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#2260088 Finally after 10 years with acne, I am 100% clear with diet! Regimen incl...

Posted by NdnRomeo on 15 April 2008 - 11:32 PM

Here's to 10 years of acne gone!

I made this thread to help those who are suffering like I was in any way I can. And also, of course, to share what I did. Sorry it took so long to make it, in fact it took what, about 5 months? I just had to be sure it wasn't a fluke, or I grew out of it, and that I had it under complete control while testing everythin
ng. Testing takes quite a while smile.gif. But now I can feel good and secure about making this thread now that it's over officially.


I would like to thank all of acne.org for finally making this happen. Before coming to this site, I was a typical person who thought the idea of acne and diet was rather silly. I used to believe that the body process that dealt with acne had no relation to diet, especially because my parents never told me about it. You don't know what you don't read or see.

After coming here I began reading, slowly believing, still skeptical. I tried the whole "diet thing" and I realized that there were subtle correlations. First came with fish oil, that's when I knew, that acne was going to be over through DIET, but something was missing! So I kept trying various regimens but it all just felt too confusing because they were so different! I kept experimenting though, one thing after another. I would add in one vitamin, take one out, add a herb, experiment with different foods, stop eating certain foods, wondered about allergies, sensitivities. It even went on with topicals, and very strange things that I would rather not even mention lol! I tried near everything. Everything from Digestive enzymes to indian herbs to weird trends and th en some.

Nothing made sense anymore. I researched to no end, almost to the point where I could find evidence that everything caused acne and cured acne too. I got fed up. If I followed everything, I would be left with water and fiber! lol

In fact, acne got so bad at one point because of all the crazy things I was trying that it ended up becoming severe. I remember after starting Saw Palmetto, my acne got really bad. To the point that people were asking me what was wrong with me and they were scared and worried! That was the low point of my life. I even went to the doctor and was given some antibiotics. At that point I felt I gave up on life and it was my lowest point, ever. I felt/looked/and was horrible. I took it for a while but stopped because I knew I had to do this myself. So thankfully my prayers were answered!

So then I sat down and looked at it from a nutritional standpoint. I blocked all the noise. I focused on the basic aspects of what the body needs and what affects it the most. That's it! I knew that certain things affect only certain people so I left all that till the end. I just wanted to first be sure I got everything in my diet that I needed, and see where that took me. If I got better yet still had acne, I would then experiment by omitting certian foods. But it made no sense to start with the small things that MAY cause acne for SOME people. So I started with the basics of nutrition. Because I am human, not an accumulation of minor problems from every person!

I also needed something fast, efficient, cheap, and effective because I couldn't go to the groceries every 3rd day and I had a huge family so my fridge was always full, barely any room for any more food.


(I am no way saying this is the cure for acne, I am just stating what helped me and listing out what I did in case anyone wants to try! I am well aware everyone may have different causes for acne)

So with all the research, I ensured that I would get all my vitamins and minerals necessary in relation to the skin. I also knew some vitamins SHOULD be paired with others and some should NOT be taken together.

This is what I did, and have been doing for the past 6 months now, with complete success

- Get 4 servings of extra virgin olive oil a day
- Take 1 serving of Twin Labs liquid cod liver oil a day.
- Take 1 serving of Carlson's liquid fish oil a day.
- Vitamins: B-complex, C, E
- Minerals: Zinc, Chromium, Calcium
- Omit Dairy! Way too many hormones
(links to purchasing location, prices, and images at the bottom of this post as well as serving size information)

This is the order I take it in, and found to work the best. Make sure it's taken this way! A lot of them synergetically.

Meal 1 (morning): 2 servings of Extra virgin olive oil in my meal
Post meal: Carlson's fish oil (1 serving)
Supplements: C, E, B, Calcium

Meal 2 (evening): 2 servings of extra virgin olive oil in my meal
Post meal: Twin Labs non-emulsified cod liver oil
Supplements: Zinc, Chromium

- Be sure to keep the liquid cod liver oil and liquid fish oil in the fridge!
-Be sure to get a complete B complex like so
(This is the one I take, not sure if the time release matters)
-I buy all my vitamins from walgreens. I don't worry about chelated versions or any other fancy ones. These do just fine.
-When measuring liquids, use a measuring cup! The type that comes with your cold medicine. 1 tsp = 5 ml. 1 tablespoon = 15 ml. Or use a measuring spoon! (they come in teaspoon measurements and tablespoon as well). but DO NOT use the spoon in the drawer that you eat with! Because one teaspoon (that you eat with) does not equal 5 ml! It's almost half. It's important to be sure you are taking the appropriate amounts, so do it right!)
The medicine measuring cups look like this

The spoons look like this

Use either one

I eat more meals in a day, but I put meal 1 and 2 to show the two meals which I take all my supps/oils. You can also spread out the olive oil through the day. For instance, you can take 1 serving in the morning, 1 in the evening, and the rest with other meals you eat through the day. But just be sure to take the fish body oils with those specified vitamins linked to them and don't switch and mix and match to your liking. They are paired that way since some of them work synergetically.

So yeah that's basically it. There's tons and tons of research behind the reasoning to pair it like that and the research behind how each vitamin/mineral/oil actually works to regulate the processes of the skin (sebum, viscosity, dead skin, keratin, hormones, etc), but it's too much mumbo jumbo to write up. I'll post all the research in a separate link/thread and dump it all in there smile.gif

Big thanks to everyone on acne.org that helped me along the way to understand, read, and research about the science of nutrition and how it all plays an integral role on the body! I learned everything I know now because of you guys.

If you want to see before/after pics just send me a PM, I would rather not post it on this thread but don't mind showing privately smile.gif

In terms of what to actually eat, that is all going to be subjective since some people avoid certain things and not others.

And how do I know it was the diet? Because once I stray from my diet for a while or take something out, it begins to come back... so yes, I know.
That's what took me so long to make this thread. I waited months because I needed to be 100% sure without a single doubt. Now I no longer stray from this regimen smile.gif. And it's quite easy! Once when I wake up, and once when I go to bed, done!


How much is a serving size?

For twin labs cod liver oil, a serving is 5 ml (one teaspoon). For carlson's fish oil it's 5 ml (one teaspoon). For the extra virgin olive oil, look on the back of the bottle which you purchase as each serving size is usually different. Usually it should be 15 ml (one tablespoon).

If you are not sure, look on the back of the bottle, it will tell you serving amount, and size.

Link to Purchase information, Supplement dosages, and Facial regimen!

Why Olive oil is really important and crucial

Chromium, Insulin, Dairy (IGF-1), sex hormones, and Acne connection

Retinol (Vitamin A) importance + zinc < emphasis on retinol

Zinc and hormone relation + Vitamin A (retinol) and other zinc benefits < Emphasis on zinc connection

Role of Vitamin E and Ance

Will this cause me to have an initial breakout? If not then why am I breaking out!

Why multivitamins don't cut it

#2049633 Success Compilation Thread

Posted by NdnRomeo on 30 September 2007 - 09:23 PM

I've noticed many threads where people say they become clear, vanish away. They have so much potential to help many people but become spread apart in the midst of many other threads. They list exactly what they did and it's good advice. So I figured I would make a thread that will link to the threads in which people have had success. This way anyone who is interested has a variety of diets and regimens to try right from the get go, and also it lets people become aware that there is hope in holistic health and also other means in combination.

So if you do remember any threads, please link them here and I can start updating the first post and begin linking.

I don't have much right now, but this will build with time.


User: Healthoid
Title: What Can Be Achieved Using Holistic Methods, Before and After Pics
Summary: After many years of acne, even after going through accutane with acne still coming back, taking out grains and dairy was his underlying cause of acne. Detailed with complete regimen and pictures.

http://www.acne.org/...t Worked For Me
User: Antony
Title: My Acne Program, This Is What Worked For Me
Summary: A highly detailed multi-section acne program, dealing with cleansing, flushing, diet, supplements, general tips. Including before and after images.

User: crevin
Title: Everyone here needs to take a careful look at what you are eating, There is a reason why you have acne
Summary: Acne since the age of 15. At 25, finally found out that eliminating grains and anything that raises blood sugar levels kept him completely clear.

User: SCAR
Title: i stopped it. after 10 years, i stopped acne from coming, seriously
Summary: After 10 years worth of acne, at 24 he stopped acne because he realized the root of his problem to be diet. He has tried antibiotics, creams, and most of what everyone has before. Now he avoids dairy, processed carbs, and many sauces that contain dairy etc. Lost acne, and lost weight.

User: Xec
Title: I am CLEAR because of DIET change
Summary: After following a strict dietary regimen based on fish oil, cocunit oil, avoiding some meat, processed foods, grains, and high GI foods. He cleared his acne completely. With pictures

User: sicr2000
Title: Acne Free Diet...No gimmick, no profit seeked, just clearer skin!, A simple, affordable diet that really helps prevent acne
Summary: After a trip to China, his acne cleared up, but came back upon coming back to the USA. He found that it is the food that he ate which caused it. He lists exactly what to eat, and what to avoid, and why to avoid it. Many images in his gallery of before and after.

User: bfg9000d
Title: Folks Please Read this on getting clear skin, This is not a joke.
Summary: A 500 post thread. After a talk with his grandmother, she told him people would eat raisins and clear their skin. After a few years, he tried this and within 2 weeks he was 100% clear, even after trying many other regimens.

User: Clear At Last
Title: Clear after 15 years..., ...no commercial products
Summary: After following a super akalinic diet, he cleared his acne after 15 years. Detailed with diet, what foods to avoid, and a regimen of how to do it.

User: SweetJade1980 written by Healthoid
Title: (no title, individual post)
Summary: Follow a Gluten-Free, Trans-Fat Free, Dairy-Free and No Added Sugar diet. She believed the main cause was rooted from Leaky Gut Syndrome.

User: xxbobmckeexx
Title: Foundations of Clear Skin, what makes a person have it and what stops others from not...
Summary: In depth, highly detailed, analysis and regimen of what it takes to have clear skin. He has been on Accutane 3 times as well as various other holistic methods before finding out what it takes to clear up for good. A lifestyle change based on diet, supplementation, and much more.

User: KT
Title: Amazing! I'm clear
Summary: After 14 years of acne, with moderate acne and a course of accutane, clarity came after trying a combination of herbs which cleared her up within a month.  

User: LivesInABox
Title: Very very very nearly clear!!!!! Finally!!!!, And the flowers are still standing...
Summary: After 19 years of acne, he finally figured out his triggers, including no grains and dairy. Detailed wth a summary of supplements and dietary tips.

User: cassiopeia
Title: (no title, individual post)
Summary: After Accutane, the acne eventually came back. A combination of Fish Oil and topicals such as Paula's Choice products, AHA, and Glycolic facials kept her clear.

User: TheX
Title: i've gotten clear from coconut oil, yes, my acne was related to candida.
Summary: Finally found his acne was related to candida. By taking coconut oil, he cleared his acne.

User: confessions
Title: I beg all of you to try Zinc + Chromium
Summary: After adding in zinc and chromium to his diet, within two weeks he became completely clear. At one point and time this had also worked for Dan here:

User: KancerStick
Title: Im clear, and it sure as hell aint from benzoyl peroxide., come see how i did it without BP
Summary: With a strict diet, supplementation, and exercise regimen along with good personal hygene and general tips, his face cleared up. Included is a detailed regimen of what to do.

User: sadcaroline
Title: What has cleared me 99% in one week, anyone with acne,read! no pills/creams
Summary: She had suffered for acne for 10 years, while being on antibiotics for about that length of time. She went from white heads, to cystic acne. she finally found complete relief by not drinking water 2 hours before, during, or 2 hours after so she can effectively break down the food.

User: dudeman
Title: Almost clear
Summary: After 7 years of acne, his acne subsided with a dietary organic regimen of beating acne.

User: Mr.Envious
Title: I am clear, for the last 3 weeks
Summary: After going vegan, and avoiding grains and junk food his acne completely disappeared

User: h20
Title: Whats keeping me clear, maybe 2-3 small pimples a week now..
Summary: After 8 years of acne, he has finally maintained relatively clear skin. After adding in fish oil, acv, and cutting out grains, dairy, saturated fat, and refined sugar, his acne is now manageable.

#1702007 Omega 3, 6, and 9 Fatty Acids

Posted by NdnRomeo on 25 February 2007 - 12:15 AM

Sigh, so much information and I don't know what to do. I think we stress out half the time from just researching lol

#1701133 Omega 3, 6, and 9 Fatty Acids

Posted by NdnRomeo on 24 February 2007 - 04:25 PM

Something else I found


I simply know that it takes 2-4 weeks  (maybe more)
for those special fatty acids to replace the 'standard'
original ones in phospholipids of cell membranes and
lead to anti-aggregating & anti-inflammatory effects.
Accordingly, when you stop assuming them in your diet,
those effects persist for a few weeks.
This is what I remember from the first studies in '80s.
Some immediate anti-inflammatory effects after experi-
-mental intravenous administration have been reported.

I should check this 'cause it is just a vague memory...
You could read CLO topic and find other bits and pieces!

Maybe this has something to do with all of this as well, in terms of oil production from irritation as well? I foresee even more results in the next week or two

#1700950 Omega 3, 6, and 9 Fatty Acids

Posted by NdnRomeo on 24 February 2007 - 02:58 PM

QUOTE(AutonomousOne1980 @ Feb 24 2007, 02:43 PM) View Post
for about 5 days ive been taking anywhere from 6-9 1200mg fish oil pills, and ive been seeing consistent results everyday.

what i have noted is that right now my skin is much softer, and a little less oily so i think that my sebum content has changed.

without over hyping this phenomena and turning it into something its not, i would still like to say that my acne is clearing up although its not dramatic it is a stable and consistent improvement at a rate of about 3% improvement per day, which compared to any other treatment ive tried is actually pretty miraculous.considering on accutane you could be breaking out for the entire six month course before you clear up.

Ive been researching omega 3s obsessively for the past week or so. And also just started this.
there is tons of scientific proof that this stuff helps or could cure acne.

so if you want it, i got it but so far all my posts seem like they are falling on deaf ears because no one understands my jibber jabber.ha

the key is to balance your omega 6 to 3 in a 1:1 ratio.

remember that sebum is fat, it would only make too much sense to see a relation to the quality of dietary fat and sebum.

Don't worry, I understand. Most of what I usually say feels that way.

I like you have been researching obsessively before I decided to add yet another part to my regimine. But after seeing how vital it was, I jumped on it! You are absolutely correct too, when you mention how flax is not good for ace, as opposed to fish containing omega 3, and how naturally we get 4x the amount of omega 6. Bringing the ratio closer to 1:1 is ideal.

Wow, you are very right, now my sebum seems to actually nourish my skin instead of cake it, feeling better than before. It's almost as if I actually enjoy it, rather than hate it.

Please do send over the information, I usually read and re-read everything, and more often save it for future reference to help others.

edit: I just realized you posted it above smile.gif Thank you! That's amazing, post more if you have some!

Also, where are the links from? If you have the sources, I want to see them too so I can post that in the future to others

#1689082 The official, baby brush method thread, for exfoliating

Posted by NdnRomeo on 18 February 2007 - 01:00 PM

I introduced this idea in bob mckee's thread, about exfoliating. We were narrowing down ways to be more efficient and it has warranted great results! He agreed, along with other people that this is simply necessary and can help a lot.

What is the baby brush method?

When you exfoliate, most people use st.ives, other topicals, towels, or various other abrasive ways that irritate sensitive skin, and cost a continual supply of money.

Instead of doing all that, there's an easier way. a Baby Hair Brush!

Remember, mild acne is usually a combination of a few things (topical wise) = Dead skin cells + Oil. We've seen people with oily faces but no acne. That idea made me ask "Technically, oil alone is not the culprit, but also dead skin cells that we cannot see caused from the products we use on our face such as BP, etc). So I put the theory and question into effect and lead to some interesting results.

Most people use body exfoliators for their face, which is also bad since it's really abrasive. Think about it, a baby hair brush is a really gentle tool for the scalp of a baby's head, design to gentle brush the hair to one side. It's so gentle, that it can be used for our skin.

I, and many others on this board, have put this idea into use after trying it out first.

Where do you buy it, how do you use it, and how often?

You can buy it from Baby's R Us or any baby store. It is only about $4 and you won't ever need to buy an exfoliating product/cleanser again. If you aren't sure, go in there and ask them where they keep baby hair brushes, and they will show you. You can even buy it offline if you can find it. Mine is the "american red cross" brand, it came with a comb too (which you don't need but it's okay).

You can also buy it from amazing, I haven't tried it but it should be the same thing. This is what it should look like, no matter where you get it from:


How to use it:

I find the most effective way to use it is in the shower. When you get in, before washing your face, let the water stream over your face. Then use the baby brush while it happens, this way it keeps the bristles warm, and won't irritate your face. Using it cold and dry is harsh. Then once you do, use your normal cleanser, this way it will cleanse your pores better and get all the oil out well. And then of course moisturize.

How often:

I would do it twice a week or once a week, it doesn't take too long, it won't irritate you (when doing it gently), and it will do it's job. because we produce 50,000 dead skin cells a minute
(source: http://discovermagaz...20-things-skin)

So as you can see, it's very important!

Or best yet, do it as you feel you need it, because we are all different. So if you feel you need to, go for it. But if your skin is irritated, and does not need it, do not do it often. Hope that helps.

Caution for existing white heads

If you have existing white heads when using this, be SURE to clean your brush with soap and water and wash off residue before use. And be sure to go over those spots really gently, as it won't pop them, but don't hold down hard. I had a white head and it did not spread for me.

My results?

I used to have plenty of small red bumps on my face, the type that not all form into white heads, but they kept forming! I always washed and moisturized, what was the problem? I "felt" clean enough.... until I started doing this. I felt my skin smoother than ever, and it started to glow after a week, sloughing off all the old skin! Almost like a safe microderm session. My skin still produces almost the same amount of oil, but the difference is that the oil doesn't clog into my pores as I expected smile.gif. My face is clearing up big time and it is SO SOFT.

Cleanser and Moisturizer:

Use a gentle cleanser. Over the past 10 years, I've been through various cleansers, and ones that are not acne medicated are best. Gentle ones, like Purpose liquid cleanser works pretty well.

Be sure to moisturize effectively. For a good moisturizing tip, use aloe vera gel, mixed with a bit of cetaphil. I found this out through just experimenting. Here's a good reason why you should do it this way.

Aloe vera thins out the moisturizer, gives it better spread, so it's not too thick.

Aloe Vera: This penetrates the skin quickly and deeply. This allows water and other moisturizers to sink deeply into the skin, restoring lost fluids and replacing the fatty layer. It permits the uronic acids, which strip toxic materials of their harmful effects, to penetrate deeply and allows the cleansing astringent qualities of the gel to work better. By increasing the circulation of the blood to an area, Aloe Vera sloughs off dead cells and fosters the growth of new ones. This helps foster the regeneration of scarred or blemished skin tissue and provides a protective coating on the skin to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. This antiseptic action also stops skin infections (acne) in oil-clogged pores. It heals blemishes with little or no scarring. This accounts for the multitude of cosmetic preparations these days contain Aloe Vera. [UW-Aloe Vera]


- Aloe vera penetrates skin deep
- Acts as a carrier for moisturizer to moisturize much deeper.
- Replaces moisture to the skin much more rapidly
- Helps regeneration of damaged skin and protects your skin from bacteria growth
- Dries very minimally, and in combination with a moisturizer, it does not dry at all, but moisturizes

Other methods of doing the baby brush

QUOTE (card00d85)
I don't know why some of you exfoliate either before or after the cleanser; it's much easier and faster to exfoliate while cleansing at the same time.

Here is my routine:

First of all, I've found out that the baby brush gets much harder/rougher the longer you have it. The little hairs start to stick together more and they become more pointier. Even if you soak the brush in hot water for 15 minutes, it doesn't really help.

I've found something that works WONDERFULLY. What I do is (this is mainly if you use a liquid cleanser) squeeze one pump of purpose liquid into my hand, lather it up, and spread it all over my face. THEN, I squeeze another pump into my hand, and I take the baby brush and push it down into my hand really hard (into the cleanser) and go in circular motions to make the brush soft and soak it in the cleanser. After I do that the baby brush is soaked in the cleanser, and the hairs (bristles?) come apart and are not rough at all. They spread out more so the exfoliation process is much more relaxing and gentle. I've found this to be the best method so far. I urge you to try it out.

QUOTE (ami24)
I wanted to follow up with my results. I've been using the baby brush for a month now and I've tried it several ways. I tried very, very gentle brushing/slightly firmer/and firm motions. I tried circular, sweeping outwards from the middle of face to the sides and also sweeping in all directions.

What has worked BEST for me:
-very very gentle brushing (the less irritation the better, and it still is effective in getting off dead skin cells)
-brushing from middle of face to outer edges
-doing it 1x a day versus 2x
-splaying bristles out instead of putting brush straight on face

I think if you overdo it with the exfoilation you're only going to aggravate your skin (which i did in my experimentation) and that leads to more acne and nobody wants that. Anyways that's my experience thus far. And YES I believe it does help with the skin tone because it can shed those old layers of skin cells off quicker evening out the complexion cool.gif

How to keep the brush clean

We are still not 100% sure how to keep the brush completely clean from bacteria, but what seems to be the popular method is using antibacterial soap, and lathering it with really hot water and making sure to do this for at least 20 seconds. It's best to keep the brush dry after using it so it does not harbor more bacteria than necessary. Also be sure to clean it each time before using it.

If you have any other ideas please let us know and we can edit this portion of this thread smile.gif

Also, it may be wise to buy a new brush every few weeks since it's so cheap, if you prefer or if you feel it's starting to get too dirty, especially with build up. Or if it's going too soft. Whichever you prefer.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to ask here! I also want you to post any results you have here as well, in terms of the condition of your face over time.