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#3442960 'do Not Moisturize'--Said My Derm

Posted by alternativista on 23 July 2014 - 10:11 AM

I avoid most commercial topicals.  In my opinion, almost everything in the skin and hair care aisles exist to solve problems caused by the other things in those aisles. Starting with soaps/cleansers.  Your skin could do a much better job taking care of itself if you don't interfere with it all the time.

#3442739 Acne Diet First Days Make The Acne Worse?

Posted by alternativista on 22 July 2014 - 07:18 AM


What are you eating more of since changing your diet?

Salmon,brown rice, more vegetables (cucumber,carrot,spinach,tomato) more fruits (apple,orange,grapes).
And eliminated sweets like chocolate,gummy bears etc, no other drinks then water and home made juices
And some nuts.
Also some supplements for zinc, omega 3 and some vitamins (a,d,c)  
In the past I have eaten a lot of foods that are no good for skin &  health, I would never eat what i eat now.
Is this acne different from what you have before?  How sugary are these juices? Are you having them with a meal?
Note: my jawline acne turned out to be a citrus intolerance.
The acne after i started the diet is not a lot different from before, just some white heads on the red marks/scars and on my jawline, I did not have this before the diet, Usualy they would apear somewhere else (head,nose)
for the juices i don't know exactly how sugary they realy are, I just squeeze some oranges for example and drink it. And yes i do take some of the juices with a meal

Oranges juice is sugar.  DO NOT drink sugar  without food to lower the glycemic impact.   And I bet your new jawline acne is a food intolerance. And it could likely be the oranges.

#3442392 Water Fast For Scars And Acne

Posted by alternativista on 20 July 2014 - 07:40 AM

This thread is nonsense.  There hasn't been a single bit of info, theory or studies as to why doing this horrible thing to yourself would make your scars 'heal.'    Only people telling each other it does and links to other such forums or blogs with people telling each other it does.  

Why would you listen without even a hint of reasoning as to why this would work?

Well, I did look into why.   And that is that protolease enzymes (and other mechanisms of autophagy)  when not used for digestion would travel your bloodstream and eat up virility, parasites and whatnot.  And scar tissue.  But they aren't going to rush to your epidermis and eat up your acne scars.  They'll be breaking up scar tissue in your arteries, heart and other internal organs and muscle. Scars that interfere with bodily functions.

You might stimulate the desired effect in the desired area by massage, incision, the duct tape method, etc, to break up the scarred tissue requiring new tissue to form, hopefully smooth tissue this time.  That might stimulate blood flow to the area and thus the enzymes.  

But this would be a little by little process.  And it would be far better to help your enzymes do this task on a regular basis with intermittent fasting.  

#3441907 Easy Sugar Dairy And Gluten Free Sweets/desserts

Posted by alternativista on 17 July 2014 - 11:39 AM

Ure a genius. I will try both recipes ASAP. I miss having bread and I am getting the nutribullet these days for all my smoothie needs.

By the way, why so obsessed with the coconut flour? You'd probably love that one:

This thread is becoming my favorite biggrin.png


I would skip the sweetener and add a little nut butter.  In fact start with some nut butter and stir in whatever seeds & such you have on hand.  You don't need a recipe. It's a good way to eat small seeds like sesame & sunflower. 


Posted by alternativista on 17 July 2014 - 09:37 AM

I have been doing this mask for the last 3 days (water and turmeric mixed together) and have had great results so far.


although, I am very, very... very carful with my skin (hence why I didn't use yogurt and only water) and I only leave it on for 15 minutes before washing it off, although it seems to be doing the trick for my stubborn red marks!eusa_dance.gif

This mask might be a 'less is more' situation. for me anyway.


Why are you afraid of yogurt? It's a great topical.  There's a bacteria in it that boosts ceramide production which strengthens the epidermal barrier.  And of course the lactic acid is exfoliating.

#3441875 My Favourite Moisturizer Contains Dimathicone. Should I Be Concerned?

Posted by alternativista on 17 July 2014 - 09:26 AM

Occlussion and pore clogging are two very different problems.  I believe the silicone molecules  are too big to clog pores.


As for the oil, apply only a few drops to wet skin or with wet hands.  That makes it easy to apply very thinly.

#3441872 Easy Sugar Dairy And Gluten Free Sweets/desserts

Posted by alternativista on 17 July 2014 - 09:33 AM

Lengthy Dessert Thread:  http://www.acne.org/...ipes-and-ideas/

yes... I was without any fruit or starch for almost 2 months and it sucks. I also worked out and eventually binged on worse foods than a few berries in the morning. Now this is my portion of happiness. 


What is also safe for me : 


Sweet potatoe frie


Boil them to be almost ready and then fry them for a few minutes in coconut oil or just fry them in the oil (not the best option for face). Then add coconut flour ( I am obsessed with this stuff) or cinammon. 


If you add coconut flour, you can also mix in a bit of avocado and mash them together. You will have a really coconut-y cream. 



Try a mixture of cinnamon, some chili powder and salt on the sweet potatoes.  And turmeric if you like because it's so good for you and has an interesting flavor but subtle flavor.


I'm not sure about grinding lentils in a blender.  Vitamix sure, but an ordinary blender?  Red lentils are so small and cook so fast, I would think just soaking them in the water, then add salt & oil and bake would work. it's always best to soak, sprout or ferment seeds.

#3441571 Suggestions For Probiotic Foods (Or Supplements)

Posted by alternativista on 15 July 2014 - 06:45 PM

Water kefir.  Miso.  If you can stomach it, Natto is the best.

Hello again biggrin.png

I have this delicious soury organic plain whole yogurt with 5-7 enzymes in it. It's the same (but cheaper) as bottled kefir if I add water to it, right?


No. Kefir uses a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) like kombucha.  Yogurt is just bacteria.   And different bacteria from kefir.  The water kefir I mentioned above is different from dairy kefir.   It's more like kombucha in that it's like a carbonated beverage. It's really easy to make drinks that are good for you yet taste like ginger ale or sprite.  I've also had some that tasted like root beer.

#3441484 Vegetables, Rice And Fish Diet (+Green Tea)

Posted by alternativista on 15 July 2014 - 10:16 AM

Things that might help people that break out from fruit.


#3441363 Help Your Skin Function - Stop Impairing It!

Posted by alternativista on 14 July 2014 - 05:11 PM

So, this study is about how the necessary lipids are stimulated after the your skin is harmed.  Which would of course be a part of healing. But is this an example of how are medical and pharmaceutical researchers think?  What we need is to damage ourselves in order stimulate healing?


Note the bolded lines.  I'll sum up.


1) cleansers harm your epidermal barrier.

2)  sebum production is stimulated as a result of harming your epidermal barrier.  So it's true. The more you wash....

3) Occlusion retards recovery.  Petrolatum in most skin care products is occlusive.



The regulation of epidermal lipid synthesis by permeability barrier requirements.


Metabolism Section (111F), VA Medical Center, San Francisco, CA 94121.


A major function of the skin is to prevent the loss of fluids. The barrier to fluid loss resides in the intercellular lipids (primarily sterols, fatty acids, and sphingolipids) of the stratum corneum. The epidermis is a very active site of lipid synthesis and when the permeability barrier is disrupted by topical solvents or detergents a marked stimulation of sterol, fatty acid, and sphingolipid synthesis occurs. Essential fatty acid deficient mice, with a chronic disturbance in barrier function, also have an increase in epidermal lipid synthesis. When the defect in barrier function is artificially corrected by occlusion with a water vapor impermeable membrane the increase in epidermal lipid synthesis is prevented, suggesting that water flux may be a regulatory factor. The activity of the key rate limiting enzyme in cholesterol synthesis, HMG CoA reductase is increased following barrier disruption due to both an increased quantity of enzyme and an increase in activation state. Similarly, the activity of serine palmitoyl transferase, the rate limiting enzyme in sphingolipid synthesis is also increased following barrier disruption. Occlusion prevents the increase in HMG CoA reductase and serine palmitoyl transferase activity. When the increase in epidermal lipid synthesis is inhibited by occlusion the characteristic rapid return of stratum corneum lipids and recovery of barrier function is prevented. Moreover, when epidermal cholesterol synthesis is inhibited by lovastatin, an inhibitor of HMG CoA reductase, the rate of recovery of barrier structure and function is delayed. Similarly, B chloroalanine, an inhibitor of serine palmitoyl transferase and sphingolipid synthesis, also impairs barrier recovery. Thus, disruption of the barrier stimulates epidermal lipid synthesis which provides the lipids necessary for the repair of the barrier. The signals that initiate and coordinate this response are yet to be defined, but the understanding of this process may allow for pharmacological interventions that will specifically disrupt the barrier and allow for the transcutaneous delivery of drugs.


Notice the last bolded line?  An example of how the statin drugs they now want everyone to take as a 'prevantative' will harm your skin and accelerate aging.  And your epidermis isn't the only tissue it does this to. And that isn't the only important enzyme blocked or the only way statins harm you.  It also blocks your ability to turn cholesterol into hormones and vitamin D, and your ability to make coenzyme Q10.




Still not using shampoo or conditioner, btw. ( and I used to use tons)  And for the past several weeks, I've just washed with water only once a week.  The waxiness I complained about is mostly gone and it seems washing my brush often is the key to that.  My hair isn't as nice and smooth as when it was coated with silicone, but it had no body then. Now i have 'big' hair.  And the silicone filled conditioners only worked that well right after i colored my hair once a month anyway. When I used it in between, it didn't work so well. 


I think this will work even better for anyone with short hair, especially if you style by fluffing with fingers or something. 

#3441356 Vegan Vs Paleo Vs Pacific Diet: Your Experience?

Posted by alternativista on 14 July 2014 - 04:36 PM

which vegetables do u consider to be boring and which are those nutrient dense? 
cos i wanna try freelees fruit diet at some point and fasting/juice fasting in sooner time. its for weight loss ._. and redmarks/few scars..
i pretty much dont eat those already just dunno what are those the best vegies u all speak here abt all the time? i just eat cucumber, tomato, spinach (sometimes, very sometimes atm) and idk what else :/

I consider plain boiled vegetables to be boring. I consider vegetables used in tasty soups, casseroles, stir frys etc to not be boring.  The darkest, brightest most colorful veggies tend to be the most nutrient dense. The exceptions being a few white or pale items like onions, garlic, cabbage & cauliflower which are all 'superfoods' despite being white.   The most nutritious vegetables include greens, cabbage, broccoli, onions, garlic. Sweet potatoes because they are both nutritious and a good slow carb.  Cooked tomatoes are good because lycopene protects skin and is anti-androgen. Okra and other slimy things like cactus and purslane are nutritious plus good for the digestive tract and your mucosal membranes.

#3441301 Vegan Vs Paleo Vs Pacific Diet: Your Experience?

Posted by alternativista on 14 July 2014 - 09:54 AM

the good fats deficiency is what i struggle abt when it comes to this fruit/veg diet the most. it cant be good to face right? bcs doesnt it  when u eat fat it makes ur subcutaneous fat and makes ur face plum and prevents wrinkles and scars? anyone knows this?
when i was vegetarian for 5 yrs, i lost alot of facial fat where i didnt even need it >< i did eat alot of veggetable fat but anyway!!
yet freelee looks fine. durian looks a bit sickly to me. its weird cos they eat the same :S
and other vegans ive seen either look like prunes either especially fresh? 
so anyone believe in blood type diet? its where diff type of ppl respond differently to diff diets, maybe thats the thing


Cell membranes are made from fat.  All of them, including skin cells if skin is all that matters to you.   Many nutrients are fat soluble. That  means you need to consume them with fat for them to be absorbed.  Fats are essential.  That's the E in EFA. Essential Fatty Acids.  Also, fats are important for sebum composition. And sebum isn't dead grease coating your skin. It's living cells that produce the enzymes and other substances involved in normal skin function such as normal rates of proliferation and the dissolving the intracellular matrix that allows cells to exfoliate freely without clogging pores.


People have some slightly different needs and intolerances/digestion issues. Some of which can be improved with nutrients and habits.  I don't know that blood type has much to do with these differences. Conventional medicine certainly doesn't think it has any validity, for what that's worth.   I'd look to your ethnicity.  Although ethnically, I am English/northern/Eastern European but I really don't want to eat a meat and 2 over cooked tasteless veggie diet.  I'd much rather eat  a mediterranean and Caribbean/Hispanic diet.

#3441288 Acne Log (May Be Interesting)

Posted by alternativista on 14 July 2014 - 08:19 AM

Dont eat dairy... if you loose toooo much weight with the low carb paleo (as I do...) try upping the carbs or fat. And say how is it working for you. Definitely stay away from the crappy milky pus. 



Paleo doesn't mean low carb.  If you weren't eating enough, add more. 

#3441174 Good Things For The Many Factors That Lead To Acne

Posted by alternativista on 13 July 2014 - 03:25 PM

If safflower oil doesn't work for me, what other oils should I buy from napa? I know it's a trial and error process... I already bought more than a dozen wash clothes :D

I have Wegmans, which is like Whole Foods. I will try to get it there!

I buy Napa Valley Naturals.

Grapeseed, but that tends to be a bit more comodogenic.  Or hemp which is lower in linoleic acid, but also gas omega 3 EFAs that could be beneficial.  

#3440059 Hunt For All Natural Makeup

Posted by alternativista on 08 July 2014 - 06:05 AM

Get some other zinc based mineral makeup without bismuth oxychloride.