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My Low-Dose Experiment

04 October 2013 - 11:20 PM

Hello and welcome to my low-dose accutane log!


As an introduction, I am 32 year-old male who has been suffering with acne and extremely oily skin since my early teenage years.  My acne is usually in the form of around 5-10 pustule/whiteheads at any given time, with the occasional cyst/nodule thrown in for fun about 1-2/month.  


Over the past 20 years, I have tried literally everything on the market to combat my awful skin with primarily disappointing results.  The only thing that has ever helped is the full course of accutane I took back in 2006.  Not only did it clear my skin for over 2 years post-treatment, but it also kept me oil-free for nearly 9 months as well.  Thus, I have am undergoing a second course of accutane to try to eliminate the oil and acne long-term.  This time, however, I plan to take a much smaller dose and spread it out of the course of several years. 


The brand of accutane I am using is ro-accutane manufactured by Roche.  My original plan was to take 10 mg/day till the oil production stopped and then drop the dosage to find the minimum amount that will control the oil.  I am currenly in my 5th week of this experiment and I have summarized the first month of this experiment below:


Week 1:  Not much change occurred the first few days.  However, about mid-week, 3 rather large, red whiteheads appeared on my right check.  They continued to grow throughout the week. No change was observed in oil production.  


Week 2:  The 3 zits on my right cheek grew until they each had huge heads the size of pencil erasers.  I treated them nightly with 10% BP.  By the mid part of the week they heads dried up and became very hard while the body of the pimples began to gradually disapperf.  By the end of the week the dried heads scabbed off, leaving behind slightly indented scars. Not cool!  However, other than a couple of fresh scars, my skin looked better than it had in as long as I could remember.


Week 3:  Two of the spots I had left week definitely left indentations sad.png  Other than that, my skin definitely looked great for the entire week.  I began to notice some slight drying of my lips in Week 2, which only increased this week.  Still oily, but there might be some slight improvement in the area too.  Hard to tell.


Week 4:  Ugh, my brief vacation of decent skin came to an abrupt halt!  A huge puss-filled monster literally grew on my right cheek overnight. Looks like red, inflamed marble half way embedded on my check.  Have another huge cyst develop on my other side as well.  Luckily it is so deep that it's only slightly noticeable at this point.  Definitely a rough work week dealing with these things on my face.  I was so embarrassed to deal with clients!  My skin seemed to be just as oily as ever.  With the huge cysts developing and my skin remaining a bright, shining mess, I decided to bump the dosage up to 20mg/day to speed up the results.  


Topically Applied L-Carnitine

19 May 2013 - 08:01 PM

Sorry if this has already been posted.  I wish I could find a link to the full study, not just the abstract.



Military Basic Training & Oily Skin

30 March 2012 - 06:05 PM

Have any of you oily skin folks ever gone through basic training?  I'm considering joining the national guard, but am worried about not being able to "deal with" my oily/acne-prone skin while in basic.  I have to blot constantly which would be difficult in that kind of environment, so I'm a bit worried.