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#140511 Recommended Products To Help With Red Marks

Posted by Mikka on 22 December 2003 - 07:50 AM

1. Pure Deming Intense Gel
2. Pure Deming Mini Peel
3. Scotch Tape

These (and more BP) are the only changes to my skin care regimen and I met my ex-girlfriend for dinner last night (she's known me for over 5 years from the age of 24) and she said she's never seen my skin looking so good, ever, she was honestly amazed (I have no spots, the tone has evened out and she said my skin was glowing), so she's decided to get some of the PD products for herself (she was a bit worried that I was becoming a 'metrosexual' though smile.gif) .

I have you guys on this site to thank for my new complexion, words can not express my gratitude to everyone on the site for their advice and knowledge.

Merry Xmas (or Happy Holidays as they say in the US) to all.