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Pnuemonia As An Infant?

23 August 2012 - 12:00 PM

i was wondering if anyone here had pnuemonia infection as an infant?

What Is Vital? And The Concept Of Vitamins

31 March 2012 - 12:41 PM

we have filtered through our human eyes and minds and our incomplete ability to judge, the particles identified in food referred to as, and judged as the "most important". in many ways, our scientific ways of making these judgements, are pretty damn good.  but do not be fooled if you have somehow been convinced a bit too much that these are the most important leading you to believe that you diet is "complete" by simply fulfilling these guidlines, but dont feel as if using these guidelines is a bad idea either, its just based on, what we know so far, and doubting the importance of the currently identified vitamins and minerals, isnt justified, its well established that these are necessary for human life.

i say this, because of the basis in which we select foods, and that may be why all people are even coming to this site anyways, their own philosophy of food selection and what is healthy, has shown its failings, by leading to massive dysfunction of your own body, and a revamping of this selection process is in order. i say these things based on my previous attutides towards a simple plant called celery, i would look at the "vitamin" content of celery and say that, well this food isnt vitamin dense, or has very little vitamins or minerals and therefore, isnt something that could really be that important, until i saw a list of phytochemicals and found that it was high in apigenin, then based on my research of apigenin and its role as a monoamine transporter activator, that may not mean that much to the layperson, but monoamines include some of, if not , all the most important neurotransmitters of the human mind and nervous system involved in probably every concious state, such as,
Catecholamines: Dopamine Noradrenaline Adrenaline (stress response, and attention, memory)
Tryptamines: Serotonin (5-HT)Melatonin Trace amines (sleep processes, happiness, anger depression)

regulation of monoamines is what some of the most powerful antidepressants try to mimick, and information like what i just provided, constructs a strong argument/theory for wholly or partially explaining psychological illness.

hopefully this changes peoples attitudes towards celery, other plants, and helps their  "philosophy of food selection".

Green Tea, And Some Good Info On It.

25 March 2012 - 09:05 AM

so i have been researching iron metabolism under chronic inflammatory conditions, and have been familiarized with the concept of pathological free iron that is unbound to any carrier proteins in a chronic inflammatory state, and the damage that it can do to the human body, and remember reading about compounds in foods that can "mop up" this free iron and render it harmless, so i reveiwed some scientific literature pertaining to this and found that the molecules quercetin and  myricetin have been strongly established as very strong chelators of free iron, with quercetin being the strongest. and from that point , searched for foods highest in these compounds and it seems that the highest were capers, and green or black tea were also a good source, with cranberries also being high in myricetin. since one feature of acne is, chronic inflammation, this could be a good idea to incorporate into your diet, but the potential benefits go much further, as it may be that ALL diseases feature chronic inflammation and the damage from free iron, these compounds could stave off the damage from inflammation, protecting you from a whole range of diseases in your lifetime, name any disease of ageing and inflammation and free iron will be implicated in this damaging process, this info provided could seriously improve the quality and duration of your life, although im aware of the likelihood of this post to be forever buried in obscurity of other posts, i hope someone finds it interesting, and i mostly do my research for myself anyways, occasionally sharing it with people. learn and listen 80% of the time, talk and teach, 20% of the rest.


Lithium, Its Considered A Vitamin, Thats News To Me.

22 March 2012 - 11:26 PM

you can get it in a dietary supplement and lithium compounds are the standard treatment for bipolar disorders, also, it was added to 7up until about 1950, or so it says on wiki, either way, i thought this was all interesting information, just thought id share, not directly related to acne, but just some general health info i guess.


see history

some testimonies of its use.

Explaining The Non-Uniformity In Testimonies Regarding Different Treatments

07 March 2012 - 05:07 PM

this is my attempt to explain a lack of uniformity in experiances or wide range of opinions about different treatments or changes in diet or topical usage in regards to their benefits or detriments to someone acne condition.

i suppose the main theme here would be the concept of synergism, and a general awareness of the complexity of the human body and of life. but here is an example of a what im taking about:

someone tries to use zinc for a week or so to see how it affects their acne condition, finds no results whatsoever, while another person claims to have an improvement. both, make up their minds about how zinc supplements affect acne, both people are right and both are wrong at the same time and here is why. first off, there is no doubting the authority of their individual experiances, they may be both reporting the absolute truth as to how zinc affected their body under certain conditions, but a possible difference may be that, the one who experianced benefits was replete in vitamin A, while the other that did not experience benefits was deficient in vitamin A, and vitamin a is required for full zinc utilization by the body, therefore, the concept of synergism was responsible for explaining their complete opposite experiances in regards to zinc and acne.

there are so many variables that interact like this, you may try something one day and it works, and then two weeks from now and it doesnt, and it is possibly due to this synergistic nature of elements.

the above situation is hypothetical, im not advocating that zinc will help anyones acne or not, or that lack of vitamin a will make your acne worse, but it is possible.