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In Topic: Does anyone actually prefer on-the-spot to the acne.org gel?

20 October 2010 - 12:09 AM

No, I hate neutrogena on the spot. I hate that it is a cream. I used on the spot before ordering dan's products and my morning and night routine has sped up drastically. On the spot is hard to get it to the point where it absorbs into your skin, BUT CAREFUL, if you massage it in too much then it starts to flake. It was so annoying. With Dan's gel I'm able to glob some on in 2 minutes and if it isn't dry/absorbed I can actually leave it and it will dry clear. I don't even use moisturizer with dan's most of the time because my skin doesn't dry out very easily. The only thing I use moisturizer for is the odd days when my skin is dry and/or when the gel is starting to flake throughout the day. It doesn't flake even close to the amount that on the spot did. I do however keep some on the spot around incase I forget to get another order of treatment from Dan.