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A New Light Therapy Device For Oil / Acne Improvement

05 January 2013 - 10:47 PM


It's jsmithson, back with yet another interesting topic! I came across a new science study about a Korean light therapy device in the British Journal of Dermatology:

"The clinical and histological effect of home-use, combination blue-red LED phototherapy for mild to moderate acne vulgaris in Korean patients: a double blind, randomized controlled trial"

You gotta pay to read it so I'll summarise it for you here. They tested a device from Ceragem Medisys called the MP 200. It's a combination blue (420nm) and red (660nm) light device that you use at home. You irradiate yourself for 5 minutes twice a day. After 12 weeks they found some very interesting results:

- Acne lesion counts down by average 77% and 54% (inflammatory and non-inflammatory respectively) in the treatment group. No change in the control group.
- Average 25% reduction in the area of the sebaceous gland (I assume this is a cross sectional area) in the treatment group. No change in the control group.
- Molecular markers for inflammation and sebum production (SREBP-1, IGF-1R, TLR-2, IL-1a, IL-8) were down in the treatment group. No change in the control group.
- Virtually no side effects (10% of treatment group reported 24 hours of mild dryness at one point in the study!)
- The study compares the treatment in effectiveness to topical retinoids and antibiotics but with less side effects.
- The blue light kills p.acnes via a PDT reaction. Since p.acnes stimulates oil production and inflammation, a reduction in oil production and inflammation is seen after treament.
- The red light has an anti inflammatory effect and accelerates wound healing.

This study is good for acne but also for us oily folk. I haven't found anywhere that sells the device so I don't know how much it costs. If it's not really expensive (it's just a bunch of LED's after all) I'll give it a shot!