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In Topic: Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

23 October 2012 - 11:49 AM

I have been having some success with intermittent fasting. I started doing standard 2-3 day water fasts many months back, I then happened to stumble upon a BBC documentary on intermittent fasting.
It's very simply, two days out of 7 you do a small fast, what this entails is sticking to ONE MEAL on each of those days, no more than 600 cals (so a total of 1200 calls over the 48 hour period). It is also important to limit protein.
Essentially one of the ways fasting works is by down regulating IGF-1. IGF-1 puts cells into replication mode as opposed to repair mode, over time the damaged cells accumulate and process i.e. the immune system start to malfunction.
Give it a go, it's easy and will work to some degree for all of you.
The documentary re affirmed things for me and I'm pretty confident if you kept this up for many years you will improve drastically.

I am also trying cannabis oil, but am finding it's too potent for me whilst I work in a mentally demanding job, I do however get benefit from vaporising a small amount of cannabis nightly (with no prolonged affects the next day).

In Topic: Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

14 January 2012 - 06:04 PM

I had elevated bilirubin for years too. I read about Gilbert's disease years ago. Milk thistle and similar compounds never cured anything though.

Recent bloodwork showed low D, so I upped supplementation. Sun is important supposedly as well -- it's the best way to get D.

I take something for mental performance as without it I can't cope at work, this is called piracetam (used to recover from strokes etc)

I've read about piracetam in a few different reports from accutane survivors, that it's a reasonably good cure for the mental side effects of accutane. I remember taking it and don't recall it really did anything useful. It was like taking a lot of lecithin. But I wouldn't be against trying it again. At this point I've found enough to not get fuzzed out often, mainly through dietary strategies.

do NOT reflect on what accutane has done to you, do not obsesse about it. I did that for a few years and nothing constructive comes of it, believe me.

I have to disagree here. Of course anything shouldn't be obsessed over, however my attempts over the years to not think about it have been worse than when I stay focused on the real problem and cause. The real cause is the accutane poisoning, not the side effects of the poisoning such as depression or anxiety.

It's better to be realistic. I think often people who are hit less hard or tried something that helped a bit end up writing how one shouldn't obsess over the drug. Not everyone is so lucky. I know that any forgetting on my part is actually very bad for me. I've been dealing with this over 20 years now, so I know where I made mistakes. It was much harder to keep focused on accutane as the problem 10 years ago compared to now. It's better to stay on track.

I disagree, note that I said always work towards healing yourself but don't obsesse, obsession is not constructive in any way shape or form. You don't need to constantly be thinking about the damage done to your body, in order to be able to work towards treating them.

Don't for a second think I haven't been hit hard, because I have been hit worse than most and I find it offensive that just because I deal with things well, you belittle what I go through.

In Topic: Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

14 January 2012 - 10:22 AM

New video.

Welcome, Lamaar. I know about you, and it's good to have you on board.
I agree with everything you say.
I understand that you take Lupus medication, and that's understandable.

I really want to avoid taking any drugs, though I've been offered them before.
When there's an alternative, I'll try that first.

What supplements do you take for your Immune system?

At the moment, I take Reishi mushroom extract, as a tea, Vitamin C, and the VSL-3 probiotics - which haven't shown results yet - It's been a week or so.
I've also got a NOW product on order from iHerb. It's called 'Immune Renew'.
I've also ordered Colostrum.
I've tried this before, but it was 2-3 years ago, and I'd like to try it again as it's meant to help the immune system.

Hey Dude,

I do indeed take a lupus med, it reduces the flushing, rayhnodes (spelling), joint pain, skin dryness amongst other side effects. I only take a very low dose now, but believe me I was an absolute mess before I took it, I couldn't leave my room without flushing bright red (this was also very painful). The 'drug' gave me my life back, yes it's a drug but mepacrin has been around for aproximatey 100 years and it's side effects are well known and fully reported due to how it was used in the past, it is also derived from a tree bark.

It isn't a distructive drug like accutane, but I do respect the fact you don't want to go down that route.

I take the following:

Milk thistle 300mg twice per day
Curcumin 500-1000mg twice per day (so 1000-2000mg per day)
GLA in the form of borage oil
B-right (a vitamin B complex)
I am also trying biotin atm at about 2000mcg per day, I have been on all the others for years.

I also take green tea extract in powdered form, super foods XS (which contains numerous anti oxident/anti inflammatory foods, such as red wine extra, broccoli, Blueberry etc)

I take something for mental performance as without it I can't cope at work, this is called piracetam (used to recover from strokes etc).

I use numerous topicals for my skin and eyes as they were pretty much destroyed by accutane. One of my main problems atm is my eyes (terrible ocular rosacea, which mepacrin didn't clear).

I also use light therapy in various forms, be it LLLT or Sunbeds (yes some of you will gasp at that but don't doubt the power of the sun and UV light, it is a fundamental part of life) with moderate usage you can get some very pleasant effects from sunbeds (I have my own at home). I believe the sunbed usage may slightly increase my chance of skin cancer, but I am a low risk individual and you better believe if I was to get skin cancer, I wouldn't touch chemo!

UV light can be anti inflammatory, produce vitamin D in the most usable form, reduce T cell count in the skin slightly and eliminate billirubin (I believe you have gilberts disease from memory? I also have this).

I add one thing at a time and monitor accordingly, I guess this is my 'stack' which helps various aspects of the side effects.

The number of things I have tried would take me a long time to type out. I intermittently take probiotics as there does seem to be some warrant for these, however I have never noticed any benefit from them. Maybe they need many many months of continuous use?

In Topic: Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

14 January 2012 - 09:56 AM

Sick of talking to my Mum.
I honestly don't want anything to do with her anymore.
She makes no effort to understand why I'm like this.
I was such a happy person before I took this drug, and yet she undermines it.
She says 'Just get over it', and 'Move on' as if I haven't tried.
I've read dozens of self-help books on depression/anxiety/confidence etc.
I can't help how I am. (I know that you all know that).

All she says is 'Stay off those bloody sites'.
As if that's the problem.
I need to talk to other people in this situation.
There are some parents who talk on forums on behalf of their kid who commited suicide because of Accutane.
It upsets me to know my Mum wouldn't do the same.
She doesn't really know how to use a computer, at all.
But, I thought she'd want to read my book or something.

My Dad is the same, though I don't live with him.
I saw him today, and we had a meal, but he can't do anything about this either.
He doesn't flat-out call me a liar though.

I told my Mum I would not stay off the internet because I can't just let this slide.
I said my Goals were to stop other innocent people from taking this poison, and that I wanted Roche to pay out compensation to all the side-effect victims because I feel disabled.
All she said to this was 'You'd get laughed out of the fucking building'.

I told her to get out of my face, and now I can hear her and David (my step Dad) just slagging me off.
Just moaning about me.
It's hard to take.
I feel like I have zero connection to my family at the moment.
I'm really low on reasons to keep living.
I keep thinking 'Just end it. Just buy some headache tablets, drive your car out to an empty field in the middle of nowhere and swallow the lot.' That way, I wouldn't get saved my the hospital and thrown into a mental hospital. I'd have ended all of this. Even if hell weren't a work of fiction, I couldn't imagine it to be much worse than this.

Dark thoughts, but it's mental torture knowing that things are going to continue to get worse if I choose to live.
I'm 21, and the amount of times I hear 'I wasn't tired at your age. I was out clubbing and drinking until 5 in the morning. Then I went off to work at 8'.
I know! That's what a 21 year old should be doing.
If I did that, I'd have literally no energy. It wouldn't be possible.

What the fuck are we going to do?
C'mon with the God-damn videos.
I'm trying here.
Make a video.
If 5-10 of you can do it, then more people 'out there' might get involved.
That may never happen, but if it did... It could keep gaining speed. Then, eventually we would get some attention.
Some much deserved attention.

I've been around these and other accutane related forums for a LONG time...The drug has fucked me up for life and I have accepted that (for the most part), However I will never stop fighting the side affects, which Is why I still pop back in to check on progress with threads such as these. Unfortunately science is going to take a long time to catch up, in terms of being able to tell us what damage has been done, let alone fix it.

I do LOADS to help me health wise and I am held back when it comes to work and my career. I still managed to finish university and obtain a First Class Honours Degree and have worked my way up within an IT company to a good level....However what I have learn't is that you NEED to try and live a normal life, at times this will feel impossible, but if you CONSTANTLY reflect on everything without trying to live normally, it will beat you down.

Tackle one problem at a time, don't think that these diets and liver flushes will do much...I have tried most of them for extended periods of time and they don't do much for ME.

I take numerous supplements (namely aimed at inflammation and the immune system) as well as prescription drugs in low doses. Without the help of these I wouldn't of been able to live a relatively normal life, so I accept I NEED them.

I exercise frequently, both weights and cardio, I eat carefully, but I also enjoy myself, go out with friends, go on stag doos, go on holidays etc etc. Alot of the time I'm in pain for one reason or another or don't feel 'myself' (i've forgotten what that is?) but you really do need to participate in these things otherwise you will waste your life on something that you have little control over.

Yes it's extremely frustrating, yes life is very hard at times, but do NOT reflect on what accutane has done to you, do not obsesse about it. I did that for a few years and nothing constructive comes of it, believe me.

If I didn't have the internet I wouldn't know what the hell was happening to me. My mum and dad also don't like me going on the internet regarding Accutane. But it's the closest thing to therapy i guess knowing others are in the same situation who knows how bad it feels to live like this.

The internet is a gift and a curse (awesome Jay Z albums btw), it is not therapy though...Best thing I have found is to try and live a normal life, it distracts you from what you have been left to deal with. This will sound like what your parents say, but get yourselves a job, a hobby etc and your mentality will improve slowly over time in the right environment.

I don't think you can start to heal until you stop obsessing over what has happened to you.

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16 September 2011 - 07:47 AM

Knew I would be right! Coming along nicely.... the redness will fade over the next 4-5 months and it looks as though the colour should go back to the same as before you ever had the scar.

You are at the peak point where you will be seeing collagen production now, so the level should fill in nicely over the next 1-2 months.