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In Topic: #1 Foundations For Acne-Prone Skin

07 July 2014 - 03:39 PM

Ive been using Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Foundation for the last 4 years and love it !  It has awesome coverage but you have to be careful when applying it or it will look heavy. This is by far the best foundation I have ever used.


I second this. Nice coverage, but I don't find it cakey. I do use the beauty blender to apply it though! I tried experimenting with other make-up (Kat Von D foundation, MUFE Mat Velvet+, etc.) but I keep going back to this one. Kat Von D foundation was too cakey, blotchy and smeary. Very disappointing. Mat Velvet+, on the other hand, was decent.


For all of you ladies residing in the UK, the foundation is sold under the label, "Vichy Dermafinish" (I'm petty sure they are the same thing, the ingredients are all the same).


I have yet to try Double Wear but I have been wanting too.

In Topic: Primer Causing Breakouts?

07 July 2014 - 03:20 PM

There are silicone-free primers if you are worried about silicone-induced breakouts. I have used Sephora's silicone-free primer in the past. Costs about $15 and it did help keep my make-up on for a longer period of time, though it didn't really help even out the skin's surface like other primers (with silicone) might do.

In Topic: How Bad Is It? Moderate?

22 February 2014 - 04:38 PM

Thanks everyone!


My face is currently worse than ever I guess BP has to do something wth it..


About moisturizer.. I'm currently using Nivea Soft. I know it has oil in it but I'm using it for about a week and I didn't notice any breakouts and skin absorbs it very well. Should I continue with it or try something else?



One more thing.. What to do about dead skin on face? Remove it? Can I use honey for this? It showed pretty good results one time..


I just checked the ingredients to Nivea Soft and it has a few rather comedogenic and irritating ingredients. Doesn't mean that you will break out. Everyone's skin reacts differently. I use Cerave and find that it works great! A lot of people like Cetaphil too.


And yeah, some gentle exfoliating might help remove the dead skin cells. If you were pleased with honey, then use that! :)

In Topic: How Bad Is It? Moderate?

22 February 2014 - 02:59 PM

Maybe try a lower strength BP? Studies have shown that 2.5% is just as effective as 5% or 10%. And yes, as Hope said, make sure to moisturize (maybe add in jojoba oil?)..and add a gentle cleanser (like Cetaphil) if you haven't already.


And no, you're skin does not look bad at all. It looks pretty good! I would say mild acne, but I'm not a dermatologist.

In Topic: A Desperate Plea For Help My Son Has Severe Acne

22 February 2014 - 10:24 AM

moderate to severe acne, is due to 100% genetics, and has very little to nothing to do with what you eat, drink, what you do, etc

 Yes, genetics is the foundation for acne and, yes, there is no cure for acne. But there are ways to successfully treat acne -- whether it is via topicals, drugs or lifestyle changes. Just because you have a genetic predisposition for acne does not mean that you are doomed to suffer the effects of acne for the rest, or most, of your life. Not to mention the influence of epigenetics which can alter gene expression. Lifestyle and environmental changes will certainly not have any influence on the genome but it can affect the epigenome and/or it can affect the many pathways that lead to acne.


To the OP: I am a little concerned that his weight lifting regimen might be partly (I would venture to say mostly) responsible for triggering his acne. Weight lifting does alter hormones and in a time where he is already going through a lot of hormonal changes, it can just add more fuel to the fire. I am NOT suggesting that he should stop weight lifting; weight lifting has a plethora of positive effects. I am just saying the hormonal changes from weight lifting may be the likely culprit behind his acne. There are supplements that many weight lifters use to combat the negative effects of weight lifting / excess androgens, but considering his age, I would stay away from them for now. It's great that you stopped the dairy! I am not sure if the probiotics would be really effective right now. I would suggest natural probiotics instead, directly from food (kimchee, sauerkraut, other fermented foods). Hopefully, the Stieva A works! I really don't think his acne looks that bad.