The doctors gave me tetracyline and I have no more acne, I think I'm gonna take these till I sort my skin out, in order to prevent scarring

In Topic: Dehydrated Skin Problem

21 October 2013 - 11:42 PM

hey i want to add that i have started using sunscreen, too. it has taken me a long time to commit to sunscreen because i have been so afraid of lotions but i think i have found one that is pretty good: it's by a company called everyday coconut and it's their daily facial lotion with 15spf...using zinc oxide as the blocker. so far i really like it and it doesn't make my face too oily. i think it's helping my skin to heal even better now that the sun is not beating down upon it daily.




read that article. it's quite terrifying and i thank God He has shown me the importance of using sunscreen.


hope this is of further help, dears.

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04 October 2013 - 10:53 PM

Ok it has been 8 weeks since i started the niacinamide and n-acatyl glucasmine spray in distilled water.




I'm afraid that i have had no change to my skin, but i have indeed found a fix to my problem and it has repaired and restored my skin trumendously. I give thanks to cubed for the advice and help along the way, and i hope the method has helped other people fix their problem. I believe that everyones skin is different, and requires different methods to fix problems that affect them. Even though the toner i used did not help me, what i did has indeed fixed my problem.


My problem was that i used a anti-bacterial agent for my acne that caused really terrible damage to the epidermis structure. Many would argue that the epidermis gets repaired by the skin every month, but it looked the same for about 3 years. The product i used made my skin look really thin and dehdrated, with a polished and plasticy look to the skin (Not nice). My skin was also somewhat crepey, but i think the reeason why it looked like that is that it was severely dehydrated. I tried over the many years with this problem to fix my issue, sometimes something worked, but it only worked for about 1 day. Anyway, more onto how i fixed my problem.


What i did was use glycolic acid cream for 1 week and a half to prep my skin to a mild TCA peel. The peel was 12.5%. I used the glycolic acid to remove the statum corneum for an even peel. I used alcohol on a cotton ball to remove fats (makes the peel penentrate better) from the skin after washing and applied the 12.5% TCA peel for 5 agonising minutes to a dry face before finally neutralising with baking soda. At around about 2 minuts into the peel, i frosted pretty much all over. Frosting is where your skin looks like it has sugar all over it. Normally people dont tend to frost at a 12.5 solution, but i certainly did. Afterwards i used antiseptic cream and eucerin healing oitment. I peeled for about 5 days, which the entire epidermis pretty much came off in sheets (Literally peeling like crazy). After those 5 days, it took about 3 more days for my skin to calm down and WOW. It actually looks pretty nice now. Looks pretty normal and healthy. Moisturiser actually works and i can wash my face witout it feeling horrible. I waited about a week to be sure it was not just me, but the result are still here and it looks pretty decent for 1 peel. I am going to do a further 2 peels spaced 1 month apart because i have some hyperpigmentation from all the rubbish things i used to fix my problem over the years, which im sure some made it worse.


Anyway, the only reason why i think this worked is that it look off the damaged epidermis completely, with a  healthy one below in the process which makes the skin look more normal now. I am hoping my skin will look better after another 2, to get some collagen production going to sort some skin thinness.


If you have tried everything and have nothing to lose, try this method and take a week off to avoid the sun completely. But try the toner first. You may just be lacking lipids. I think my epidermis was just totally thin as it could possibly be. The TCA peels are known to thicken the Epidermis and Dermis after a few months, it just is risky and i only recommend it as a last resort as it is extremely strong stuff. If you have the money, i recommend you entirely to see a platsic sugeon or dermatologist to get a TCA peel, as you can mess it up quite easily if you don't know what you're doing.


It is crucial that you use a  good SPF too. I use CeraVe spf 30 because it is very good for breakout prone skin.


Hope i have been helpful





wow, that's very risky of you. i personally think that sounds very harsh. and 8 weeks most certainly is not enough. it may take up to a year to completely heal the skin.


anyway, if it continues to work, please update us.


and try using beta glucan! seriously...it's another mild/safe treatment with good reviews and supposedly works fast. 

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18 September 2013 - 06:26 PM

hey guys, 


i wanna update you on a new discovery:


beta glucans or oat beta glucans!


i suggest you do your own research...but people in forums think that it works miracles for regenerating the skin.


i am thinking of buying my own and testing it out and letting you know what happens.


my skin is fine, but i want it to be even better, ya know....


so...yeah, i hope that if any of the other methods aren't working for you, give beta glucans a try. and some people say it works pretty quickly...and the researcher said it could possibly work in 10 days! that's what i'm talking about!