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hey lamar, hows it going man? Its that one dood that messaged you on hotmail about the random scarring i was getting ([email protected]).
Anyways, i have not checked for these scars lately, and i am trying my best to just live with them.
My next question is, do you know what a fibrous papule is?
What about a small hypertrophic scar on the nose? If so, do y
Mar 06 2011 05:15 AM


lamar your inbox is full.. please check the accutane-hair thread. thanks
Sep 02 2010 02:30 PM


No longer use the board, you can add me on msn or email me at [email protected]
For any help
Feb 23 2010 06:31 AM


hey i only found this blog today and registered i read alot of your posts and you seem to know what your talking about i want one of those dermarollers but i have no idea whats best can you help me plz?what one should i get i have read alot of bad things and what treatments should i use along with it?u look great after yours does it hurt?did you use anything else?wb thanks
Feb 06 2010 02:21 PM


is rosex gel prescription? where do you get that and protopic? what antihistamine do you suggest? thank you :)
Jun 01 2009 11:33 AM


Hey lamarr~
I went to the dr and she said I have retinoid dermetitis. Is that what yours was?
She said it is not blepharitis because I dont have an infection.She said that itt would go awway that shes never heard of it being long term.
But you"ve had yours for 2 years right?
Each dr tells me something different it soooooo frusterating!
May 27 2009 07:19 PM


thanx lamar! I thought omega oils were good for people on accutane? How come it isnt?
May 27 2009 12:38 PM


No it doesn't all go away but it keeps it under control. I was on a dose pretty similar to yours but i weigh 95kg. I wouldn't worry to much about the dose, not much you can do about it now. I would say it was pretty high yes, but it doesn't mean the problem can't go away. Avoid any supplements with vitamin A in and avoid omega oils. People can react negatively towards these things
May 27 2009 12:35 PM


hey lamar thanx for responding! after you use rosex and curcumin, did all of the swelling go away? do you know if 80mg for someone who is 140 too much?
May 27 2009 12:22 PM


hey lamar,
Ive been off accutane for 3 months and I still have swollen eyelids. its so depressing. What did you do for yours? Is it permanent?
I was only on accutane for 2 months and the does was 80mg a day (i weigh 135)
I would really apreciate any info or advice! would you please send me a message?
thanx ~ Ashley (blondiegirl)
May 27 2009 12:34 AM