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In Topic: How Do U Do The Elimination Diet?

Today, 03:56 PM

Plz do not do the elimination diet without getting the MRT test for food sensitivities


That makes no sense.  Those Tests are very expensive and not that easy to get. . And prone to false positives and negatives.  And elimination diet is free and the best way to determine your intolerance. 

In Topic: If Acne Was Caused By Diet Why Would It Only Start At Puberty?

Today, 03:51 PM

Well, i'm glad you wouldn't mind. Im sure someone with no insurance would just love to pay that doctor bill after knowing that they can't afford to watch their diet because that system too is FUBAR (healthy food more expensive then cheaper less nutritious food). Not to mention they could have done their own google search to find that out. Even if it was part of conventional teaching, still walking out with "diet first" "come back in 6 weeks before i start medication" Is more expensive.Personally I would see it as a slap in the face. I don't go into their office for that, which supports the value of "walking out with something" other than advice. And around and round it goes..


Those are just more things wrong with the system and our society & form of economy. It is a disaster.  Starting with the fact that real food shouldn't be so hard to obtain, (which is why I'm working on improving access to food and a cooperative economy).  And it should not cost $100 to talk to a doctor. 


I would have thought as a medical professional you would value a doctor's advice over their ability to just prescribe drugs.  I would value their advice if they had any worthwhile advice to give, but that has not been my experience.  So as it is, they are only good in an emergency or for diagnostics. 


Just get an MRT test for food sensitivities and your acne will be on its way to be cured


Well, any acne that occurs as a result of a food sensitivity at least. 

In Topic: How Do U Do The Elimination Diet?

Today, 03:39 PM

At first I start thinking maybe it was something else that i ate yesterday but it doesn't make sense to breakout from a healthy food i ate yesterday and not for alcohol and a dessert. I think the MAIN focus here should be to heal the gut instead because that is what will fix the food allergies and intolerances… it is not good to be breaking out over tiny things. It has to be because our immunity is down and our gut is damaged. getting a strong immune system - that is the priority. 


It does make sense if you are intolerant to that healthy food.  A healthy food causes me to break out in cysts the next day.  It depends on the intolerance whether it will go away once you heal the gut. Some will, some wont. Healing your gut won't make a lactose intolerant person suddenly start producing lactase, for example 

In Topic: How Long After You Make Changes Should You See Improvement...

Today, 06:37 AM

How long do you plan to take that much vitamin d? Do you plan to check your levels?

In Topic: Acne Not A Puzzle Anymore.

Today, 06:14 AM

is it ok to donate ur crappy acne blood to other ppl tho? :/
im totally doing this!!

You do not have crappy acne blood.