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Today, 11:07 AM

I agree mostly with above. You need something that GENTLY cleanses your face morning and night. You need something that kills the acne bacteria effectively and you need something to soothe the skin. It is this combo that clears up skin...that and in addition avoiding dairy because it has hormones that aggravate cystic acne (which is what you have). For a cleanser I agree that Olay Foaming wash is good. It is very gentle. If your skin can tolerate a topical BP then use that. Use it once a day. If your skin reacts to that then use a gentle BP cleanser once a day. I really like Panoxyl 10%. It really works but is very gentle for sensitive skin. Personally I have to use a topical antibiotic in addition to the BP cleanser because the BP is washed off. Both BP cleanser and topical BP kill acne bacteria. Use a moisturizer especially developed for acne prone skin. None of the Clinique or Liz or department store brands work (even if they say they do) and this is because they have too many other additives, scents, etc. When they or their staff say they work for blemished skin it means they work for people with extremely mild surface acne...the kind you can hardly see. You have cystic acne. This requires different kind of care. My derm swears by DML lotion. You can get it online or at a drugstore. It was developed for acne prone skin and for skincare following cosmetic surgery so you know it is mild and soothing. Hope this helps. Oh - also pay attention to diet. Avoid all dairy, sugars, caffeine, alcohol and processed oils. This will make a dramatic difference in your skin inflammation. Diet will not cure cystic acne by itself but used in conjunction with a BP product and gentle skincare you skin will clear up. Please see my regime below. It was developed for my horrid cystic acne and I am 100% clear now and have been for a long time. I keep posting here because I want to see others avoid common mistakes in acne care.

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Yesterday, 08:31 PM

Sometimes any change in hormones, naturally in the body or added (BC), can trigger a flare-up.  But what you can do is set things up so it doesn't matter what is happening to you hormonally.  This means attacking the acne on several fronts at the same time...a multi-pronged approach.  1) make sure your pores are as clear of dead skin and debris as possible by using a BP product or salicylic acid, doing microdermabrasions, getting facials, etc.  2) kill acne bacteria on the skin and in the pore by using BP or tea tree oil product (I prefer a BP cleanser because it is milder and doesn't bleach clothing --- i.e. Panoxyl 10%)  3) eat clean...no dairy, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, processed oils --- this helps to lower inflammation in the gut and on the skin.

Hope this helps!

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15 December 2014 - 08:13 PM

Topical BP can be too irritating for some people...hence the delayed reaction as your skin is getting too irritated.  People prone to acne can get flare-ups when the skin barrier is disrupted.  You may want to do a BP cleanser instead.  I like Panoxyl 10% (can get in drug stores and online).  I was unsure when my derm recommended this approach for my very sensitive, flaky skin.  But it works!  Do the BP cleanser instead of your tea tree cleanser in the morning.  Then moisturize.  Continue with everything else you're doing but avoid the BP topical gel.  I'd recommend a milder moisturizer instead of the Body Shop Vit C moisturizer (...vit C can be too irritating when doing BP in any form).  My derm swears by DML lotion.  I had such awful oily but flaky skin that it was hard for me to use a moisturizer but my derm insisted because it helps to heal the skin.  He says DML is used by plastic surgeons following facial surgery...so you know it's mild.  I called the company and it is specially formulated to not affect acne prone skin.  It is amazing stuff...I love it.


Hope that helps.  And that your skin clears up by the wedding.  Drink tons of water, avoid dairy and all sugary foods.  Also alcohol and caffeine.  This will help the inflammation cycle to stop.  Your body will be calmer overall and that helps the skin.

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14 December 2014 - 06:26 PM

Twice a day swab the cyst with alcohol and apply a warm compress.  Wait until there is a whitehead on it (couple of days) and then use a sterile needle (in alcohol) to prick the whitehead.  GENTLY press down on the side of the cyst with the edge of a tweezer or cotton swab to release the pus.  If it doesn't come to a head then just do the compresses.  After doing a compress gently pat dry and apply a low dosage of benzoyl peroxide cream.  Take a tylenol, etc for the pain.  Drink tons of water to help lower inflammation.  


Don't use hydrogen peroxide or vick's vapor rub on cysts.  They are both too irritating.  If you're getting cysts like this you need to be under the care of a dermatologist before you get too much scarring.  I have horrid cysts for years and years.  I am clear now but I do a multi-prong treatment (see signature below) that was developed by my derm.  It is for people with sensitive skin but it still worked on my chronic resistant cystic acne.

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14 December 2014 - 06:14 PM

I'm confused...you have periods but you also use an aftershave?