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#3444068 Examples Of How Bad Our 'health' Care System Has Become

Posted by Wishonastar on 28 July 2014 - 06:25 PM

It sounds more like peoples poor lifestyle choices than a truly broken system. 


Alternavista, the system is fine, it may not conform to your god like standards of pure nutrition but in all honesty the food guide is fairly reasonable. That's not the problem, the problem is compulsion. Being obese and smoking and subsequently dying of the health affects is a lifestyle choice. That's right, a "life style choice". It's free will. 



Really?  All the fraud?  The antibiotic resistant strains for which we have no treatment?  The massive over drugging of the population? The deaths caused by the drugs?  the fact that few doctors even know about the toxic effects of added sugar?  They think it's just calories?  Doctors telling people that sure diet and exercise are good, but what you really need is a drug? And if that drug causes a problem, we'll add another drug for that?  The outrageous costs?  The people going bankrupt?  That all sounds fine to you?


It's not just obese smokers being harmed. Children now get diseases that should only occur in the elderly if then, like Type II diabetes.  And obviously its a choice. (You say the most pointless things) And people need real information to make a good choice.  Ignorance eventually kills.


But I'm glad you've learned that lifestyle causes disease.  Breakthough!! A little bit less ignorant.


Lifestyle is also how chronic disease should be managed.


I highly doubt when someone dines at McDonald's they're utterly oblivious that what they're eating is unhealthy. They know, they don't care. It's a fact of life. 


It's not ignorance it's will. You could teach a health class full of unhealthy obese people and try to explain everything you know in regards to nutrition and I guarantee you not one of them would listen to you. 


Doctors sometimes only prescribe a drug to treat a disease that could very well be managed by lifestyle instead only because they know their patients won't stick to a diet. 


Compulsion and addiction is behind obesity, not hidden additives. It's very psychological, trust me.