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In Topic: No Moisturizer Works For My Oily Face

11 August 2014 - 09:49 PM

If you have oily skin your water barrier is probably not working properly so you get dry skin. I'm not sure if the oily skin is a cause of TEWL or a symptom of some other problem which also causes TEWL?


My dermatologist told me that Tretinoin - which I see you have also used - causes dry skin.


If you're very oily then reducing the oil will probably improve the quality of your skin. Topical tretinoin won't reduce oil. If you're female you could try some anti androgens (check other threads). If you're male you might try large doses of vitamin A (check other threads). I'm not a fan of megadosing on vitamins but that's a personal thing!


I'm currently using BP. This is the only thing I put on my skin. The BP I use - which I get from my local chemist - contains a moisturiser in addition to an oil absorber. My skin is reasonably good quality while I use it. Unfortunately it doesn't help with oil production cry.gif. I tried Dan's BP but my skin didn't like it!


I'm about to try chlorophyll PDT at home to address the oil production. If I have success I'll come back here and talk all about it!

In Topic: A New Light Therapy Device For Oil / Acne Improvement

09 January 2013 - 08:27 PM

I purchased the Tanda acne and regenerating light therapy device back in 2008 before it was FDA approved in the US (it is now though),

Interesting that you are a new user since a few days ago, and that you seem to overwhelmingly refer in glowing terms to a single product.

I am way behind the times on this one. Doing a search on Amazon shows that there are many devices on the market that are based on this technology: Verilux Clearwave, Clear Rayz, Tria blue light system, BrightTherapy trident, acne 415 blue light therapy, Tanda Zap, etc. There are so many! They all seem to be based on the same science.

Doing a pubmed search shows that there's scientific evidence going back a decade that this technology is effective. Lots of papers - many use a specific brand and model of device.

Some issues I have with some of the devices above:

1. LED's are super cheap because they're mass produced in huge quantities. So why are all these devices so incredibly expensive?

2. Some of these devices try to force the user to upgrade the LED's while they're still useful. LED's last a very long time. The cynic in me is reminded of the shaving business model - where you make much more money if you can keep selling consumables.

I'm trying to get hold of a standard screw in globe containing high powered LED's direct from a lighting manufacturer. It's much cheaper than the stuff listed above and has a much stronger output.

In Topic: Hormonal Oily Skin

13 April 2012 - 08:10 AM

You're graduating high school at the age of 14 - far out you must be a smart one!

I have the same problem as you. Too much oil and when I'm not vigilant I break out.

I've read much about this problem. You may be stuck with it for a long time but there are some things you can do to help. I have tried these things and they give some degree of control over the problem for me - they may work for you too:

1. Diet

Check out this diagram:

http://www.nutrition.../1/41/figure/F1 (it's from this article http://www.nutrition.../content/8/1/41).

When the levels of IGF-1, insulin and growth hormone go up in the body, skin will produce more oil. Diet has a big effect. To lower these chemicals you should avoid these foods:
- anything containing large amounts of carbohydrate such as candy/confectionery, soft drinks, fruit, fruit juice, rice/pasta/bread/grains, breakfast cereal, etc.
- dairy or dairy derived (milk, cheese, whey protein)

Some more points:
- some of the above foods have a mild negative effect on my skin but others cause my skin to go beserk! In the beserk list: low fat milk, high fat cheeses like brie / blue cheese, some brands of chocolate
- you should know that a low glycemic index (low gi) diet is actually different to a low glycemic load (low gl) diet. A low gl diet is more effective because it minimises carbohydrates across the board not just those that are absorbed quickly.
- I'm following the caveman diet (except fruit) which meets all the above requirements.

It's real hard to stick with this diet. But I've found that even after a few days my skin is in excellent condition.

2. Resistance training / working out

Don't do this. Seriously!

The harder you work out, the more growth hormone you produce, and in turn the more of the other chemicals I mentioned too. I've noticed that for 12-24 hours after a heavy workout my skin puts out twice as much oil.

Cardio is fine.

3. Topicals

I'm using an alternating nightly routine of tazarotene 0.05% and bp 2.5% (use the topical over night). If I miss a night of the topicals (occasionally I just can't be bothered) my skin definitely deteriorates.

I think bp is more of a preventative measure than a spot treatment. You should probably use it all over.


I wish someone had told me these things when I was younger. I felt that my skin was out of my control and that there was nothing I could do. I'd been doing all of the bad things listed above since I was 16 and it was only my reading scientific papers in recent years that I managed to piece it together.

At your age, you want to fit in to your social group and the opinion of your peers is important to you. Having bad skin makes you believe that that task is more difficult. The key point is that you need to disconnect your sense of self worth from your appearance. I made this mistake for too many years: I thought that because some others didn't approve of my appearance that I was not a worthwhile person. Now that I'm older and I'm past that, I see how silly that state of mind is. But it doesn't seem silly when you're living through it.

I know where you're coming from bro! Good luck.

Does anyone know of any supplements, products to use to get rid of the bad clogged pores and balance my hormones to slow down my oil production.

Sorry for such a long post but I'm in serious need of some help. No one has anything that has worked. Graduation is soon!

In Topic: Yes, Sebum Is Affected By The State Of Your Skin... (Likely Product Use)

22 January 2012 - 06:30 AM

... but what exactly is the harm of encouraging people to give this natural approach a try? ...

Honestly you have no idea what you're talking about. You've come into this forum and said "I don't care what scientific evidence there is to the contrary; I've read all the forum posts and here are the answers". You perpetuate the widespread ignorance on this topic.

Every few weeks some newby comes into this forum and makes some ridiculous claim. It's kinda frustrating. Maybe Brian should make a sticky thread that answers all the newby questions. That should cut down on the noise.

Ignorance is exactly what pharmaceutical companies love to take advantage of. They can sell products that do absolutely nothing to help - because they know customers know very little. Forum topics like yours help them.

I've got no problem with "I'm sick of product XYZ - it did nothing for me - I'm gonna try ABC and I'll report the results". I've done this myself.

It's time to stop this thread and move on to something more useful.

In Topic: My experimental oil control regimen

25 November 2011 - 07:36 AM

Wow the lactoferrin & b3 were a complete waste of time... Oh well - live and learn!