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Dr. Jeffrey Ptak

22 October 2004 - 12:05 PM

He is a plastic surgeon and he has been recommended.  Just wondering if anyone heard good or bad things about him.

Non Ablatives may be a waste of time...

20 February 2004 - 10:18 AM

I had a consultation about Prolite.  I was very direct and frank with the aesthetician.  I asked her to be completely honest with what kind of outcome I could come to expect if I had the prolite done.  I also handed her a summary of all the skin procedures I have undergone.

She told me that pro-lite is awesome for treating pigmentation markings on the face... but that was pretty much where it ended.  She also said that the effects of non ablative lasers are not permanent.   She told me straight out that she has never seen an improvement with scarring. I asked if they reduce pore size, and she thought in some cases they do, but for myself I should not be concerned with that.

She herself had a  shallow, barely noticeable chicken pox scar, which I thought looked fine.  She's been trying to get rid of it and has tried TCA and non ablative laser, but the scar is still there.  That spoke volumes for me.

I really appreciated her honesty, it saved me time and disappointment.

I asked her about Smoothbeam laser as many people speak highly of it here.  She has worked with it, and in her opinion it didn't do much good.