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#3253738 Gut Flora And Leaky Gut. After 5 Years I Finally Found The Root Cause And I...

Posted by AutonomousOne1980 on 09 June 2012 - 11:57 AM

i agree with some of the information here.

i have read the evidence relating acne to intestinal issues.

our society has made decisions with a model of bacteria ridden with half truths so much as that the pasteurization of milk, the chlorination of water, antibiotics as you have mentioned, the road away from real fermented foods. all these steps have simply traded one class of diseases for another. we no longer have severe transmissible infections, but chronic degenerative diseases from chronic inflammation, due to incomplete bacterial profiles due to eradication of bacteria essential to life.

there are  patterns of two autoimmune, inflammatory diseases i have examined,first- inflammatory bowel disease, which may be a caricature and extreme manifestation of the dysbiosis of the gut and the problems it causes, and multiple sclerosis. both diseases have the same patterns geographically as well as chronologically, as well as possible purely bacterial/intestinal origins. the patterns of geographic nature are that of industrialzed nations and that of a north south gradient, where more cases are localized in areas where there are longer winters and vitamin d deficits i propose this may be due to greater incidences of upper respiratory infections and the use of antibiotics, which lead to development of these diseases. the chronological pattern starts at the dawn of food manufactering era, 1029 and wonder bread or the role of white flour in aiding longer shelf stability to processed foods and these business interests. in both diseases, there is a spike in incidence rates from 1920-1930, wonder bread was popularized in 1920, but this is merely one contributer. the second and biggest spike is in 1945, the precise year antibiotics were widely available.

the foundations of germ theory were the basis for many of the applause and spread of antibiotic usage, but is all based on 1930's science, it sold and outdated, based on an old paradigm of the human body and of the world, specfically in relation to our knowledge of bacteria and how they work.

the most complicated issue here is to what extent of the damage have we done and how many diseases are associated with the use of antibiotics and processed food  devoid of fiber to feed good bacteria in the gut, and how do we go about fixing it all? probiotics and high fiber is a good place to start, but some bacteria have become extinct in out gut as well.

as a self proclaimed untrained amateur scientist and researcher, i wonder, how could others(who are presumably smarter then me) have missed all this info?

#3228463 Facing The Truth

Posted by AutonomousOne1980 on 25 March 2012 - 11:59 PM

oh yea, been there.

i thought acne was the worst thing that ever happened to me, and all i wanted to do was kill myself.
then for some strange reasons, i laughed and thought, wouldnt it be just some strange sort of self entertainment to stick around? and actually pretend like actually i could figure all these problems out? no matter how impossible they seemed? because i truly didnt know what i could do, i knew i sucked, and for such a long time, but did i really know i would suck forever? did the fact that because things sucked for like, so many years straigh mean that i would never find a way? maybe yes and maybe no, but that was something i didnt know, and didnt claim to know. i was honest and said i did not know that.

so i decided to do this thing called life, DESPITE the present and past shittiness.

then, i was diagnosed with crohns disease. i guess i was wrong, it actually fucking got worse, hahahaha!!!
how would you like to trade a bloody face for never ending bloody diarhea???

but guess what, i had decided i was doing this thing called life and i was here to stay and figure EVERYTHING OUT and solve every issue.

no i did not solve every single issue, but that was my attitude, and i am surprised i even got as far as i have.\
i have a really bad case of crohns disease and my entire colon is infected along with the small intestine, i have been able to manage my disease with some decent success without drugs for three years now. this sounds like a fucking sad story i know, but it also somewhat triumphant. from meticulous note taking, i have solved many problems on my own without any help from a doctor, this is not typical for such a serious disease as i have, after being to doctors for acne, i had pretty much wised up to how things work, i knew i was mostly on my own, and the doctors didnt know all that much, at least not enough to answer the question i had.

It may sound like im saying i have it worse then you so you shouldnt feel bad, and i might have had it worse then you, but im not telling you how you should or should not feel, if you are ok with where you are im fine with that, if you are pissed and want something else, you are allowed to be. and it also sounds like im bragging, and i kind of am, but i do not care to impress someone on the internet, but i do want my story to be heard to get a point across, its not so much my story i want to communicate as it is an idea, you just dont know what the human mind is capable of achieving, and our human minds cannot predict everything in life, we are not in a very good position to judge what is likely or what is ultimatly possible, we may have a decent general idea, and as we get older, there are less and less surprises, but i know, when i just look at any example of modern technology or any scientific accomplishment over the span of human existence, that ive been duped, i have been lied to, and i know deep within my own mind and heart, that as a human being i am capable of much more then anyone would like me to believe, there are examples all around you of what humans have done to understand this universe with their mind, and to overcome the limits or understand nature, and that to some degree, things can be understood, and conquered, no not all the time, but much more then the people i have come into contact have led me to believe about myself.ive wised up,  and still here to stay and to do this thing called life. and i will never give up on the things i want, even if they are a million miles away from me.its crazy and stupid to not have given up after all that i have been through, and thats how i like it, its fun and crazy. its not really over till your heart has stopped beating. And one other thing, i believe i gave up on myself too early and made a promise to learn from that lesson, and to never give up again, if i hadnt given up the time i did or the times i did, i would have been in a much better position then i am now. but you are free to choose to give up if you want, but who knows, your life might actually get better,but not by way of magic, you must do stuff, but i will bet your luck will be better then mine.

#3227980 Am I Getting My Hopes Up?

Posted by AutonomousOne1980 on 22 March 2012 - 11:41 PM

ive had it before it wasnt very bad though and it just went away for whatever reason, its possible he could be right, just give it a shot and find out, what is there really to lose? he is either right or he is wrong so find out by testing it.

If natural methods can cure, how come dermatologists make so much money?

Because that's how our horrible 'health' care system works. It's based on drugs that treat symptoms and they don't know anything about nutrition except a vague idea that diet and exercise are 'good.'  But here, you need this drug with all these side effects.

And because most people are lazy and just want to take a pill. And because they have little idea of how incredibly bad our diets and lifestyles have become.  And they have no idea what moderation means.

unfortunalty, yes this is generally how it works. they define their jobs as managing diseases, and thats what they do, give drugs and treatments for diseases, without too much efforts to try to explain them , thats up to scientists. its not all evil but sometimes it is, some treatments are totally safe, yet other are toxic and dangerous. the amount of money they make, doesnt mean they know everything or have all the answers, there answers are, take these drugs and let me cut this thing out of you and "hope" that it works. they say its 100% scientific but the truth is, there is still no guarantees, sometimes their philosophy works, and sometimes it doesnt. when you have people on this site  taking accutane 6 times, obviously theres something wrong here. there are so many variable that come to keep us healthy, one little substance isnt going to take care of all the tasks  that need to be done in the human body, we require thousands of chemicals, vitamins minerals, phytochemicals like carotenoids, flavanoids, flavanols, catechins, i cant remeber them all, it all in food, and the science on it all is expanding everyday, i dont see teh current medical model lasting another 20 years, alternative medicine will go mainstream at some point, alternative medicine thats is based on nutritional science thats is, not hocus pocus BS, just all the stuff that drug companies are not interested in pursuing due to zero potential for patents and profits to support a business model for a capitalist society that we live in, we should de-corporatize medicine. or move to germany or japan where their health care is cheaper and better.

#3225987 Does Alcohol Make Acne Worse?

Posted by AutonomousOne1980 on 16 March 2012 - 11:11 AM

from my experiance, hard liquor but not necessarily beer improves my skin. believe it or not ethanol is a powerful antioxidant in low doses, it combines with the reactive oxygen species h202, which is hydrogen peroxide, to form a phospholipid called phosphatidylethanolamine, which makes up a decent part of the phospholipids in your brain. this phospholipid is also found in egg yolks. so essentially alchohol is an antioxidant because it turns dangerous free radicals into something useful and harmless, which may also be one mechanism that explains why some regular drinkers have better arteries and less heart attacks and why low doses of ethanol have increased the lifespan of c. elegans, which is a worm, by 50%, which is really amazing.

#3223498 Explaining The Non-Uniformity In Testimonies Regarding Different Treatments

Posted by AutonomousOne1980 on 07 March 2012 - 05:07 PM

this is my attempt to explain a lack of uniformity in experiances or wide range of opinions about different treatments or changes in diet or topical usage in regards to their benefits or detriments to someone acne condition.

i suppose the main theme here would be the concept of synergism, and a general awareness of the complexity of the human body and of life. but here is an example of a what im taking about:

someone tries to use zinc for a week or so to see how it affects their acne condition, finds no results whatsoever, while another person claims to have an improvement. both, make up their minds about how zinc supplements affect acne, both people are right and both are wrong at the same time and here is why. first off, there is no doubting the authority of their individual experiances, they may be both reporting the absolute truth as to how zinc affected their body under certain conditions, but a possible difference may be that, the one who experianced benefits was replete in vitamin A, while the other that did not experience benefits was deficient in vitamin A, and vitamin a is required for full zinc utilization by the body, therefore, the concept of synergism was responsible for explaining their complete opposite experiances in regards to zinc and acne.

there are so many variables that interact like this, you may try something one day and it works, and then two weeks from now and it doesnt, and it is possibly due to this synergistic nature of elements.

the above situation is hypothetical, im not advocating that zinc will help anyones acne or not, or that lack of vitamin a will make your acne worse, but it is possible.

#3221766 goat milk?

Posted by AutonomousOne1980 on 02 March 2012 - 10:49 AM

i know this was just an old post resurrected by mistake, but i have info to add something anyways about goats milk, its 3x higher in octanoic acid then cows milk. octanoic acid can be converted within the mitochondira of many human cells to form lipoic acid which is a powerful antioxidant, protecting from excess free radical damage to dna some of the longest lived cultures have ingested goats milk, for example inhabitants of the island of sardinia, where pecorino romano cheese was supposedly popularized/originated from, their cheese is sought after around the world, and it is made from goats milk.

octanoic acid is also found in coconut oil, and human milk is higher in octanoic acid, then cows milk, therefore, this is one dimension whereby goats milk is closer to human breast milk.

#3213549 Heres A Few Things I've Noticed...

Posted by AutonomousOne1980 on 07 February 2012 - 07:53 PM

here is yet another proposition-

why do people assume that its something that they are eating,that is causing the breakouts and that they must cut out triggers,  rather then the true cause being something that they are not eating or missing in their diet that their bodies need to run correctly?

personally, i think it is a matter of both cases, there is something missing in your diet, and also, certain foods aggravate acne. by the end of your cutting everything out, you will find yourself eating very little foods at all, so you see, there is more to the story here. i personally suspect a role for carotenoids(alpha, beta carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin etc) and their role in the immune system to allow our bodys to defend against bad bacteria.

i suppose you could fast, but you can only fast for so long before it is called starving yourself. there must be another way.

#3198812 Otc Anti Anxiety Products

Posted by AutonomousOne1980 on 29 December 2011 - 11:33 PM

rarely do i see anyone addressing the issue of the anxiety that is associated with having acne, part of my personal theory is that stress and anxiety provokes acne, but here are a few things you could try that may work for you, and they are available over the counter.

GABA supplements- most prescription anti-anxiety drugs modulate gaba activity or are gaba agonists/activate the recepter, at least from what i have read. you will read that gaba cannot easily cross the blood brain barrier, yet their are no shortages of testimonys to the contrary, the supplements still have many backers, so it seems worth trying.

Glycine- its an amino acid, and also a major neurotransmitter this can help you sleep and has some anti-anxiety properties, gelatin is actually very high in glycine, so all you home made chicken soup lovers, this may explain some of the medicinal qualitys of chicken soup.

Rhodiola Rosea- this is classified as an adaptogenic herb and can reduce stress hormones, is an aphrodisiac, and can give you energy during the day as well as help you sleep, as far as it has been claimed, i have not tried it yet, just passing the word along.

vitamin c- has been proven to lower cortisol seemingly in higher doses, 1000-2000 mg. the largest concentrations of vitamin c are in your adrenal gland and pituitary gland, these glands are involved in the stress response, from the studys i have read, being under stress depletes your vitamin c stores quicker, and taking extra vitamin c when you are under stress, can help normalize the stress response a bit.

magnesium- magnesium is excreted in urine when under stress, taking extra magnesium can help normalize your ability to handle stress. try the forms magnesium glycinate chelate, or MG taurinate, or MG Chloride, i have had bad experiances with MG citrate, it will restore your magnesium quickly over the first 3 days, then if you continue to use it, you will be tired, so there is something up with that stuff and i have double check my conclusions, not only with myself but with other people experiances too, i use magnesium glycinate chelate with no problems.

my own personal tip: eat lots of broccoli and cauliflower, this really calms me down, i eat an entire frozen bag a day, now i dont feel the same without it, and yes it is quite expensive. also, of the above three suggestion, i make my own broth for flavoring food, which contain gelatin and glycine, so i can attest to glycines ability to help calm the mind and aid sleep, this has also been studied with 3 grams being effective.

Magnesium has also been a dramatic improvement in my life, it can cure 75% of your depression within two days, if you are depressed that is.

there are more products im sure, so feel free to contribute to the thread if you like.

#3190820 The Failure Of Science, Defining Goals And Methods To Improving "health"

Posted by AutonomousOne1980 on 11 December 2011 - 06:44 PM

this is a philosophical statement on acne strategies and the ideas of causation, the concepts of reductionism, wholism/emergence and levels of abstraction as it pertains to the study of biology and the role and benefits of psychology in health and disease. hopefully this will help people direct their minds toward alternate view points to the questions like, how health problems like acne, can come into or out of existence, or rather what types of things you could do to help these conditions.

reductionism- the basic belief that phenomena are best understood by breaking them down to their smallest parts and finding "the broken part" and fixing, manipulating or replacing it.

wholism/emergence- the belief that phenomena and their nature are best understood as a system of parts, for example, how all the cells in your body work together to form the entity of a human being. taking into account the behavior of things on a systems level, which may be a bit different then the smaller parts that make up that complex system.

this really isnt an either/or argument between reductionism and wholism/emergence, one view may be better for studying certain things then the other, i argue that some range of illnesses can only be understood at the most general level of abstractions or as more complete systems which the phenomena is a part of(not entirely seperate), rather then the most precise parts. Sometimes, the more precise we get about the human body, the less and less we seem to be talking about how "human beings" work, and how they behave rather then the behavior of seperate immune cells and such.  

reductionist veiws on the human body have dominated in medicine since medicine and science were largely united.

Abstractions- a human being is an abstraction or generalized concept for an animal, or a mass of cells. human being stands for lots of things, but the more precise we get, the less "human" we get, and for example, humans are made of supposed or questionably seperate "lungs' and vital organs, which can be further broken down into cells, and then molecules like dna and hundreds of thousands of chemicals.

I will not say that knowing things down to its smallest observable parts is useless or bad, because it has helped supply some answers to questions, but something seems to be lost.

there are concepts known as upwards and downwards causation which apply to the theory of reductionism wholism/emergence and the answers of "why". We look for the "broken parts" but never really seem to find them, but occasionaly we "think" we do, and actually do and develop so/so medications that manipulate these chemicals in the body. upwards causation is the veiw that small broken parts can have larger manifestations that are then visible in larger scales on the entire system, which is basically true.

Downward causation is the idea that things on a larger scale or another level of abstraction like, perhaps two humans talking to each other, (if we veiw two humans as two "particles" in their own right interacting) and the possible alterations in physiology, could somehow lead to things like, cancer or even acne. and here is my greatest point, that working on this higher level of generalized concepts as they pertain to how human beings act or the nature of human beings, are related to health conditions, which is not a new idea at all, i have just said it in my own way trying to make it clear and logical. but when you think of abstract, subjective or non-concrete concepts that are not part of the "hard" sciences, since their is a major loss in concrete physicality, which is very hard to measure and reproduce, for example how would you measure someones level of "intrinsic motivation" or "sense of competency" or "autonomy" or capacity for introspection or "assertiveness", this is not an exact process, but these i argue are biological process that are really complicated but have everything to do with how a human being works, so i ask people not to think lightly or disregard the effects of the mind and emotions on the body, it is perhaps bigger then diet alone. As part of your health, equally pay attention to what is going on in psychology and how you could benefit from it. it may be another 50-100 years before you are going to a psychologist for some of your health problems, rather then your doctor. Many digestive diseases have long been classified under "psychosomatic" which doesnt necessarily mean that it doesnt exist or is all in your head, but tentatively see some good evidence suggesting a psychological component which they do not really understand yet. i suggest acne has a strong psychological component and some support for this is the data they have collected linking digestive complaints with acne as well as other skin diseases. to restate my argument, if some digestive diseases are thought by researchers to soley originate from psychological phenomena, and acne has been linked to digestive diseases, then perhaps, acne too may have a strong psychological component. their may come a day when an explanation for acne will no longer be, hyperproliferation of sebaceous glands, or hypercornification of keratinocynes that form a microcomedo leading to p.acnes proliferation stimulating the inflammatory process., to, you have been with that jerk boyfriend for waaay to long now, and need to be more assertive and acknowledge the physical state you are in on a regular basis that can be abstracted as, unhappiness, or your controlling girlfriend, or your crazy psychologically abusive mother, etc. these may eventually be considered viable "causes" or however you interact with your environment on a macrolevel. but truly in the end, their may be no one single cause for anything, diet and emotions sleep excercise work together simultaneously, but to just skim over psychology and emotions as if it were a lesser component is a mistake.

#3168227 Good Source Of Calories - Macadamia Nuts

Posted by AutonomousOne1980 on 13 October 2011 - 10:02 AM

walnuts and pecans seem to have the highest antioxidant potential, when measured scientifically. walnuts measured the highest while pecans were second.

walnuts are relatively high in melatonin, which is among the most powerful natural antioxidants produced by your body.

im not trying to make macadamias look bad here, just dont want these potential superstars to go un-noticed.

#3072936 Can too much beta carotene mimick the effects of accutane?

Posted by AutonomousOne1980 on 27 April 2011 - 10:19 PM

tried it and the answer is no.

but riboflavin supposedly has a major role in retinoic acid production.

so get your vitamin a(retinol) RDA only, no overdoses, and riboflavin.

that info is basically a given though, i realize there is nothing fancy about this recomendation.

#2319049 Accutane and Memory Loss

Posted by AutonomousOne1980 on 06 June 2008 - 10:40 PM

i experianced this the two weeks i was on accutane, just had a hard time focusing.

never went through with the whole course.

#1700931 Omega 3, 6, and 9 Fatty Acids

Posted by AutonomousOne1980 on 24 February 2007 - 02:43 PM