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25% TCA Peel #5 > Day Seven

Posted 27 July 2014

Today marks day seven of my fifth 25% TCA peel.
I took a shower this morning and shaved off one week's worth of growth off of my face and I am pleased to report that my skin looks great and has a slightly pink hue to it along with a small scaly patch under my right eye.  There are some small scaly patches along my hairline and near my eyebrows...

25% TCA Peel #5 > Day Five 9:25 P.m.

Posted 25 July 2014

I did take a final warm shower this afternoon before my doctor's appointment to help loosen any remaining dead skin attached to my face and it did the trick!  99.99% of the dead skin from the peel has now fallen off.
I had a 3:00 p.m. appointment at the dermatologist's office today and the RN asked where I got my 'sunburn'.  I told her th...

25% TCA Peel #5 > Day 5 11:45 A.m.

Posted 25 July 2014

I kept waking up throughout the night last night as my face felt really tight especially my forehead.
This morning, I took a look at my face and much of the swelling has now subsided.  I still have a little around the lower portion of my eyes, but that appears to be it.
I had huge swaths of brown skin all over my face when I first got u...

25% TCA Peel #5 > Day Four 1:50 P.m.

Posted 24 July 2014

O.K.  The peeling has begun.
I am beginning to resemble snake who is shedding its skin.
The peeling began around my nose area and has now spread to my chin.  My face is coming off in small sheets and I can feel it loosening in other areas as well.
I can see where the skin is beginning to detach under my eyes and I expect tha...

25% TCA Peel #5 > Day Four

Posted 24 July 2014

9:15 a.m.
Today is the fourth day since my 25% TCA Peel.
I face has turned a very brown/reddish color and my face basically looks like leather.
The skin on my face has progressively become tighter and tighter as time has passed this week.  Furrows and wrinkles are forming all over my face making my face resemble a shriveled pumpk...