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In Topic: Eating Coconut Oil Does It Help Or Cause Acne?

15 November 2014 - 01:31 PM

I buy Traditional Medicinals "Organic Roasted Dandelion Root" tea from our local health food store.  You can also purchase it online. Just had some this morning...delicious with soy milk.  I shake up the soy milk in the carton and then pour it into the tea and it's like drinking a latte!  If you steep the tea for a few minutes it is dark and very flavorful...just like coffee.

In Topic: How Does Do Your Acne Cysts Start?

01 November 2014 - 03:10 PM

So sorry to hear about the NHS and difficulty changing derms.  That makes it much harder!  That said, there are some things you can still do.  The BP cleanser Panoxyl 4% used to be prescription but now it can be bought over the counter or on the web.  You need something that will kill the acne bacteria.  

Would your derm consider a topical antibiotic?  If used following the BP face wash it is clinically proven to work the same as an internal antibiotic but stays more potent...something about BP and topical antibiotic working synergistically.  I only use the BP face wash and topical antibiotic in the morning so it's very gentle.  Would your derm consider Spiro for the anti-androgen benefits?  

You can also tweak your diet.  The biggest diet thing that helped me was avoiding all oils.  Last week I was tired and out with friends and didn't order well so ended up eating a greasy omelet and potatoes.  Normally I would order a salad with hard boiled egg, avocado, etc.  A day later I broke out with two pimples...granted they were teeny tiny and went away in a day but usually I rarely if ever break out now.

Re: cysts --- when my derm put me on the regime below I literally stopped getting cysts.  Never have had one again!  But I think it requires doing all the parts ---- a acne bacteria killing cleanser + topical antibiotic + internal anti-androgen + monthly microdermabrasions + whole foods diet that avoids dairy, sugars, oils.

In Topic: Cystic Acne

30 October 2014 - 09:39 AM

That isn't acne but some type of boil.  Your dermatologist will apply a local anesthetic and lance it.  You will also most likely be given antibiotics.  Don't be afraid.  That is an area of the body that can get these kinds of things because it gets moist.

In Topic: What Is This On My Nose?! Help.

30 October 2014 - 09:35 AM

This is a form of acne...closed raised comedones.  They don't look red or infected but are pores that are extended with excess sebum.  You can get rid of these flesh colored bumps by using a BP cleanser or topical...or using a salicylic acid product.  You need something that will help peel your skin to open the pores, thus helping the accumulated sebum to dry up and be expelled.  Don't squeeze this type of acne because the pore walls may rupture resulting in cysts or at least infected pimples.  Getting rid of comedones takes patience and diligent use of the product you choose (BP or salicylic acid).  It would be best to see a dermatologist who can determine what product will work the best.

In Topic: How Does Do Your Acne Cysts Start?

29 October 2014 - 11:36 AM

Just to let you know...I have a very similar reaction if I apply BP topically - even at the lowest dose.  I'm not sure why using a BP cleanser doesn't cause this reaction but it is likely due to the fact that it doesn't remain on the skin very long (only 1 minute while cleansing).  Also the brand I use is specifically made for sensitive skin.  Bactrim may not be available in the UK but I know Spironolactone is.  It is a very common old drug that was originally used for treating congestive heart failure because it is a mild diuretic.  A "side effect" is it is also an anti-androgen.  If your derm is not aware of it I would check with another derm.  I had a derm here some years ago who also never heard of it...and she later turned out not to be very good.  She was the one who had me on 5 years of Bactrim which was insane since the cystic acne could be treated so much better with the gentler treatment regime my current derm has me on.


Here is the regime:


Status - 99.9% clear

Morning - Panoxyl 4 Cleanser (BP), Cleocin-T, DML Lotion, Physician's Formula SPF 30 Mineral Pressed Powder, Spiro 100 mg

Night - Cetaphil Antibacterial Bar, DML Lotion

Monthly - Professional microdermabrasion

Diet - Whole high nutrient unprocessed foods.  Avoid oils, dairy, sugars, bread, nuts, alcohol, caffeine, and fermented foods.

Supplements - Opti l-zinc, citrical + D3

Daily - Walk, breath deeply, meditate and do yoga daily, wear hats for sun protection