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Products That Helped My Cystic Acne Go Away Faster

23 June 2014 - 10:09 AM

Hi everyone,

I've been suffering acne since I was a teenager and. I have had facial peels and have been on roaccutane as well. Now that I'm in my mid 30s I still suffer from cystic acne and my doctor has informed me that it may ever go away...birth control tablets may help. I don't want to rely on medication anymore so I gathered all the list of stuff that has worked for me in the past and I must say, I use a lot of products and still haven't found the right product but these have helped me heaps since I started experimenting at the start of the year! Due to work stress, health issues and suffering from anxiety attacks, as well as hormonal imbalance my acne has come back with vengeance around my jaw, under my jaw, chin, temples and side cheeks near the hairline. My forehead and around my nose is the most clearest part my face.

I have been taking vitamin 5,000 mg (instructions from my doctor as I'm currently Vit D deficient...soon to switch to 3,000), women multi vitamin, vitamin c and calcium tablets. I exercise minimum three times a week now and learning to control my stress level at work and going home to a hobby (starting piano), besides hanging out with my dog as he sleeps earlier then me.

My diet has changed drastically...I make fruit juice by blending my fruits, bring food to work for lunch which is vegetable (broccoli, spinach, Brussels sprout, carrot etc), trying to be healthy and eating more vegetable is so hard but I don't get sick anymore and my body no longer feels sluggish or tired.

Below are the core skincare that has helped my skin and I hope it helps you too.

Before you combine all the exfoliant and benzoyl peroxide treatment you will need to build up your  tolerance level very slowly with each product or else you'll have red, itchy skin or other skin sensitivity issues. This part took the longest before I combined them all into one toxic cystic acne fighting combo. I have to go to work so I need to be extra careful.

1. I use mac oil cleaner to wash my makeup off
2. Benzac AC cleanser 5% or any cleanser you like. Twice a day
4 Paula's Choice skin perfecting 2% AHA - unclog pores. Twice a day
5. I then use the Paula's choice 10% BHA - acne scar. Twice a day
6. Heaps of Benzoyl peroxide 2.5% pat all over the face but concentrated on the acne prone areas (I use Benzac and Paula's choice and either works) currently using Paula's choice. Twice a day
7. Serum - Trilogy rosehip oil. Every morning and night if not using EradiKate
8. Serum - Olay regenerist fragrance free / Paula's choice ultra light resist antioxidant serum. Every morning and night if not using EradiKate
9. Shiseido gentle sun care lotion spf 30+
I don't use moisturiser as they all break me out so far. Really want one with sunscreen for morning.
Trying samples of the Paula's Choice ultra light resist spf 30...seems ok so far (only on second packet sample though).
10. My holy grail - Kate Somerville EradiKate. I buy a few bottles at a time as backup. It brings out all the acne. I use it all over my face like a mask overnight for a few nights in a row.
11. Use Paula's choice 4% AHA when I feel I need it..so far I need it a fair bit.

When I use the EradiKate, I don't use any serums prior. I just wash, exfoliate, benzoyl peroxide and EradiKate.

When I use the 4% AHA, I don't use the 2% AHA. It's either one or the other but I always use the 10% BHA after of the AHA.

Now for the first week I used all the above and my skin peeled like no tomorrow (l had a week break from work). Acne started to go away (the whole EradiKate bottle was used up). I used the 4% AHA start of the week, mid week and end of the week at night). I was ready for work with 80% of my acne gone and flaky skin :/

2nd week I used 4% AHA twice a week. Some cystic acne dried up and I squeezed out a little ball (I know bad habit). The blackhead on my nose is gone thanks to the 4% aha but comes back quickly. Some stubborn cystic acne is still lingering around my jawline and skin is no longer flaky or dry.

3rd week stubborn acne still hanging around with new ones coming. So back to my EradiKate 4 night in a row and 4% AHA 3 nights this week (bad mistake using 4% AHA three times a week. My skin can't tolerate it). Lucky skin didn't peel so bad at work compared to the 1st week.

4th week took a break from EradiKate and 4% AHA. Old cystic acne is gone. Blackheads appearing and skin looks not so bright. No acne.

5th week back on EradiKate and 4%AHA as I got three new cystic acne. 2nd night now, cystic acne shrinking, face is glowing and not much peeling.

Yes my skin is dry until I add serums and at work it isn't as oily as it used to be. Also, I scrub as much of the facial dead skin off as possible each morning using my hands.

I hope these products help someone else out there...exfoliants, benzoyl peroxide and EradiKate have been a wonder for my skin :)