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07 November 2007 - 12:46 PM

This is happening to me to very frustrated

In Topic: Self Esteem's Post Accutane Log 40mg-A singer in LA's story

06 November 2007 - 10:55 PM

Just a little suggestion:

Even when clear off accutane, use retinoyls to maintain. I did not and now, my face looks like it did when I started. I am back to obsessiing in the mirror rubbing everything I can get my hands on to get rid of the marks, the scabs, the bumps, little ones don't get away either. Ican't believe I am still on this board. I just want to be free of this. I am now a total vegan, I don't eat bread, I only eat brown rice, veggies, sour fruits. No soy. I eat nuts. I eat NO friend foods ever. I have only been doing this for a month, but still have crappy face. I did colonic, I am on herbs. I ordered green cream and lustra for marks. I can't wait till it comes. No more of the weak shit. I have a new boyfriend, and it is very stressful. I run to the bathroom and he get irritated I am in there so long in the morning.I am basically becoming a makeup artist, and the first half in there picking off scabs so the makeup goes on better. It is so pathetic. I am so fucking tired of not feeling good. This has been 18 years of acne. I exercise to. I don't drink anyhting but green tea and water and almond milk. My hormones were fixed by an homeopathic remedy. The monster is me. It is the damn picking demon. I meditate to, and get wacky healings and this compulsion to pick never leaves. I guess this is one of my life lessons.  I just want to walk outside without makeup on one day. The agony. Someone respond pretty please....

In Topic: Self Esteem's Post Accutane Log 40mg-A singer in LA's story

17 October 2007 - 07:24 PM

Wow, it has been 14 months off. I cleansed because accutane really gave me toxic liver as well as low immune system. I am still fighting chronic yeast. The cleanse made my skin problems come back, except cysts. I have only has one cyst since being off, but still annoying spots and pimples. I just stopped the cleanse and started using glycolic acid. It is working, and I think my skin may get better again. However, I definitely don't have perfect skin anymore. Oh well, it does come back if you end early and try to cleanse the body. But at least I am free of those painful cysts. BYe for a while!

In Topic: Self Esteem's Post Accutane Log 40mg-A singer in LA's story

07 May 2007 - 09:35 AM

Month 8

A cyst on my neck. I used to get them there. Also, the cleanse made me get tiny little pimples on my forehead.  They are only seen upfront. It looks like my post tane consists of one cyst a month. They are small cysts. I am sure the tiny ones on forehead are from cleanse. I never get pimples there. Over all still very clear. My brown marks are almost all gone. See you next month.

In Topic: Self Esteem's Post Accutane Log 40mg-A singer in LA's story

09 April 2007 - 02:27 PM

month 7

i started a liver cleanse and had the first cyst come out since tane on my forehead. it was small and left in 3 days. i also picked a little, but did not obsess as much. i am getting 2 or so small pustules on jaw line again. other than that no acne. we'll see. my skin is still looking good. i am getting some blackheads again buyt not as much and the oil is back but not as much. i still have indents and scars. I am overall happy still. one cyst every 7 months is not bad. anyway, i am sure it came out cuz i am cleansing. i am staring to get a glow on my face from eating so healthy. i am on the anti-candida diet as well as a homepathic remedy from my nd. the yeast is almost all gone. but if i eat any white flour or sugar or cheese it comes back. i am starting to get used to not eating those things. i feel better mentally when i don't have those things and i know this is going to keep me clear in the long run whether tane does or not. i also exercise a lot on a schedule. yoga, pilates, and spinning. plus, love someone. it helps. even if you are not involved. love your friends, your family. love is the key. peace, abby