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Zonulin & Factors that increase intestinal permeability (grains, legumes...)

26 May 2011 - 07:18 AM

Most people who clear themselves on this forum naturally do it by removing all grains, legumes and dairy from their diet.  Some find the need to eliminate all sugars too.  

Coincidently, these are the four same foods that gluten-sensitive individuals must eliminate to be 100% healthy over on the Celiac forums.  If they just remove wheat, barley and rye, they deal with symptoms of depression, food sensitivities and a hundred other health problems.  

I just read a blog by someone who REVERSED DIABETES TYPE 1 (considered incurable) by removing grains and legumes from their diet.  I don't think this is a coincidence --- nature never intended humans to eat grains and legumes and dairy and sugar in such vast quantities.

Read blog here: http://michellestype...n-free-cow.html

Here on the acne forums, we are fighting leaky gut syndrome.

In 2009, researchers discovered the protein zonulin which is responsible for intestinal permeability.  Now they know that Gliadin (found in wheat) actually regulates the protein zonulin which controls intestinal permeability.  Zonulin is now thought to be a protein that plays a large role in a number of autoimmune disorders.
Source: http://www.medkb.com...-and-solanacous

"Lectins and increased gut permeability

Lectins are a family of glycoproteins (a complex protein containing a
carbohydrate combined with a simple protein) found in the plant
kingdom, including grains, legumes and solanacous plants (tomatoes,
potatoes, eggplants and peppers)."
Source: http://www.medkb.com...-and-solanacous

"Gliadin up regulates zonulin (a protein expressed in gut tissue), thereby increasing gut permeability (not only in celiac patients, but also in non-Celaic patientsť), which is a very important factor underlying T1D2.

Other factors that increase intestinal permeability:  "This includes lectins (present in legumes and grains), saponins (found in legumes, potatoes, peppers, alfalfa sprouts, root beer, quinoa and amaranth), and alcohol."

For the moderators...

09 May 2011 - 02:55 PM

I am being spammed by a new member who is offering to show me pictures of herself and asking me to contact her via email.   She has never made any posts on this forum before and it is obvious she is not interested in acne.  I couldn't find a "flag" button or a "report" button.

Their name is:
jenna dabor