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In Topic: Weaning Off Doxy - Wish Me Luck!

11 April 2014 - 10:03 PM

So far so good...skin is staying clear!  Next Monday I'll be at 5 total for the week (20 mg each) and two days with no doxy at all.  I'm being really careful to eat my rosacea/acne diet which is basically an anti-inflammatory low glycemic diet that is nutrient dense.  Keeping fingers crossed that this works. 

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11 April 2014 - 04:35 PM

No need to stay on a med that most likely isn't doing anything anyway.  As I mentioned above oracea never kept me clear and I don't think low dose doxy was doing anything.  I had cystic acne + rosacea.  Low dose doxy was for rosacea inflammation....but I made diet changes that helped that.  Perhaps when my rosacea was really bad it helped but I don't need it now.  Spiro is for cystic acne and sensitivity to androgens (effectively blocks androgen receptors) and I've taken that for over 10 years with no problem ---- whenever it was stopped cystic acne returned so I think I will stay on that...altho my derm may lower the dose.  Could be that the fairly recent addition of BP cleanser + topical antibiotic (Cleocin-T)+ monthly microdermabrasions two years ago may address the cystic acne.  If so then I may be able to maintain clear skin on just those 3 things plus the diet changes.  However that's a big "if" since I've had chronic cystic acne since teens and I'm much older now.  Most likely I'll have to stay on spiro if I want clearer skin.

In Topic: Weaning Off Doxy - Wish Me Luck!

07 April 2014 - 09:05 AM

It's been one week since I weaned down from 40 mg/day to 20 mg/day and each week I'll wean off one day until I'm done (7 weeks).  Today was my first day of not taking any doxy at all...the rest of the week I'll take 20 mg/day and then next week wean off two days (Mon & Wed) and so on.  Eventhough it was only a low anti-inflammatory dose (not antibiotic) the doxy was still causing some stomach upset at 40 mg/day...and even at 20 mg/day.  So it has been very nice today to not have any stomach issue.  Plus I can now take my probiotic first thing in the morning which is a plus for my bod. 


Thus far my skin has been doing fine.  No flare-ups or anything.  But I am also being very careful about following a low inflammatory rosacea diet and avoiding triggers.  The true test will be when I'm traveling and can't avoid triggers...this is when my skin usually flares up --- not so much acne as rosacea p&p's...which for me are somewhat different.  The low dose doxy was for my rosacea p&ps which are different than the acne I also have.  All of this is about weaning off oral meds and only using topicals.  That's my ultimate goal...if possible.


I've made significant changes in diet in the past several years (religiously avoiding dairy, sugars, rosacea triggers, added oils, etc.) that also include concentrating on whole nutrient dense foods.  Especially avoiding oils has made a huge difference.

In Topic: Why Not Try This? 40 Mg Doxycycline Per Day For Long-Term Use, No Side Effect...

05 April 2014 - 11:09 AM

I have taken 40 mg of doxy for over two years now without a problem.  I had taken Oracea before but it was too expensive.  When I took Oracea it really didn't do much of anything and I'm not sure the doxy has either.  I'm on a complex tx regime (see below) so who knows for sure what is doing what.  I am slowly weaning off the doxy to see what happens.  I've been clear for a long time except for sometimes when I get really tiny flat lesions, only a couple at a time...that sometimes have pus, sometimes not.  They seem to come up after eating rosacea triggers so I think they must be rosacea (I also have been diagnosed with acne).

In Topic: Same Old Story

31 March 2014 - 07:05 PM

Hi Camille --- I struggled with the same kind of cystic acne and with rosacea too.  Totally understand your despair!  But take heart...if you continue to get cystic acne as an adult then you must use the topical gel you were using if you want to stay clear because your skin overreacts to acne bacteria and this is something you won't outgrow.  My derm has me use a BP wash followed with a topical antibiotic (Clindamycin) and it totally knocked out the cysts.  You can't stop the gel even when you get old like me.  Trust me - I tried and even at my age the cysts came back.  I highly recommend monthly microdermabrasions.  My derm has me do them to keep pores clear and allow the topical meds to work better...plus they get rid of the dull look you speak of.  I also take spironolactone which works to block androgens...it is not a hormone but instead blocks the hormone androgens.  This really helps with cystic acne...and better than BCP.


Avoid dairy, sugars and added oils (marg, butter, dressings, etc.).  This will help your pores to keep from getting plugged up.  As far as gluten is concerned I think it is more an issue of histamine from yeasts used in breads, etc.  than the gluten...unless you are allergic to gluten.  I think this because I can eat burritos and pasta with no problem but if I eat breads or any flour product made from yeast I break out...without fail.  Try this approach first but don't eat a lot of flour products because it is too glycemic...save them for once or twice a week.  This way you won't feel so deprived.  Eat whole fresh foods.