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In Topic: Products That Helped My Cystic Acne Go Away Faster

24 June 2014 - 04:58 AM

I took the plunge and just threw it all onto my skin in desperation to get rid of my cystic acne as my face wasn't getting any better using products sparingly. I used to go get peels done when I was young so I guessed my skin was able to handle it. Well, things can't get any worse lol.

Surprisingly my skin isn't red or irritated. My skin is dry through where the acne are as I concentrate the treatments there. It feels a bit tight but to be expected from treatment. If only cystic acne wasn't so stubborn :(  If I don't use the EradiKate then it goes back to normal...I can't stop using the bp though.

Once the acne gets better I plan to cut back to once a day...and use a retinol serum at night with the 10% BHA and use the 2% AHA with BP during the day. Hope I can get there oneday.  It's not pleasant having to go to sleep with a pink face from the EradiKate. My partner has been so sweet to put up with my face :)

Sorry to use the word scrub not sure what to say to describe it but I use the tip of my three middle fingers rubbing the cleanser in small circular motion all over my face and neck and take my time so the dead skins just comes off and to make sure the residual makeup comes off. A lot of skin came off when I was building up the regime. But not anymore. I have not used my Clarisonic for so long now since it's scrubbing effect is harsh for the skin right now.

I hope in a week or two my face will improve a lot more. Today is the last day I will be using the EradiKate as the new pimples have nearly gone :)

I didn't even stop to think about the exfoliating irritating my skin to the point that more pimples will erupt if my skin couldn't handle it! I'm so lucky it has not happened to me. I will be more careful now!!

I did try to use vitamin C powder on my skin at the start of the year...after a week I had so much acne I stopped after three weeks of trying. I tried again a month or so later and the same thing happened. The philosophy Vit C powder isn't for me.

I used to use the Aztec clay mask once a week with green tea powder. The acne deflated a little bit but then fills up again the next day...stubborn things they are.

In Topic: Chemical Peel Burn

21 December 2013 - 08:39 AM

I got a small chemical burn on the side of my forehead when I tried using benzol peroxide ontop of tee tree oil on my acne. The pimple did go away and the area is now spot free :) You can exfoliate the chemical burn away over time or find a good doctor that can give you suggestions e.g another peel / laser / cream.

If you have active acne then another deep peel can help your acne.

In Topic: Little Colourless And Red Bumps And Mild Acne On My Forehead

21 December 2013 - 08:14 AM

When I have those acne on my forehead it means I'm having a reaction to something I put on my face or infection in the body. Takes 2-3 weeks to clear up once I identify and stop using what my body doesn't like. Takes one week for these acne to develop when I start something new that my body doesn't like.

Last time I had food poisoning. Came up a day later. Lucky I was on antibiotics and it went away by the time my medication finished.

Have you been using something new lately??

In Topic: A Nice, Soothing Makeup Remover?

21 December 2013 - 03:02 AM

The mac cleanse off oil doesn't break me out and leaves no oil residual feeling on the skin.

In Topic: I'm Truly At Wits End. I Can't Live Life Anymore. Is This Hormonal? M...

20 December 2013 - 10:37 PM

I hope you will find something that works for you!!

Here is stuff that works for me while growing up and still experimenting.

When my acne was as bad as yours in my late teens my mum took me to the cosmetic doctor during my school holidays. I had 6 peels done on my skin. I could not leave the house. Basically every time my face finished peeling I went back for another deep peel. 6 treatments later i had no acne and no scars. Treatment duration was roughly 12 weeks. Went back to school looking normal and feeling great :)

Then I started working and had sever acne again. I can't take 12 weeks off. So I took  roaccutane. I only saw improvements in my skin...they say it gets worse before it gets better but my skin must've been at its peak already because I didn't notice it getting any worse. It only got better over time which was great!

Two months ago I started getting acne again. i went back to proactive but I can't use benzoyl peroxide anymore. I don't know why :( It burns my eyes even though i only apply a thin layer on my jaw line. I was in a meeting at work with burning and watery eyes 3 days after I applied the benzoyl peroxide. My eyes peeled from the effect. It also gave me deep winkles on my forehead and eye area :(

I was using products that contains aha/bha and increase the concentration once my skin is used to it.  I also use 100% tea tree and sulphur cream. It worked slowly but it worked!

I also take vitamin tablets now but it's mainly for general health so can't comment on it's effectiveness:  multi vitamin, vitamin D, silicea, vitamin c, probiotics and calcium tablets. I avoid dairy.

I visited mum and saw how great the skin on her side of the family is! They all see the same cosmetic doctor (the one that initially treated my acne). He gave me some creams that he concocted to use and told me to see him once it's finished. I have started using it for only a week so can't say. But my non acne areas look brighter...and I still use my tee tree and sulphur cream (I can't find the courage to let go of them yet).