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#3405787 Does Acne Go After Facial Hair Growth?

Posted by spartan32 on 05 January 2014 - 04:13 PM

Not for everyone.  I am 26, can grow a full beard and breakout more than when I was a teenager. 

#3399831 Acne Has Become Severe

Posted by spartan32 on 09 December 2013 - 02:14 PM

I would get back on the Doxy for the time being.  While antibiotics aren't good long term, they should enhance the acne.org regimen and help you clear up faster in the short term. When the acne.org regimen really kicks in and starts working after 3-4 months, you can probably wean yourself off the antibiotic.  


Personally, I would skip all of that and just jump on Accutane.  

#3398788 Accutane Relapse Rate: The Truth?

Posted by spartan32 on 04 December 2013 - 04:18 PM

I have read that after being properly dosed, the cure rate for Accutane is around 66%.  But why does it seem like everyone on this forum relapses?  Improper dosing, the 66% statistic is wrong, or are the people who weren't cured are all coming onto this forum while the majority who cleared aren't?

#3397423 Is Accutane Worth It?

Posted by spartan32 on 27 November 2013 - 01:26 PM

I am 26 and going on it.  Honestly the mental stress that acne puts on my mind and body is worse than any side effect that I could get.  While this forum would make you believe that you are going to have every side effect in the book, if you look at overall reviews from across the Internet, you will see that the success rate and overall positive experience is surprisingly high


http://www.acne.org/...ane-reviews-29/Overall rating: 3.9 / 5  (based on 2469 votes)

http://www.realself....ccutane/reviews  81% WORTH IT RATING based on 237 stories


http://www.drugs.com...s/isotretinoin/ - 8.5/10 based on 309 reviews for acne


What made up my decision was the fact that diet, topicals, etc have no chance at curing you.  Accutane is the only thing that has the ability to cure you.  While it won't cure everyone, it does cure many.  Slip up on your diet, or topical routine and you risk breaking out.  Also on any topical or diet, the worry that you will break out will always be in the back of your mind (at least that's how it is for me and I've done every topical and diet in the book)

#3374838 It Was Diet The Whole Time - 13 Years

Posted by spartan32 on 14 August 2013 - 06:12 PM

I am almost 26 and have had acne since I was 12.  Over the years i have used BP (Dan's Regimen), every prescription retinoid and antibiotic, every over the counter product, and basically everything with SOME results.  They also reduced my moderate acne a lot but I still got painful under the skin pimples and too many less serious ones for my liking.  A 25 year old man should not have acne so I made a commitment to fixing my body.


2 and a half months ago, I decided to overhaul my diet.  Before this, I was a chronic fast food eater and had no restrictions.  My diet plan is this: (I don't take credit for it as it is said over and over again in this section)


Low glycemic load diet consisting of whole foods and avoiding any personal food allergies that I have.  (chocolate and citrus gives me neck cysts within 24 hours).  I try to buy meats, eggs, and butter from grass feed animals that haven't been fed grains.  Maybe I am overthinking that part but I don't mind.


I basically follow the advice given at Mark's Daily Apple.  A lot of healthy fats (butter from grass fed cows, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil (only buy certified brands), avocados, etc), animal and egg protein (from grass fed hens), wild salmon, and mostly vegetable carbs.  I do eat potatoes and rice but avoid most grain carbs.  It is honestly very easy to follow this diet.  I thought it would be hard but it isn't.  I get to eat all of the animal meat that I want and when I do eat possible problematic foods such as potatoes and rice, I just load it in butter and make sure to eat it with protein and fat to slow the blood sugar spike down further.  


I don't eat a ton of carbs (between 100-150g a day) which is honestly okay for me as I have replaced my oats in the morning (which I always hated and thought I was helping myself by eating oatmeal every morning) with some delicious uncured bacon from Whole Foods.  Here is an example of a typical breakfast meal for me:


4 whole eggs (from grass fed hens)

4 pieces of uncured bacon

Green smoothie (50g spinach, strawberries, a banana, and 1 TBSP coconut oil)  The coconut oil and spinach help with the banana blood sugar spike to make it not much of an issue.


This is a lot better for me than my previous breakfast of oatmeal (getting sick just thinking about trying to force feed it), yogurt, and a whey protein shake.


I also eat these chicken wings a lot. *Moderator edit, URL removed – please read the board rules The site you have quoted contains advertising links*

Great tasting and keeps the blood sugar low.


Regarding my acne, I have been gradually using BP and Tazorac less and less and skipping a bunch of days and my skin is just not reacting.  I will get a small pimple here and there which goes away quick.  I have even gotten to be what usually end up in big and painful cysts that feel painful, but for some reason never surface and just die within 24 hours.  I am in the process of stopping topicals all together and am excited at the thought of not using anything on my face.

#3370398 Dark Chocolate

Posted by spartan32 on 30 July 2013 - 06:40 PM

I have actually tested dark chocolate and I think I am intolerant to it.  Within a few hours of eating it, I get an under the skin nodule on my neck or jawline in the same area every single time.  This is organic 85% as well.

#3368393 Looking At Your Skin Really Close

Posted by spartan32 on 22 July 2013 - 11:23 PM

My thinking is so distorted these days.  In my mind, I feel like every person that I come in contact with just goes straight to analyzing my skin, looking for pimples, scars, and redmarks and after taking inventory of it all, will finally notice the rest of my face.  In reality, this couldn't be farther than the truth but why does it feel like its true?

#3362408 The Log and Times of the River City Ranger (Returns to Spectravision!...

Posted by spartan32 on 28 June 2013 - 07:59 PM

Ahhhhh I remember following this thread 6 years ago when it started.  I was offered Accutane myself during that time but unfortunately chose Differin which led to 6 years trying every topical in the book and a ton of headaches.  So now I will be having my own Accutane thread (6 years too late).


So how is everything going?  Still clear?

#3362060 Lifting Weights Without Breaking Out?

Posted by spartan32 on 27 June 2013 - 03:03 PM

After quitting lifting weights last year because of acne, I decided that I wanted to get back all of the muscle that I had lost.  So a month ago, I started going to the gym 4 days a week and lifting for 45 minutes each time.  The progress has been amazing and I am up to 165 which is a 10 pound increase in 30 days. I had bulked up to 185 in the past so I am guessing most of this weight is muscle memory. My bodyfat is still extremely low so it looks like I have gained minimal fat as well.  The problem?  I am breaking out in deep nodules again around my neck and upper neck/jawline towards my ear.  Nothing works and I am pissed that I am going to have to quit lifting once again.  


I don't understand it.  I am not using steroids but I have increased the amount of calories that i am eating.  I haven't added any foods that I previously wasn't eating eating so I doubt its an intolerance.  I have been drinking a ton of olive oil with every meal as well as protein (no protein shakes or supplements) to try and keep the glycemic load down as well and only eating foods with one ingredients (eggs, chicken, sweet potatoes, etc).


Is there any possible way weight lifting and staying clear can go hand in hand for someone with acne prone skin?  Acne literally takes away everything that I enjoy.

#3351760 Tired Of Treatments I Need A Cure!

Posted by spartan32 on 25 May 2013 - 12:08 AM

Accutane is your closest chance at a cure.  Don't follow a ridiculous diet either.  A diet (if it actually works) is nothing but a bandaid.  


Want to go on vacation for a week?  Be ready to breakout when you can't follow your diet.  

Want to go to the bar and drink?  Can't because this could cause a breakout.  

Want to go out to eat with your family? "Can we go somewhere with a gluten free, dairy free, taste free menu?"


By all means, work to IMPROVE your diet for general health.  But if you want a cure, diet is not what you are looking for.  

wow so flipping true lol its like i just read a post about gluten being a part of it aswell i am thinking what the hell will i eat then? loool its like i am on a diet i dont think i ate a proper meal today lol i can't think of one lol ...

>yah I am sick and tired of treatments too they actually make my skin a lot worse, dries it out, makes it look red and the texture? dear Lord it makes me want to cry so yah I totally want to try the holistic approach too hifive.gif so where do you start?

lol Ruweyda i would tell you but it would me being a hipocrit wait for a month and i'll tell you of the results i've taken some before pics hopefully they'll be better after 1s i'll post up this time next month i'll directly email and say how its gone and so forth....



Some people (including myself) have tried to follow extremely strict diets in order to get clear.  It starts to mess with your head and you will begin questioning everything that you eat.  You will even start blaming totally unrelated foods on acne and it becomes a huge mess.  Searching for an acne cure has been nothing but mental masturbation for myself for lack of a better term rolleyes.gif  I always thought the next method that I read was finally it.   Other methods are ridiculous as well.  Did you know that people actually put urine on their face in order to clear their acne?


I have done all of the creams and methods as well.  Some have worked better than others but I am tired of being a slave to it all so I am going on Accutane next month.  Today when I spent the 25 minutes that I do every morning washing my face, waiting, applying bp, waiting, and finally moisturizing  I asked myself wtf I am doing.  I just avoided going to Atlantic City for the weekend solely because I wouldn't be able to use all of my products and didn't want to risk a breakout.  Sorry for the mini rant but I understand your burning desire for a cure and I hope that you find yours.

#3347897 To 'tane Or Not To 'tane

Posted by spartan32 on 12 May 2013 - 10:31 AM

Where is the truth?


I've trawled the interwebs for the truth, nothing. This whole ordeal is probably just as bad as the religion debate, the creationism vs evolution debate; never-ending and seemingly without a proven, consise conclusion or evidence to support a side. Maybe there isn't truth?


I've pretty much given up on researching Accutane and it's side effects. There's only the black and the white. Depression/Crohn's Disease/Inflammatory Bowel Disease vs. The mild dryness of skin/lips. With the people giving advice being basically "sheep", the blind Christian or the manic Athiest, with only past experience to support their arguments. 


It basically comes down a coin flip right? Or maybe not?


What really confuses me is how on Earth, after 30 or so years of pure "Accutane is the only solution for severe acne", has the human race not discovered or developed a consistent, safe treatment for acne? Like c'mon, with all this technology, one would think.. ah well.

Google Glass is still cooler right?


Thank you.



I think you should take it.  I have finally made that decision and should have done it YEARS ago.  At almost 26 and still breaking out like I am a teenager, I am ready to give it a go.  I truly believe that none of the side effects can be worse than the constant anxiety, stress, and depression that acne has caused me.  Nothing is worse than not being able to look myself in the mirror.


Don't become me and some of the other people on this forum who are on multiple topicals, ridiculous diets, a ton of supplements, always searching for the "root cause".  Even if you find it, do you want to be on a gluten free/dairy free or whatever the hell it is diet for the rest of your life?


While Accutane doesn't cure everyone and for some people it does come back, there is no other medication that offers a chance at curing you.  BP, Diet, Antibiotics, all are all bandaids in the end as when you slack off or stop doing them, the acne comes right back.

#3283321 Is Tazorac .05 Gel Strong Enough?

Posted by spartan32 on 03 September 2012 - 11:05 PM

Updating this thread.  I made the switch to Tazorac .1 on August 1st and it was a great decision.  No irritation or redness.  I am finally clearing up again after nothing has worked for the last 2 years (dan's regimen, retin a micro, differin).  I had been clear from Differin for 3 years prior to that but it stopped working for some reason.  This is really great stuff.