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#3442849 19M - Discussing Accutane With My Doctor

Posted by spartan32 on 22 July 2014 - 05:34 PM

I say do it.  I remember being that 19 year old guy who was sick and tired of using face washes and creams every single day.  Now I'm that 26 year old guy who is sick and tired of using face washes and creams every single day when Accutane was probably the answer the whole time.

#3405787 Does Acne Go After Facial Hair Growth?

Posted by spartan32 on 05 January 2014 - 04:13 PM

Not for everyone.  I am 26, can grow a full beard and breakout more than when I was a teenager. 

#3384058 Fermented Cod Liver Oil Log - Save My Skin Again

Posted by spartan32 on 21 September 2013 - 03:44 PM

Days 3 and 4:


This stuff continues to amaze me.  All of the BP I slather on my face, all of the AHA, all of the diet changes, all of the other b.s doesn't even come close to what getting the correct amount of Vitamin A in me does.  And it isn't synthetic man made Vitamin A but natural vitamin A from nature.  The oil production slows down but in a completely natural way.  My skin doesn't become dry, my lips don't get chapped.  The oil gets to be where it should be.  


The first time I starting take this stuff last year, I actually started at a much lower dose (1/4 tsp) a day.  I started this time at the dose that I found most effective last time (1.5 tsp) which equal 1 tsp of the fermented cod liver oil and .5 tsp of the high vitamin butter oil as it is in a 2:1 ratio.  As I previously said, this is about 9500 IU of Vitamin A a day and around 2000 IU of Vitamin D as well a the correct balance of vitamin K2.  


Regarding my current acne:


I use a ton of Dan's BP in the morning and .1 Tazorac at night.  I also have been on a low glycemic, anti-inflammatory, diet with no dairy or grains.  This gives me SOME results but cysts and acne still slip in if I cheat even a little bit.  I have been on this topical routine for years and I HATE it.  Basically all of that work for results that I am not satisfied with.  If the cod liver oil continues to do what it did for me before, I can potentially just take that every morning and night and not do any of the other b.s.  Takes 10 seconds in the morning and 10 seconds at night.


No new breakouts in the past 4 days.  I have about 7 pimples healing rapidly now and 3 were cystic.  They popped up the day before I restarted the cod liver oil and they were because I ate dairy (how shitty is that?)


I am 99 percent sure I will be completely clear again in 3 weeks with just red marks lingering.  Not sure I can afford this long term as it costs 50 dollars a month.  All I know is that Vitamin A is the answer and topicals, antibiotics, and diets are just headaches and frustration.  So if my money starts getting tight, I will either go on a full dose of Accutane or a low dose (which I bet is pretty comparable to this results and side effects wise).

#3362408 The Log and Times of the River City Ranger (Returns to Spectravision!...

Posted by spartan32 on 28 June 2013 - 07:59 PM

Ahhhhh I remember following this thread 6 years ago when it started.  I was offered Accutane myself during that time but unfortunately chose Differin which led to 6 years trying every topical in the book and a ton of headaches.  So now I will be having my own Accutane thread (6 years too late).


So how is everything going?  Still clear?

#3283321 Is Tazorac .05 Gel Strong Enough?

Posted by spartan32 on 03 September 2012 - 11:05 PM

Updating this thread.  I made the switch to Tazorac .1 on August 1st and it was a great decision.  No irritation or redness.  I am finally clearing up again after nothing has worked for the last 2 years (dan's regimen, retin a micro, differin).  I had been clear from Differin for 3 years prior to that but it stopped working for some reason.  This is really great stuff.