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In Topic: Ceramide Cure For Dehydrated Skin?

01 May 2014 - 10:23 PM



along with what she has suggested, can I suggest that you look into niacinamide, n acetyl glucosamine, or oat beta glucans?


These help heal the skin. Also, like she suggested, try using a thin layer of yogurt with s. thermophilus as the first ingredient (chobani ?greek?  plain!)


i also highly highly recommend sun protection especially against short length uva rays. try the anthelios spf 15 by la roche posay. i don't recommend other roche posay because the higher spf's have acohol denat...which i think dries out our skin. (these contain the best uva protectors...mexoryl) you can find this on amazon or any other online beauty store. try to find the cheaper kinds.


or u could also try l'oreal uv perfect sunscreen (asian kind for women). i know it's for women but it doesn't matter. (this contains mexoryl and tinosorb) you can find this product on amazon.


your skin is already compromised and the sun will just erase ur progress and further damage ur skin.


so please, most important, invest in a good active topical....perhaps eat healthy, eat flax seed (i read oral flax seed reduces trans epidermal water loss aka TEWL), and avoid the sun as much as possible.


let us know how you progress and God bless.

In Topic: Dehydrated Skin Problem

17 January 2014 - 01:50 AM

What works is using a healing substance such as (oat beta glucans & niacinamide & n acetyl glucosamine) twice a day. Cleansing your skin not too often. Protecting your skin with a good UVA covering sunscreen like L'Oreal UV Perfect with Tinosorb and Mexoryl (the best UVA protectors).

That's been healing my skin lately even better.


So I know there is hope.


Don't give up. 

In Topic: Dehydrated Skin Problem

30 November 2013 - 02:06 PM

Just try to buy the products online. Use sunscreeen. Be patient. You have to heal your skin and then collagen can form properly. Avoiding the sun helps skin form collagen and cells properly.

If your skin is dehydrated collagen doesn't function properly right? I mean not only am I dealing with large pores from over exfoliating, my eyes seem to be hollowing out and I have dark smile lines aswell and I don't know if addressing the dehydration will resume normal collagen.. I started taking hyaluronic acid pills three days ago so I'll keep it posted. I live in the UK so I'm having a hard time locating beta glucans and niacin and NAG, sigh. My skin is dull and dairy increases my pore sizze and gives me acne. The doctors gave me tetracyline and I have no more acne, I think I'm gonna take these till I sort my skin out, in order to prevent scarring

In Topic: Dehydrated Skin Problem

21 October 2013 - 11:42 PM

hey i want to add that i have started using sunscreen, too. it has taken me a long time to commit to sunscreen because i have been so afraid of lotions but i think i have found one that is pretty good: it's by a company called everyday coconut and it's their daily facial lotion with 15spf...using zinc oxide as the blocker. so far i really like it and it doesn't make my face too oily. i think it's helping my skin to heal even better now that the sun is not beating down upon it daily.




read that article. it's quite terrifying and i thank God He has shown me the importance of using sunscreen.


hope this is of further help, dears.

In Topic: No Dairy For Bacne

06 October 2013 - 10:57 PM

I wanna update: my back is extremely clear. I get spots here and there because I may accidentally eat something with dairy, so that sucks, but i have to be stricter. so far, i only have one cystic pimple due to eating mcdonald's french fries that has milk protein in it. any type of milk ingredient aggravates my back. it sux...but it's better than no cure! :)