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In Topic: Eating Coconut Oil Does It Help Or Cause Acne?

Yesterday, 11:58 AM

Everyone is different but for me any kind of processed oil (natural, organic or otherwise, including margarine, butter, vegetable oil, coconut oil, etc) has not been good for either my digestion nor my skin.  I prefer to get my oils in their natural state...whole and part of the foods they originate in --- i.e. eat wild salmon versus taking an omega-3 pill, eat whole coconut versus processed coconut oil, eat whole olives versus olive oil, etc.  I think the same thing can be said for oil as has been promoted for other foods...it is far healthier to eat whole foods versus processed.  Why?  Because there may be factors present in the whole food that help with digestion (enzymes) and assimilation that are lost when the whole food is broken up and parts extracted.    


I had terrible digestive problems until I started avoiding all processed oils.  Now I eat lots of wild fish, free range fowl, avocados, olives and other high fat foods in their whole and natural state and my digestion and elimination (sorry) is perfect.  And my skin has benefited too.  It took a couple of weeks to get the benefits but it was dramatic enough that I have no problem following this way of eating --- which is really more like how mankind traditionally ate!


You mention drinking coffee.  Coffee is a very concentrated drink (ground up roasted beans) and may be too harsh for a sensitive stomach due to naturally occurring acids.  If I might suggest an alternative.  I have found roasted dandelion root tea to be a tasty alternative.  It is especially nice with soymilk.  Plus dandelion root is good for inflammatory conditions.  You can find it in the health food store.  It has been used in Eastern European countries for centuries as a coffee substitute.

In Topic: Help With Really Congested Skin?

Yesterday, 11:34 AM

A monthly microdermabrasion will help to open up pores and get rid of dead skin that clogs things up.  It made a huge difference for me and helped my topical meds to work much better.  Well worth the cost...and it also helps to get rid of any scarring and discoloring.

In Topic: I Know Yeast/allergies Are Causing Some Of The Acne But I Can't Tell The...

21 October 2014 - 10:16 AM

Okay --- first off it is going to take some changes to get your system to calm down.  Years ago I was in a similar situation as yours.  Reacting to everything...horrid acne erupting overnight continually and very infected, etc.  What is making your skin itchy is that it is very inflamed right now.  The pores are filled up with junk and it is infected and this causes the skin to itch.  Your system is "itchy" too because of your diet and distress.  It is in reactive mode.


To calm your system down try eating only whole natural foods that are also calming foods.  That means no caffeine, sugars or dairy.  Yes, I know this is hard to do but it is essential, believe me.  Also avoid all added oils (margarine, cooking oils, fried foods, etc.) to help the gut function better.  Eat things like herbal teas with non-dairy milks, salads (without dressings), steamed vegetables, whole starches like potatoes and rice, and whole flesh foods that are wild (ie wild salmon) or range-fed.  Bake things, steam things, and avoid all fried foods and fast food places.


Don't worry about "probiotics".  If you have a bit of undiagnosed rosacea along with your acne then eating things like yogurt and fermented foods will flare it up.  Your body can naturally make its own probiotics if you eat the diet above.  If you can't tolerate probiotics then it will take time but it will happen.  P.S. I too can not tolerate probiotics...makes me break out every time!


You still need to kill acne bacteria to stop the itchiness but you can do it with a topical antibiotic versus an internal antibiotic.  This works especially well when paired with a BP cleanser.  See my regime below.  I too took internal antibiotics for years and was skeptical that this would work.  But it did.  Took a little while to get total clearance but it happened.


Also, don't worry about Spironolactone.  It is an extremely mild drug and only blocks androgen receptors.  It is not a hormone itself...only controls the amount of androgens the skin receptors take up and hence it helps control acne.  Spironolactone has been extensively researched and studied and is mild on the system especially in the very low doses taken to help control acne.  It is 100% better than taking birth control.  Don't worry if you need to take this, especially during the years your hormones are still fluctuating.


Hope this helps!

In Topic: Does Eating Too Much Honey Cause Acne?

21 October 2014 - 09:51 AM

If you are an adult with acne you may also be dealing with some rosacea.  If so, then ingesting apple cider vinegar may cause acne-like flare-ups.  I have rosacea in addition to acne and have to avoid rosacea triggers such as vinegars, fermented foods, spicy foods, dairy, etc.  If you continue to get "acne" flare-ups after ingesting apple cider vinegar then you may have a bit of rosacea.  Rosacea can look very much like acne (pimples, whiteheads, in addition to the usual redness).

In Topic: How To Moisturize Well?

21 October 2014 - 09:43 AM

I hope the all natural methods work for you.  Unfortunately they never worked for me.  I am very big into natural foods and methods of healing and it was hard to finally admit after decades (yes, decades) of trying that I had to use more mainstream ingredients if I ever wanted to be clear.  When my derm recommended I wash with Panoxyl 4% (BP), use a topical antibiotic (Cleocin-T) and moisturize with DML lotion I was really hesitant because they are not natural.  My derm told me that so-called natural methods often are harsher than people think and introduce substances and pathogens that irritate the skin.  He favors products developed for use with extremely sensitive skin and skin that has undergone surgical procedures.  These products are tested for purity and mildness.  It is in effect not introducing additional factors that the skin has to deal with when already irritated.  


Natural and especially homemade products are easily tolerated by people with normal skin because their pores are already functioning properly and their skin is not usually irritated to begin with.  However, further irritating acne prone skin can promote acne lesions...this is well researched. 


I too hoped and hoped for an easy natural method to control my acne.  It never happened.  Diet alone didn't do it and neither did various natural methods of washing or natural oils or natural things like tea tree oil (it just inflamed my cystic acne).  


I think after reading many posts that natural methods can sometimes work for people with very mild acne.  I have read posts of people who think they have awful acne but their acne based on photos is actually mild surface acne.  They try some natural method or diet and it works and then they promote it for everyone with acne.  Unfortunately that leads many people with more serious acne into thinking it will work for them too.


Some people have a true food allergy that is inflaming the body and thus their acne and avoiding the food gives them clear skin.  This is something we all wish would be the case for us but it is rare.  Still good to check out though.


Some people just need to get into a routine that cleanses the skin in a gentle way (ie. natural method) and then their mild acne goes away because it was really a response to surface irritation.


Deep cystic acne that is chronic, resistant to treatment, and causes lots of inflammation is a different matter.  It takes time to get clearance while diligently following a tx regime that effectively kills acne bacteria, keeps pores clear, helps pores to shed dead skin cells properly, and provides a barrier to the skin while it heals.  Internally it means following a diet that lowers inflammation, sugars, and promotes good gut health.  You have to do all of these things simultaneously to get clearance.