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38 yr old, pale complexion, oily skin...

30 May 2011 - 09:11 AM

Hi guys, thought I'd post up my regimen for a face that absolutely needs to stay put under harsh, humid conditions. Not sure if it is able to be modified for darker complexions...?

Anyways, I need a real sunscreen on my face, so I use Shiseido 55 block, & it has been a life saver for me. image- http://www.sun-block...SPF-55-PA-2.jpg  
All other products have failed for me in major ways. I let that sit for 10 to 15 minutes before putting on makeup...

I skip foundation & go straight to a well blended coat of concealer/ makeup forever concealer in the tube. image- http://s7.thisnext.c...er_831154CD.jpg

Whatever other makeup colors you use, I've found mineral makeup blusher/bronzer to be the best at staying put.

I've had my best success with Bobbi Brown no smudge mascara... this stuff will wear without smearing for 12 hrs or more... image- http://www.handbag.c...78060431761.jpg

I've begun buying straight silica powder, & mixing it with a pinch of cosmetic kaolin clay in a sifting container, u can add mineral makeup to it to add pigment if u like or you can just use straight silica dust.
The product HD powder is exactly that, silica powder, makeup forever has it too... I think it runs $15.00 for a container... -image
I buy bulk instead... just to give you a heads up. It is the most amazing thing I've ever used for my greasy skin.

That's the best I've got to share. Maybe some of the info can help a few folks, Idk... Figured it was worth a shot.
Have a good one! & Good luck!  biggrin.gif

Leaf and Rusher Tx Roller

08 September 2009 - 10:18 AM

For anyone interested, this thing is on sale right now.... $79.99 and free shipping. I just bought one @ skinstore dot com...

Will it help?
I hope it'll help with my melasma... I'm tired of not seeing any new changes. I will apply lightening products and a vitamin c  product after using... Still have some green cream left too.

Though it has lightened a lot since last summer, the daily application of sunscreen gets me down... Knowing that I'll never be able to go a day without sunscreen again in my lifetime just really is depressing.

If it helps me with the now mild pitted scarring on my forehead, that'd be nice too.

I've got some real nasty scars on my nose and by my bottom lip that I'll try it out on. Those are from botched surgery I had years ago. Was supposed to improve my scars, but made them much larger instead. eusa_wall.gif

So, if you've got any encouragement to pass on, I'd be thrilled. sad.gif

Shopping around

26 August 2009 - 12:18 AM

<edit:> I neglected to mention... (I often forget to add stuff when tired and posting late at night) That I had stopped using my lights after I moved to a new state, and gotten a new job.
Life got incredibly stressful, & I had moved in with other ppl to get started out here. Now that I'm back on my feet, & in my own place I'm resuming treatment. But, I had gone over a year without the light./

Well, I'm aging... Though I own a beautyskin lamp... And an acnelamp... I'm finding that I really just want a red lamp for healing, & still present melasma. (sun damage)
I still use topicals, & have a few new lesions due to stress and long hours at work... But, I feel that if my melasma and uneven pigmentation would clear up more... I'd probably simply quit wearing makeup at this point. (which exacerbates any existing acne)
So, I'm going to treat with all three, my acnelamp, my topicals, & my red lamp...

Tonight, I came across this website (prices in USD).... (I apologize if this site has previously been posted, I've been sort of MIA)


& I'll update the thread after/if I receive a decent product and am happy.

This site sells both types of lights, the red/blue combo, & just the red, or just the blue. The prices are phenomenal...
Maybe because they are just for the bulbs themselves.
The site does say that they'll fit into any standard socket, but I'm thinking a metal shade lamp... (there is a link to a desk/cliplamp) With a flexible neck, would be the best. (walmart typically sells them)

So, I just went for the two fer deal on the red led bulbs. Like I said, I will post back on results of order.

Big red gash on my chin

16 April 2009 - 09:40 AM

After having only minor acne issues for a long time. I think my body responded to massive amounts of stress with a nice big cyst...
So, today I get to go to work with a big red gash on my chin due to the fact that I simply could not keep my hands off of it. I work with children, & the staff might as well be a bunch of children also. Not exactly very caring to each other.
Think I should tell the kids I got attacked by a vicious chipmunk? I'm so trying to come up with an excuse.  eusa_doh.gif
Well, I'm a woman in my thirties, & am certainly not going to be losing any pay over this. Should be a fun shift.  redface.gif
I wish I had someone to comfort me.   eusa_boohoo.gif