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Lilo's Supplement Log

18 August 2013 - 12:37 AM

Paleo did not work for me, I just couldn't do it for longer than 2 months and didn't really see any or much improvement.

So while I was searching the web I stumbled across a skin care range for acne, including a supplement with niacinamide and zinc (2 months ago), which I decided to try while I was taking a very low dose of accutane. After a month I stopped the roaccutane to see whether it was working, however, I knew my skin would be fine for exactly one month after roaccutane. About a week or two ago I could see my skin worsening again, so I switched to niacin no flush last week with very promising results so far, I am clear once again. I haven't given up on niacinamide because I know all the studies for acne has been on this active form. I might try a different brand, once my no-flush is finished.

My current regimen is as follows:
Niacin no-flush: 3 g
Zinc picolinate: 220 to 300 mg (I have no issues with nausea from the high dosage)
Vitamin C: 4,5 g
B6: 250 mg
Folic acid

The above was adopted from Dr Carl Pfeiffer's nutritional treatment for acne.