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#2847647 Moisturizing with oils!

Posted by JoeBloggs on 11 April 2010 - 12:48 PM

Alot of people will recommend Jojoba oil, I used to use this stuff and it was pretty good admittidly but I noticed that with every new bottle of the stuff, the first few applications would make my face go bright red but this would stop after a few days. Kind of like my skin was getting used to it.

Anyway I decided that putting something on my face that could potentially be irritating regularly wasnt a good idea so I started looking for a new oil. Traditional cream based moisurizers always irritated my skin even though they were labelled 'for sensitive skin', I tried loads of cream based moisturizers, many recommended on this website (cetaphil, complex 15, dans moisturzier) but all of them irritated my skin.

So anyway I tried a couple of different oils and here are my results. Oil ratings from here - http://www.zerozits..../acnedetect.htm - 0 means no irritation and no comedogenicity. 5 means very irritating and very comedogenic

Jojoba oil - very light and runny, slight odour (not unpleasant but quite strong), would keep my face well moisturized. Some initial irritation on using a new bottle, or new brand. Didnt seem to break me out, although it did cause a whitehead every now and again. Rated 0-2 in irritation and 0-2 in potential pore clogging so that means that there is potential for both. Would recommend if you dont have sensitive skin. I used this for almost 2 years.

Olive oil - much thicker then jojoba oil and quite pungent odour, kept my face very well moisturized with very little (if any) irritation. But it defiantely broke me out though so be careful if you choose this oil. Rated 2 for comedogenic and 0 for irritation. Wouldnt recommend due to the noticable breakout it caused. Used this for 3-4 weeks.

Castor Oil - Very very thick with no odour, meant to be mixed with lighter oils then applied. Moisturized my face well but it turns out I am allergic to it and I ended up getting a very nasty reaction to it just after one use. After some research I found that a type of fat in castor oil can cause allergic reaction in some people. Rated 0 and 0 for comedogenic and irritation. Used for 1 day only. Wouldnt recommend due to potential allergic reactions.

Mineral oil - A light, odourless and see through oil, pretty light and moisturizes quite well. Havent used it for a prolonged period of time as of yet but first impressions are that it is pretty good. Rated 0 and 0 for both. Cant recommend though due to lack of testing on my end. Also some people are convinced it is Comedogenic ( although I dont think it is).

Sunflower oil - very light, no odour. Moisturizes my skin well and causes absolutely zero irritation on my sensitive skin, also it has caused zero breakouts for me and even seems to help existing whiteheads go down faster. This oil has become my oil of choice and has replaced jojoba oil for good (which is annoying as I recently bought 2 big expensive bottles of jojoba). Rated 0 and 0 for both. Hightly recommended! Ive been using for about 2 months now.

Basically in a nutshell, if you are looking for a good moisturizing oil that wont irritate your skin, and wont cause breakouts, then get Sunflower oil. I used to rave about how good Jojoba oil was but compared to sunflower oil it is nothing. Not to mention how cheap sunflower oil is. Ive been using supermarket brand sunflower oil (£1 for a huge bottle) and even though Ive been having very good success with it, I will soon look into buying more expensive organic sunflower oil.

Sunflower is very underated on this website and jojoba oil seems to be the most popular, but in my opinion sunflower oil is much superior.

Hope this helps anyone looking for a good moisturizing oil!

Feel free to add your own oil reviews....Hopefully someone has tried safflower oil as Id like to know the effectiveness of that stuff.

#2056010 Your miracle cure for red marks is here.

Posted by JoeBloggs on 07 October 2007 - 01:39 PM

My friend ive been doing that for months on end with no results. Sorry to burst your bubble smile.gif