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25% TCA Blog #6 > Day 6 Post 25% Tca Peel 06.26.15]

Posted 26 June 2015

Today is day six after my 25% TCA Peel.

I have a red streak over my right eye brow from the peel and I got the same thing last year.  Must be an area which is very sensitive to chemical burns.

I went out of the house today with an SPF 50 sunscreen on my face and burn ointment over my right eyebrow.

My face is a slight pink color and my skin looks...

25% TCA Blog #6 > Day 5 Post 25% Tca Peel [06.25.15]

Posted 25 June 2015

As of today, I would say that 70% of my face has peeled so far:

1) both cheeks
2) chin

The following areas are now beginning to appear ready to peel:

1) my temples
2) my nose
3) my forehead

I continue to keep my face covered with sunscreen (SPF 30) and a burn ointment.

I actually ventured out of the house last night after the sun had gone down with m...

25% TCA Blog #6 > Day 4 - Post 25% Tca Peel [06.24.15]

Posted 24 June 2015

Today is day four of my 25% TCA peel.

I woke up to a very tight face - it feels as if I am wearing a very tight brown mask all over my face.  

As I mentioned in my previous post, my face has begun to peel around my nose and mouth areas.

Hopefully, I will experience some major peeling within the next 24-48 hours.

25% TCA Blog #6 > Day Iii Post 25% Tca Peel

Posted 23 June 2015

O.K. it is now three days out from my TCA peel.

My wife told me this morning that my face looks swollen and like I have a bad sunburn/tan all over my face.

She said that the skin on my face is beginning to tighten and look crinkly/shriveled.

I've lathered my face with 50% sunscreen and covered it with a burn ointment.

Looking forward to a successful p...

25% TCA Blog #6 > Day Two Post 25% Tca Peel [06.22.15]

Posted 22 June 2015

It's been less than 24 hours since I applied the 25% TCA peel solution to my face.

My entire face looks somewhat red/pink/brown and you can definitely see a difference between where the acid was applied to my face and where my jaw line meets my neck.  My neck looks normal with no reddish/brown look.

I coated my face in the same burn ointment that I...