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B Vitamins, Fat Metabolization And Acne

25 September 2012 - 12:34 PM

So Ive managed to get my acne under control through diet, as long as I keep my carb intake in check, and be careful about my carb sources (low GI/GL), eat a LOT of nutrient dense veggies and fruit, avoid any food intolerances I believe I have, take probiotics/glutamine and other general gut healing sort of supplements (although im not too sure how much help these are to me personally)

However even with this careful diet I still get the occasional (and by that I mean every 2 or 3 weeks) breakout that really puts me on my ass, the breakouts arent terrible or nothing but psychologically it messes with my head enough that they are a problem. Sometimes I can explain the breakouts, maybe a lapse in my diet or trying a new food that my body doesnt agree with, or whatever.....but most of time I cant explain the breakout at all and Im left pretty confused and frustrated.

Anyway to the point of the thread.....about 2 weeks ago I started taking vitamin B complex, maybe one or two tablets a day and I noticed my energy levels throughout the day were dramatically increased, so much so that it really got me thinking.

Dont get me wrong, I am a very active person, both my job and the sport I participate in are very physically intense and not to sound too big headed but Im in fucking excellent shape.....BUT for a long time Ive been finding myself very fatigued and weak at work, and generally feeling like it is a massive effort to get the job done......this feeling of fatigue and weakness is made worse when my diet has been high in fat, for example, if I have a very high fat meal for dinner, the next day I will most definately feel physically weak and unenergetic. Clean carbs (brown rice, quinoa etc) give me the energy I need, but obviously I need to keep the amount I have of them in check otherwise I get acne.

So anyway, this past two weeks (whilst Ive been supplementing B complex) my energy levels have been really really good, even if my diet has been high in fat I still find myself full of energy, and I honestly believe it has something to do with the fat metabolization effects of certain B vitamins.

Im starting to think that fat metabolization has a big role in acne and that it is seriously overlooked. I know that it is sometimes mentioned here and there (alternativista has a good section on it in her "good things" megathread) but in general I think its neglected...

Ive started taking a small dose of vitamin B5 and Vitamin B3 aswell as the B complex in order to supplement my fat metabolism processes, since B5 and B3 are the B vitamins most responsible for fat metabolism.

How this relates to acne?

Firstly Ive started noticing that these breakouts usually coincide with a high fat period in my diet, because I was so sure my acne was caused by too many carbs (paleo-ish i suppose) I basically thought my body would be invunerable to fat, so Ive never figured fat to be a cause of my acne, and as a result Ive never watched my fat intake whatsoever, but the more I think about it, my skin does actually react to too much fat (Im not 100% but I would say that it reacts worse to animal fats more than vegetable fats)

Also many moons ago my acne was cleared by high dose vitamin B5, it cleared my moderate acne up completely.  B5 stopped working eventually and my acne came back worse than ever (like 10x worse) but my diet and lifestlye at the time was really really bad so Im not surprised.

At the time though, my skin was still oily as hell but I didnt have a single pimple which leads me to believe it might have had something to do with sebum composition (changed for the better by the fat metabolization from B5 perhaps).

Couple this with the fact that my energy levels have changed drastically since taking B vitamins its really made me think that its playing a big part in my personal fight against acne. I wouldnt have thought Id be deficient in B vitamins because of the amount of veg I devour but the change in energy levels beg to differ.

Now Im thinking with the dietary and lifestlyle changes Ive made (in the past 3 or 4 years) combined with the B vitamins Ive started supplementing (like 2 days ago) I might have a better control of my acne?

Id really like to hear other peoples opinions, ideas and experiences about this.......

Ive been such a big believer in the dietary approach to curing acne but Ive always felt Ive been missing something, and whilst the dietary approach has helped massively its not got me to the point where I have absolute control over my skin, I always feel like a debilitating breakout is just round the corner, and to be honest, living so cleanly all the time without going on the occasional food binge (not even a bad one by normal standards) is hard as hell.

If anyone has any input whatsoever no matter how big or small it would be greatly appreciated. Posted Image

Caffiene Pills

07 July 2012 - 11:10 AM

Ok so lately Ive been taking Caffiene pills in the morning, and then at lunch time, and then in the afternoon, nothing else in the pills just caffeine. I would probably take around 60mg at a time which isnt really a strong dose by any means I dont think.......

My job requires me to be wake up early (6am) and since Ive always been a night owl and hate early mornings the only way I feel I can get through the day of work without feeling like a zombie is by taking these pills. I know drinking coffee would probably be healthier due to the benefits found in coffee (cant be arsed to find out which ones at the moment though) but I dont like the taste of coffee really and would much rather pop a pill......

Anyway lately my acne hasnt been doing so great to be honest......at one point a few months back I sort of had it in control as long as I ate right and stuck to a careful diet, but lately Ive been really getting fucked up by my acne. I would say it probably coincides with the time I started taking these pills but I cant be too sure......

Does anyone find that caffiene breaks them out? And what kind of breakouts do you usually suffer from when you take caffiene? Big cystic lumps? Or medium sized painful inflamed zits?? Or just a bunch of small uninflamed whiteheads??

What is the general consensus with caffiene and acne? Im seriously considering stopping the pills and seeing how thing go for the time being, although feeling knackered at work is gonna suck big time.

Food Intolerances Causing Breakouts In Different Areas Of The Face?

27 April 2012 - 01:42 PM

So Ive found that certain foods give me acne and depending on what it is, it will cause different types of acne on different areas of my face.

For example, if I eat dairy I will always always get big cystic lumps and zits on the jawline, the cystic lumps usually on the underside of the jaw.....I never get jawline acne or big cystic lumps (anymore) otherwise. But when I eat dairy, even in small amounts I can guarentee that my jawline will break out with cystic lumps within a few days. Ive tested this theory many times and every single time it is the exact same thing.

When I eat gluten I will usually end up getting acne on the sideburn area of the face and also my buttcheeks, strange I know lol.

However, my real problem is my chin...my chin is the only area that I really break out on anymore. So far Ive identified a number of foods that cause my chin to breakout....Nuts is the main offender, any amount of nuts and my chin will literally erupt in inflamed whiteheads and the breakout will last at least 2 weeks or so. Soya is another one, although Im not as sure about this as I am with nuts, I still seem to get bad chin breakouts when I eat too much soya......

So anyway I would say my acne is relatively under control now, my cheeks, forehead, t zone, and jawline are pretty much completely clear, whereas a few years ago my entire face was convered in cystic acne....but anyway, nowadays my chin is the only area that gives me trouble and Im at my wits end trying to figure out why it keeps breaking out every other week........

If I keep my diet really really clean and eat like a friggin monk then my chin stays nice and clear, but as soon as I start expanding my food palette my chin will end up breaking out. Nowhere near as bad as if I were to eat a shitload of nuts, but enough to screw me up and make me miserable.

Ive had a food intolerance test (IgG) and Ive generally avoided the foods on there that came up as intolerant....but to be honest Im fairly skeptical about the whole IgG testing thing......Ive also tried an elimination diet a couple of times but it seems that even a tiny amount of something Im intolerant to can set off a bad breakout, so its hard to be certain with elimination diets....theres so many foods Ive tested that may or may not have caused a breakout and Im never 100%.

I guess I made this thread because Im at a loss, I really dont know what else I can do and would really like some advice....like I said before, if I live like a monk and keep my diet clean as possible (ie. the same couple of foods every single day) then I can stay pretty clear, but is that really any way to live? To live in fear of ANY type of new food that might even look to be safe on the outside?? Ive already eliminated soooo many foods, no dairy, no gluten, no soya, no nuts, no preservatives, no high sugar foods, no high GI carbs, strictly organic fruits, no shellfish.........

So any help or input on my situation would be appreciated.

Also Id like to know if anyone else experiences the same thing with different food intolerances causing breakouts in different areas of the face. In particular if anyone has had any experience with constant and persistant acne breakouts on the chin related to food intolerances that would be great to hear about.